Velcro Brand Barrier Terminal Block are a versatile tool that can serve many purposes at home or in the office. Although cable ties are generally used to secured heavy objects or to keep wires organized, what other ways can they be used to keep things in their place?

Flowers are a great gift for any occasion. Unfortunately, they don't tend to stay in place well. With a set of colored cable ties, you can bind the flowers together without damaging the flowers. If you pick the right color cable ties, the tie can become part of the floral arrangement.

Yes, you can actually weave a basket out of cable ties. This can be a fun project for students in art class, for kids at a summer camp or when the kids are home from school and it is raining outside. Adults can create baskets and sell them at garage sales, festivals and even on the Internet.

Most people have heard the stories about households being broken apart due to Christmas lights not working or getting tangled. With Velcro cable ties, you can regain control over your lights and your Christmas holiday. Green ties can be used to blend in with the color of your tree to ensure that only the lights stand out.

Velcro cable ties are a versatile tool that can be used in a variety of creative and intriguing ways. They are great for keeping things organized, they make great art supplies and they come in a variety of colors to help them blend in wherever they are being used.


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