High 25 Coolest Aircraft

Promote the construction of seawater desalination equipment manufacturing bases for concentrated improvement. Carry out demonstration initiatives for the utilization of seawater sources and promote the general contracting and services of large-scale desalination tasks. Carry out pilot demonstrations of seawater desalination, encourage the manufacturing of seawater desalinated bottled water, and promote the desalination of seawater into the municipal water supply pipelines based on law. Promote the large-scale utility of seawater cooling technology in coastal water-intensive industries. Accelerate the extraction of potassium, bromine, magnesium, and different merchandise from seawater to attain high-value utilization.

Massive Oems Dipping Their Wings Into Electric

After design research, a twin-engined, conventional configured structure was chosen. The aircraft was powered by two 1000 hp Electromotive-Nissan VG-30 3-liter GTP piston engines running on methanol. The plane was destroyed in a forced landing crash on September 14, 1993, killing pilot Rick Brickert.

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