Arara Abadi Peat Mining Operation Halted

Policies and laws, have contributed to an enabling setting, and made it potential for a minimum of some 12,000 households in two districts to spend cash on plantations and to promote their merchandise in the marketplace, dominated by a pulp mill. In Table1, selected vital coverage statements and decrees are listed in chronological order. In some cases, the implementation of the new insurance policies took a number of years to penetrate to lower ranges. Some, such as the Forest Land Allocation policy, actually started before the laws was in place. Several of the choices and pieces of legislation have influenced and enabled the event of farm-based plantation forestry. From the beginning of the Nineties, new forest insurance policies have been launched.


There, the poor and practically poor classes of farmers possessed 30% of the forest land of which most of it was forest plantation, predominantly acacia and eucalyptus. Poor farmers at site 1 considered pulpwood plantation to be a comparatively protected sort of income . Meanwhile, at websites 2 and 3 no money crops were observed on sample plots owned by poor farmers . The study contains three communes. One of the sites has beforehand been a part of one other research project involving the authors (Ohlsson et al. 2005; Sandewall et al. 2004).

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