Fernando, one of our drivers, saves a driver from a heart attack after he helped him with his motorcycle

You know that few things we like more than talking about transport and logistics. It is what you are most used to reading on our blog and in our news. However, if there is something that we like more than logistics, it is people. And, in this case, great people.

Fernando Martín, one of our drivers, dressed as a hero last Monday and helped save the life of a person who suffered a heart attack, moments after he had helped Fernando with his damaged motorcycle.

The events occurred on the A-4 around 10 at night, when Fernando was returning from work. His motorcycle broke down and he had to stop on the shoulder to ask for help. That’s when the van driver stopped to render assistance to our driver. Between them they got the motorcycle into the vehicle and continued the march. Shortly after resuming it, the driver of the van suffered a heart attack and Fernando had to help him.

“First I had to control the vehicle and bring it to the shoulder. Once there, I laid the driver down on the seats while he called 112 to follow instructions. They explained to me how to do the chest massage, while we waited for the Samur to arrive, which took four or five minutes”.

Various media have interviewed the driver to congratulate him on his performance. “Since I am a transporter and truck driver, at Transgesa we have done quite a few courses on first aid, fire fighting, etc. So I already had some idea of the subject”, Fernando explained on Telemadrid. “I think it’s something anyone would have done, but I think if he hadn’t been there this person would have died. Or on the shoulder without getting help or in an accident jumping the median.” Although Fernando insists on remembering that «he was the first to help me. He was the only person who stopped and, without asking me where he lived, he immediately offered to give me a ride ».

Fernando, who has been working with us for 15 years, contacted the family of the person who helped him this morning to worry about his condition and they have informed him that he is still in serious condition and fighting for his life. he.

At Transgesa we know that great professionals are essential in all companies. However, we know that to be the company we want to be, we need the best people. Many thanks to Fernando for being who he is.

Here we leave you the complete interview on Telemadrid.

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