Division Of Agriculture And Fisheries, Queensland

In flip, these impacts exacerbate existing inequalities, disrupt social buildings in communities and deepen gender inequality, structural and environmental violence, and the violation of community and women’s rights. For instance, the violence, humiliation, harassment and exploitation of women described in this report are all symptoms of an exploitative industrial model followed by plantation companies that is rooted in patriarchy. However, no figures at present exist indicating whether or not fuel wooden is sourced primarily from plantations or forests. Since plantations are used commercially for timber and different functions, they’re extremely protected, and women aren’t capable of entry them to gather gasoline wooden. Natural forests, on the opposite hand, are easily accessed by rural communities.

Jokowi Revokes 1000’s Of Land Permits For Mining, Forestry, Plantation

Site 2 is located in Tuyen Quang Province, Ham Yen District, Yen Phu Commune, ca. one hundred km from Bai Bang. This multi-ethnic village, of primarily Kinh and Dao teams, contains 104 households. The Dao have lived within the area for generations, whereas the Kinh began transferring in during the Nineteen Forties. The SFEs in the district belong to the Bai Bang wood-uptake area.

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