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Machine learning and logistics

Artificial intelligence is already a reality. The miracle of the machines that think occurs daily and the amount of researchers and investment behind it suggests that it will have a great future. Machine learning, or automatic learning, is one of…

just in case; when not everything is just in time

Few theories are as highly regarded in the supply chain world as Just in Time inventory management. The idea of supplying the product only at the precise moment in which it is going to be used, eliminating the need to…

Logistics 4.0 for Industry 4.0

What is Logistics 4.0? In a world in which the number of acronyms and new terms does not stop growing, there are few that finally remain in time due to their usefulness. If we go by its importance, Logistics 4.0…

The problem of balancing demand and supply

When the amount of demand and the amount of supply differ, trouble is about to come. Physical stores can’t sell what they don’t have on their shelves and warehouses overflow when we have too much supply and too little demand….

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