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Saudi Oktoberfest Costume Princess in Hot Water Over $98G Unpaid Lingerie Bill

A Saudi princess has been sued over $126,000 in unpaid lingerie Wholesale Babydoll Lingerie and clothing bills at a Paris boutique, AFP reported.

Another upscale Paris store, lingerie store Aux Caprices vxvxa001 de Lily, told AFP Maha al-Sudairi, wife of Saudi Interior Minister Prince Nayef bin Abdul Aziz, owes them $98,000.

In total, Wholesale Babydoll Lingerie the princess owes millions in unpaid shopping bills to a string of high-end Paris retailers.

Jacky Benazerah, a lawyer for Key Largo, the store filing the lawsuit, said al-Sudairi has not paid her bill for more than a year. Benazerah said a Paris jeweler is also filing a similar lawsuit against her.

The store has begun civil proceedings in the Paris courts to seize assets.

Al-Sudairi could claim diplomatic immunity because of her husband's ministerial status, even though she is based at the luxury George V hotel in Paris, AFP reported.


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