The 10 most read articles of 2018

The end of the year is a time to remember the best that these twelve months have given of themselves. And among the unwritten traditions of these dates is the making of lists and ‘tops’ with the highlights. We do not want to be less and that is why we have compiled the ten articles of 2018 from our blog that have been most read.

The 10 most read articles
1.- Land transport and types of trucks

The most read article of the year is a good example of how important it is to have the basic concepts well grasped. Knowing and understanding which are the most common types of trucks is the abc of transport. Knowing the most basic will be like having a good foundation on which to build your house.

2.- What do you need to know about the new merchandise stowage law?

During 2018, a new regulation regarding the stowage of trucks has entered into force. The purpose of this new regulation is to align ourselves with European regulations and is accompanied by the announcement of more roadside inspections to verify compliance. One of the hottest topics that, logically, has also been placed among the most widely read.

3.- Incoterms, what are they and what are they used for?

“Have you ever been surprised by a client or supplier by telling you that they work ‘Ex Works’?” That is the question that opens our article on Incoterms, terms widely used in logistics and especially in international transport. Its usefulness lies in assuming a common language when determining who is responsible for the shipment, insurance or customs procedures in the merchandise delivery processes.

4.-Types of transport

At number four we have another one of those articles that reviews fundamental concepts that can make your life much easier in the long run. Although many of us when thinking about transport automatically imagine a truck, the truth is that there are different ways in which merchandise is moved. For example, have you realized that space transportation -yes, the one that is carried out with views beyond our planet- is a type of transportation of its own?

5.- Logistics 4.0 for industry 4.0

New industry models are calling for new logistics models. Industry 4.0 is the name by which the Fourth Industrial Revolution is known. Its differential feature is the integration of the digital and the physical, and logistics will play a fundamental role in making this a reality.

6.- Logistics objectives

The second part of this Top 10 begins with a somewhat more philosophical article. After having asked ourselves in this mini-series of two articles about the tasks and activities of logistics, in the second part we wanted to reflect on what the final objectives of logistics are. What do supply chains want beyond that your merchandise arrives on time?

7.- What is the logistics chain

In the world of logistics there are many terms that we often use as synonyms but that in small nuances contain important differences. In this case we focus on the logistics chain, one of the parts of the supply chain.

8.- How much does it cost to send a pallet

After having philosophized a bit in one of the previous entries, now we get into the flour and descend to more tangible issues. Knowing how much shipping costs us is the best way to know how to start saving on them.

9.- Logistics functions

In number nine we find the first part of the mini-series on functions and objectives of logistics. We dissected what are the activities and tasks of logistics in order to better understand it.

10.- Eight characteristics of the best logistics operators

Having a good logistics operator is life insurance for companies and can even help them as a differentiating factor compared to their competition. That is why it is so important to know how to choose the right one. To make this process easier, we propose eight characteristics that you should look for in your logistics partner.

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