Jokowi Revokes Hundreds Of Land Permits For Mining, Forestry, Plantation

This discussion continues to be ongoing at different levels. It is not only starvation and an absence of traditional meals that the palm oil business has provoked among the Marind. The whole fabric of their stunning rich and ancient tradition has been unraveled. They can not teach their skills to their youngsters, or take delight of their abilities to hunt, fish, and forage. They not practice their conventional rituals which were finely attuned to respecting and honoring the forest life and the residing beings inside it that sustained them.

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Setiadi, Y.; Putri, N. Evaluation of the success end result plants revegetation in coal post-mining land Lati Site PT Berau Coal East Kalimantan. Crusciol, C.A.C.; Nascente, A.S.; Borghi, E.; Soratto, R.P.; Martins, P.O. Improving soil fertility and crop yield in a tropical area with palisadegrass cover crops. Hamanaka, A.; Inoue, N.; Shimada, H.; Sasaoka, T.; Matsui, K.; Miyajima, I. Design of self-sustainable land surface against soil erosion at rehabilitation areas in open-cut mines in tropical regions. Zulkarnain, Z.; Joy, B.; Tuhpawana, P.; Prawira, I. Soil erosion assessment of the post-coal mining website in Kutai Kartanagera District, East Kalimantan Province.

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While the fast-growing pioneer legume species had been confirmed to boost the soil N supply by as much as 9–27 instances, humus layer production accelerated the carbon cycle . Reforestation with local/native tree species was more prioritized than these of exotic ones; however, both teams had their advantages and drawbacks to consider in selection . In Indonesia, there was a record of 163 native outstanding tree species that might be developed in the reforestation program, because their silvicultural aspect has been well-known and widely practiced . The combination between local outstanding trees and fast-growing or pioneer species was highly really helpful to achieve higher success.

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