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skeily Jun 13 '18

Laser resurfacing has evolved from traditional CO2 laser resurfacing technology to Fractional CO2 Laser machine technology. Fractional CO2 laser resurfacing achieves a high level of improvement through a series of treatments with shorter recovery times and fewer side effects, making it more compatible with today's busy lifestyle.

The CO2 laser is a fractionated CO2 laser that is used to improve wrinkling and pigmentation caused by sun damage, acne scars and chloasma.

How to split a laser skin?
Our graded CO2 laser treatments are performed by Dr. Diwan in the office, using anesthetic cream and surface cooling, or if necessary, anesthetic injections, with or without oral medications to reduce discomfort and/or anxiety.

How long does it take to recover after splitting the laser?
By the end of treatment, the treated area had a solar appearance, pink, swelling and peeling for about 7 days. Recovery time can be shortened by performing lighter processing. For individuals who want more pronounced results, this can be achieved through more aggressive treatments. This adds 3-4 days to recovery time, but the end result is achieved with less processing. Moisturizers, sunscreens and cosmetics can be used within a few minutes of treatment. The treatment can be repeated within 6 to 16 weeks to achieve further skin improvement.

These photos are from specific patients. The result may be different. Arrange personalized consultations with our doctors for more information.

Fractional laser skin results
Get the best results after four to six treatments. The Portable Fractional CO2 Laser machine can also safely treat non-facial areas such as the neck, chest and back of the hand. Once your treatment is completed, your skin will become smoother and smoother. The patient is usually excited with a younger appearance and will increase confidence.


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