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Adam Jul 10

1. MentorMentor is the person who controls the field you are running-not enough just one chance, but several times. These people already have the experience, the intelligence, and the knowledge you have not had at the moment. You will learn a lot from him. 

2. Experts 

These (influential) people will help promote your business into its network, which obviously will have a good impact on your business. 

The person will recommend the source, contact person, and opportunity for your business to grow 

3. Fellow business: It could be said they are on the same level as you, so there will be mutual help here. Beautiful you will learn to solve a common problem and you may be experiencing with that person. Having a partner who can share experiences will form a good and lasting friendship pattern. 

4. People with a certain talentWhat I mean here is someone who can be said to be an expert in a particular field but not a business field you are running. This will make a great collaboration. You can find these people in the student community for example, or are working in another company / entrepreneur. 

5. InvestorsTo keep your business running, a bit much needed capital. Even if you start a business with your personal funds, sometimes you will encounter situations where you need additional capital to take advantage of certain momentum or in order to improve your business.


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