Assessing The Socioecological Perspectives Of Eucalyptus Cultivation And Plantation Growth In Laos

The dominant follow-up transition in these instances was conversion to small-scale combined plantations and oil palm plantations. Although relatively minor in phrases of overall deforestation, roughly half of the area deforested to make way for logging roads was subsequently converted to another land cover category, often small-scale agriculture, small-scale plantations and oil palm plantations. This means that over longer time frames these driver categories may be intermediate steps in path of more intensive land cowl conversion and resource extraction.

Agriculture And Food Forest Plantation Review

Thw.) seedlings development response to tailing media added with vermicompost, rhizobium, and arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi. Soendjoto, M.A.; Dharmono; Mahrudin; Riefani, M.K.; Triwibowo, D. Plant richness after revegetation on the reclaimed coal mine land of PT. Adaro Indonesia, South Kalimantan.

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