How to make a logo by yourself

In today’s world, there are many different brands that have many differences. The first and most popular way to distinguish them is by their logo. Although it is created separately, it becomes the face of the company. People will associate the brand exactly with the logo, and the company will be remembered better.

What is a logo

A logo is a brand mark that people associate with a brand. A logo is not a random set of symbols or a common image to admire. It doesn’t have to be complicated or informative. Some may like it and some may not. Logos come in the form of words, abbreviations, signs and symbols, emblems, characters, as well as abstract and text-graphic. A quality logo performs several important functions at once:

Stand out from other companies. The first thing customers are always introduced to a logo, which means the customer’s first impression of the company depends on it. The client judges the brand and its services or goods just by the logo. As a result, a person either chooses your brand or your competitors. For this reason, the logo should only evoke positive associations and emotions.

Brand Promotion. Logos help in promoting a service or product, because they are printed on business cards, ads, banners, on products and on the stores themselves. Therefore, the logo should be memorable. A person should understand from the description of the logo what brand is in question.

Legal protection of property. The logo is the property of the company on a par with the products. It protects the company’s rights to the product. If the logo is used by others, they can be held administratively or even criminally liable.

Customer Confidence. Even these days, not all organizations and companies have their own logo. However, if a company is focused on quality and a particular predisposition of customers, the logo is a must. Many people find it difficult to remember products they have bought without any identifying marks.

How to make a logo yourself

It is possible to make a logo yourself. First, you need to figure out exactly what makes a brand unique. Here, you can think about products, staff, or a distinctive feature. Next, you need to look at other logos and find design inspiration. These can be popular logos or just ones that appealed to you. After that, you can start choosing colors: dark or light, several or one.

Now it’s important to decide on the font. He, too, will give the logo a special style. After choosing a font, you need to create several versions of the logo. Now begins the most difficult and important thing – to choose one logo. You can do this on your own or ask your friends for advice. If you want to make the whole process of logo creation a lot easier and faster, the logo generator “Turbologo” will help you. More than 50,000 companies have created logos on this platform.


A logo is the hallmark of any brand. When a person hears the name of a brand, he, first of all, visualizes the brand. Therefore, special attention should be paid to its creation. The logo should reflect the values of the company and its activities.

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