Some very special prizes

(In the image, from left to right and from top to bottom: Carlos Cancela, Sátur Fernández, Carlos García, Laura Vaquerizo, Rosa Arnaldo, Israel Martínez, Rául Leiva, Iván Rabanales, José Luis Jiménez and Juan Carlos Salmerón).

At Transgesa we love giving prizes to our workers. Because we know that they are the true engine of the company and the reason why customers end up giving us their trust, which is what we strive for every day. That is why we want to recognize each year the work they do, applaud their way of behaving and the difference they make in Transgesa.

Also, this year some of the causes have been more special than ever. These have been our awarded employees in 2016:
Life Award – Sátur Fernández (delivered by Carlos Cancela, CEO)

Undoubtedly the most special of all. Our head of administration has shown off his strength this year when it comes to going through a hard time with his health. Fortunately and thanks to his courage, this disease now belongs to the past. The award of the night that made us all the happiest and received by a colleague who is part of the heart of Transgesa.
Audacity Award – Iván Rabanales (delivered by Raúl Leiva, conductor)

Iván is one of our drivers and during our last convention he had the courage to get in front of the rest of the classmates and speak in public, something he had never done before. These types of attitudes are what characterize Iván, always willing to pitch in and go one step further in everything he believes can benefit us all. The courage made partner.
Aptitude Award – Rosa Arnaldo (delivered by Israel Martínez, business advisor)

Rosa is already a veteran in our house and she has spent years making her efforts available to the team. But this year we wanted to reward the great aptitude that she shows daily in her work and her great predisposition to help the rest of her colleagues and departments, especially in her relationship with the sales representatives.
Effort Award – Carlos García (delivered by Laura Vaquerizo, operator of the parcel department)

Carlos is an indispensable part of the parcel department, one of the most sensitive to upturns in work and, therefore, to daily stress. But Carlos not only stands out for his work as a team player, but he has always stood out for his courage and originality when it comes to launching different proposals and ideas, both for his department and for any area of Transgesa . An example of dedication and commitment.
Courage Award – Juan Carlos Salmerón (delivered by José Luis Jiménez, traffic manager)

Bravery can be shown in many ways. In the case of Juan Carlos Salmerón, another of our professional drivers, his courage translates into his ability to remain calm and calm in all kinds of situations, maintaining impeccable professionalism. A very special kind of courage that makes him an example to the rest of us and for which he gets a more than deserved award.

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