Transgesa and Scania, facing the challenge of urban distribution

Get to provide a better service while we adapt to regulations and take care of the environment. That is the challenge that Transgesa and the logistics sector have for the future, especially in urban distribution. We recently spoke about all this with Scania, in the meeting that our director of operations, Erwin Alberts, had with Erik Ljungberg, Vice President of Corporate Relations of the Swedish truck manufacturer.

Scania recorded this conversation in a video that will be presented at the end of September at the IAA fair, held in Hamburg, the most important in the truck manufacturer sector. During the meeting, Erwin Alberts explained how progress is being made in the use of trucks with alternative energies (LNG, electric, hybrid…), how legislation is accelerating this change -especially in urban centers like Madrid) and how We are adapting to it at Transgesa.

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