Apa Arti “plantation , Mining” Dalam Bahasa Indonesia

What is occurring to the Marind should resonate for all of humanity. Patriarchal and traditional group gender roles, notably round customary land tenure, give ladies entry to land solely with consent from their clans or husbands. Thus, about 16% of Ugandan girls own land, despite the actual fact that they carry out 76% of the agricultural work. Only about 7% of the land owned by women is registered,8 meaning that the overwhelming majority of it’s held precariously. In the northern area of Espírito Santo, Suzano has inherited vital socioenvironmental “liabilities”, that are the results of conflicts that have been dealt with by way of violence, oppression and exploitation. These strategies are also characteristic of the patriarchal and sexist society that created this model of development and is widespread to all the plantation and pulp companies that operate within the area.

Khaterine William

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