Five things to keep in mind when choosing shipping companies

There are thousands of shipping companies. For this reason, when a company begins to look for a logistics operator or transport company, it may have difficulties when it comes to knowing where to start. From Transgesa, to make it easier for you, we have made you a small guide on what things you should consider to make the right decision.

Five reasons to choose shipping companies

How fragile is your merchandise?

Although parcel companies are increasingly taking better care of their merchandise, pallet shipping companies will always have a plus in their favor regarding security. Due to its own characteristics, the merchandise usually travels more securely when it does so on a pallet. Nothing beats the care of the merchandise when it is correctly shrink-wrapped on a pallet and the dimensions and characteristics of the merchandise have been taken care of to prepare it (in addition to the inclusion of other security means such as strapping and corners).


Contrary to what it may seem at first, faster is not always going to be synonymous with better. When considering speed you need to know what is important to you. Are you offering a super urgent service to your clients that they may not need? Perhaps it would be more useful to have a greater variety of delivery speeds and be able to use cheaper services that your customers do appreciate?


In logistics, as in so many other things, experience is a degree. Even if you do not have close references to the shipping companies you are analyzing, going to their history can give you valuable clues. The longevity of a company will hardly be a bad omen about its good work. You can also try to see how that company is promoted or positioned in the market and see if that matches your needs. Do you emphasize how you can reach all parts of the world? Does he talk about speed? Do you underline your ability to optimize costs?


In a similar way to what we have mentioned when talking about speed, logistics companies with greater flexibility will be able to offer you a global service for various needs or will be able to get you out of a bind if necessary if you request a different service than usual. . For example, if you need to be able to send packages, loose pallets, full loads, store merchandise and prepare orders for you, you should look for a complete logistics operator. Although if you simply need to send small packages, a local parcel company may be more useful.

Customer Support

In this case, it does not matter what types of merchandise you take out or how many shipments you have per day, month or week: customer service is inexcusable. If every time you have to make a query or, worse, resolve an incident, you feel that you are hitting a wall, you should ask yourself if you are working with the right shipping companies. Conversely, good customer service can turn a customer complaint into a good impression if we demonstrate great responsiveness.

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