Jokowi Revokes Thousands Of Land Permits For Mining, Forestry, Plantation

Photo by Kaltim Prima Coal. Agus, C.; Wulandari, D.; Primananda, E.; Hendryan, A.; Harianja, V. The function of soil amendment on tropical submit mining area in Bangka island Indonesia for dignified and sustainable setting and life. Agus, C.; Pradipa, E.; Wulandari, D.; Supriyo, H.; Saridi; Herika, D. Role of revegetation on the soil restoration in rehabilitation areas of tropical coal mining. Komara, L.L.; Murtinah, V.; Arbain.

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Spp., and varied species within the genus of Shorea, Hopea, Dipterocarpus, Drybalanops, Vatica, Parashorea, Upuna, Anisoptera, and Cotylelobium . Thus, reforestation utilizing native tree species turns into more possible than it was a number of decades in the past. The addition of constructed wetland services in coal mines that produce AMD needs to be done to anticipate the post-mining period, and the company has stopped controlling AMD with the energetic method. LLFA is a contractual relationship between the MoEF and the permit holder. The government, represented by the MoEF because the mandate grantor, has the place of the principal, whereas the permit holder is the agent who receives the mandate. As a recipient of the mandate, miners have the best to perform mining and utilize forest products according to the designated space .

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