What Is Forest Conversion?

For example, the second official report on presidential administration states that 7,000 hectares of “native forests recomposed with unique eucalyptus,” ideas which are contradictory and cannot be used collectively in a logical assertion, much much less a system defined as natural and balanced. Laos is a landlocked country in Southeast Asia (17˚58’N 102˚36’E), thickly forested with rugged mountains and an estimated inhabitants of about 6,803,699 inhabitants . The Mekong River forms a big part of the western boundary with Thailand, whereas the mountains of the Annamite Range make-up a lot of the jap border with Vietnam while the Luang Prabang Range varieties the northwestern border with the Thai highlands. There are two plateaus, the Xiangkhoang in the north and the Bolaven Plateau in the south. The local weather is tropical and influenced by the monsoon pattern .

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We acknowledge that a greater understanding of the direct drivers of forest loss is solely one step in path of growing robust policy interventions to manage forests, mitigate GHG emissions, preserve biodiversity, and protect ecosystem companies. To design, implement, and enforce efficient policies, the forest conservation community wants to improve understanding of the complicated suite of underlying components that lead to the rise or fall of specific direct drivers of deforestation. These embody inhabitants, income, market demand, infrastructure, tenure safety, and law enforcement (Geist and Lambin 2002, Busch and Ferretti-Gallon 2017).

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In the studied areas, technology was mainly available by way of the Bai Bang-related plantations and WFP activities. Phu Tho and Tuyen Quang provinces have totally different policies concerning seedling production. In the one, it was free for anyone to produce, and there was a substantial variety of personal nurseries alongside the roads.


It is estimated that greater than 300 km2 of forest land are annually logged, with an annual log harvest of some 425,000 m3 contributing to over USD 164.2 million to the economy in 2011, which is roughly 2.1% of the nationwide GDP . Consequently, after hydroelectricity, the sale of timber has become the second largest supply of nationwide overseas forex earnings. Eucalyptus spp.) cultivation and the resultant environmental penalties. To obtain this, we carried out a comprehensive survey of revealed scientific literature obtained by way of Web of Science, Researchgate, Mendeley, and Google Scholar.

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