What Causes Deforestation In Indonesia?

To commemorate the occasion and amplify the struggles of Indigenous Peoples, native communities and in particular women, this year we are launching our new report on the specific impacts of tree plantations on girls, and women-led resistance to industrial forestry. The report has contributions from nine GFC member groups from different areas exhibiting how these “green deserts” negatively influence the environment and communities, with an emphasis on the impacts that girls endure. The results of eucalypt on run off, and subsequently on erosion, vary significantly according to local conditions of climate, slope, and use of the ground vegetation and litter by local peoples. Also, lateral spreading and depth of penetration of the foundation systems of the eucalypts vary with species, and this has to do with the depth of water uptake. Withdrawing of soil moisture additionally depends on stand density and soil and environmental conditions.

Khaterine William

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