Do Saab Still Make Cars?

Organize the implementation of remanufacturing know-how process software demonstrations and promote the remanufacturing of nano-brush plating expertise equipment, arc spraying, and other mature floor engineering gear demonstration functions. Carry out remanufacturing of high-value components similar to engines and defend machines. Establish remanufacturing traceability for old components and product monitoring information methods to advertise the event of remanufacturing business standards. Enhance the level of key chip design and develop chips for model new functions. Accelerate the industrialization of 16/14 nanometer production and the development of memory manufacturing traces, enhance the technical degree and industrial concentration of the packaging and testing trade, and step up chip-adjacent fields in the late Moore’s Law period (后摩尔定律时代).

Architectural Technology

The integral format “flying wing” , or “blended wing body” is taken into account to be the most aerodynamically excellent format for long-range plane . Flying wing concept is targeted on full elimination of fuselage as a major part of drag. Theoretically, the lift-to-drag ratio for flying wing might be 40% higher than that of classical structure for a similar wing aspect ratio.

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