What is Satoshi? Advantages of a technology that has changed the way business is done

The world was hit by a radical change that affected everyone equally. It was time to stay at home and many businesses had to reinvent themselves in order to move forward. Many entrepreneurs asked themselves the same question: What is a Satoshi? They came across cryptocurrencies and the well-known Bitcoin (BTC). Conventional payment platforms are lagging behind and cryptocurrencies are gaining more and more importance. It used to be said that a business had to have a website to be able to sell. Today it has to accept cryptocurrencies in order not to perish. But what is Satoshi? While in the FIAT currency the smallest accounting form is known as a “cent”, in the Bitcoin world a Satoshi is the smallest part of a Bitcoin. This name is taken from the creator of the Bitcoin known as Satoshi Nakamoto.

How can you leverage cryptocurrencies in your business?

Satoshi Nakamoto unveiled his idea for Bitcoin in October 2008. His idea was to eliminate banks as intermediaries. This is one of the advantages that has caused the rise of cryptocurrencies. What is Satoshi? Now we will answer differently. Satoshi is the technology you can use to improve your company’s sales. You can start by registering with an Exchange. That is the easiest way to start. After a verification process, they will give you a BTC wallet address. The next time someone asks “What is Satoshi?”, you can say it’s the technology that helped your company thrive. All your customers will transfer to the BTC wallet in real time. You can then use the Exchange to swap BTC for FIAT currency. Although it may seem complicated at first, you will be surprised how easy and secure it is.

Don’t ask yourself “What is Satoshi?”, take advantage of its benefits

Imagine being able to receive payments from all over the world, in real time and with really low fees, in some cases even no fees. Well, you don’t have to imagine it anymore. While other people are asking “What is Satoshi?”, you have to start implementing cryptocurrencies into your payment platform. Experts say that companies that don’t embrace the crypto trend will end up being swept away by those that do. It is very common to see people with BTC wallets on their mobile phones paying in a shop. Don’t ask yourself “What is Satoshi?”, focus on better understanding this technology and how to implement it in your business. Every business is different so there is no one-size-fits-all explanation.

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