The Underwriters Laboratories (UL) mark has four elements and will appear on the packaging of any approved product. The name and/or UL certification mark will be clearly visible with the UL logo appearing in a circle. The word LISTED will appear in capital letters beneath it. The standards require four numeric characters (control number) or a sequence of four to six numbers (issue number). The issue number could be preceded by one or two letters accompanied by the phrase Issue No. The UL mark is a clear and well recognized independent system for customers everywhere. It’s a respected symbol that lets a person or company know these are safe, tested and reputable products. Unfortunately, like anything of value,Round Wiring Duct the UL mark has fallen victim to counterfeiters.

On a global front, manufacturers and private consumers working on home projects will discover the product they have purchased bears a false UL symbol, making these tools unreliable and a potential threat to health and safety. Identifying equipment with fake UL listing requirements isn’t too difficult. One need only be familiar with the marks. Once you are, spotting discrepancies on these products will become second nature. Here are some criteria to follow in regards to the listing.

A product is missing any of the four aforementioned elements. If there is no company name, trade name, trademark or other UL authorized designation. Instead of LISTED or CLASSIFIED, product is Pending or Approved. Text on packaging has spelling and grammatical errors. There’s no information for providing manufacturers with feedback, like a toll free number or contact information. Whether in Europe, China or the U.S., these materials must follow specific guidelines that promise safety and security. No legitimate vendor will make or wants a product that is a threat of fire or health hazard. Only purchase your products from trusted retailers. Stay away from products in generic boxes that come at steep discounts and never purchase electrical products at flea markets.


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