Introducing eLogistic, the trusted digital logistics

How can we make life easier for our customers? This is the question that we ask ourselves every day at Transgesa and today we want to present you the new answer we have given it: eLogistic, trusted digital logistics.

eLogistic is thinking for those of you who want to save time and cost in your logistics. We have designed an online platform where you can make any type of material -products, advertising brochures, PVC, etc.- available to your own clients, your headquarters, your delegations…

In addition, this platform will be fully integrated with our information and ERP systems. As soon as someone buys, our warehouse will start up, where we will have the merchandise stored, and we will begin to prepare the order. And we take care of everything until the final delivery, with all the quality that you already know from Transgesa.

Our idea is to save you all the inconvenience: procedures, paperwork, calls… From now on, eLogistic takes care of all this for you. While you dedicate yourself to your business, we do what we do best: logistics.

“The first sensations we have found have been very positive. Clients save a lot of bureaucracy that does not contribute anything to their business and they also value positively that their brand image is always present on the online platform. Thus, their recipients always keep them in mind; it is more comfortable and more confidence is transmitted”, explains Carlos Cancela, CEO of Transgesa.

eLogistic comes in two available versions, Showcase and Professional. Showcase has all the visual aesthetics of an internet store, in addition, we can engage from your own website and thus turn it into your sales platform or, directly, it becomes your online store if you don’t have it yet, it will also present your own image of the company. On the other hand, elogistic professional, will allow you to directly access your own stock and select the products that you want to distribute to your customers and distributors, even, they themselves access your virtual warehouse and request the products.

To reinforce the launch, we have incorporated Ana Miranda into Transgesa, who will be the eLogistic Project Manager. That is, the person who will lead the implementation of the product and will make sure to give you the best service.

Oh, and we also want to introduce you to eMilio! He is going to take care of everything that happens behind eLogistic and today he brought us the video in which we introduce him and our new service.

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