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Establish a public service platform for wind power expertise testing and industrial monitoring. Achieve an put in capability for wind energy of over 210 million kilowatts and obtain a elementary value parity between wind energy and the coal-fired energy grid by 2020 with technological innovation at an internationally advanced level for wind power equipment. Innovation capabilities and competitiveness must be significantly improved, forming a new high floor for global industrial improvement. A variety of key core applied sciences should come to the fore, the annual progress rate for invention patents should reach over 15%, and a quantity of main industrial technology innovation platforms have to be built. Industry innovation capabilities should rank first globally, forming first-mover advantages in a quantity of main sectors.


This reveals that friction drag discount is the main supply of aircraft lift-to-drag increase. It should be noticed that lift-to-drag improve isn’t solely about drag discount, but also about improve of lifting capabilities by shape enchancment and seek for newer format solutions. It is the important source of data and ideas that make sense of a world in constant transformation.

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