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Made well-known by cryptocurrencies, blockchain is a decentralized database where information is stored in blocks chained together. While the ‘promise’ of blockchain continues to be mostly that – and has not resulted in widespread rollouts in most investment banking firms and processes, there are a selection of theoretical advantages that could be fairly meaningful when realized. In a worldwide monetary technologysurveyconducted by PwC, 50% of senior bankers said that they have already made important investments in AI platforms. The majority of their efforts are targeted on productivity and value reductions.

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• Production actions of Armenia banking have been stopped because of partial or complete lockdown imposed in many countries. Moreover, there have been many challenges such as supply chain disruptions, lack of sufficient workforce, and ban on import-export actions that created hindrances in the manufacturing activities. Contrary to the cheerleaders’ view, it isn’t always a great time to purchase gold, and it is typically not a good time to purchase the miners. But today let’s keep in mind that it’s a time to unload the momos in preparation for an additional leg up, possibly coinciding with gold’s seasonal turn to optimistic later this summer. In February it started to rally out of the base on the day by day chart beneath. Driven by struggle (easy on the ‘war, terror and pestilence!’ bull rationales, expensive gold bugs) and inflation hype, kneejerkers and momos shortly jumped on pushing gold to an overbought high on March 8.

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