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xiaolan Apr 11
In the away end there were songs about winning the European Cup and, this being Liverpool, thousands of euphoric voices joining in with the follow-up shout of “again”. And why not? Liverpool had survived a whirlwind, to use Jürgen Klopp’s description, and at the end of this epic tussle it was a sunrise of a smile on the German’s face. His team were in the semi-finals and Manchester City, once again, had been cut adrift from a competition where they repeatedly fall short. Authentic Reebok Men's Alex Chiasson Black New Third Jersey - NHL #90 Ottawa SenatorsPep Guardiola’s team will have to make do with the Premier League title whereas Liverpool will go into Cody Kessler Womens Jersey Friday’s draw because over the two legs they were more clinical during their spells of superiority. Klopp’s team had the better balance between attack and defence and, crucially, they got lucky with the disallowed goal that brought Guardiola to the point of spontaneous combustion at half-time. Guardiola’s fit of pique led to his banishment from the dugout and City will wonder what might have happened if they had taken a 2-0 lead into the second half. Adidas NHL Men's Matt Hunwick Black Home Authentic Jersey - #22 Pittsburgh PenguinsInstead City have lost three games in seven days, conceding eight goals the process, and Klopp has been proved correct with his assertion that the best way to take on the Premier League champions-elect is to examine an accident-prone defence. Nicolás Otamendi’s part in Roberto Firmino’s goal was a case in point and, once that had gone in, the two sets of players were going through the motions for the rest of the match. City needed five goals, or roughly one every three minutes, to save themselves and, realistically, the game had been settled once Mohamed Salah Authentic Luca Sbisa Jersey clipped in Liverpool’s equaliser earlier in the second half. Might it have been any different had Leroy Sané’s goal, late in the first half, not been wrongly given offside? Nobody will ever know but it was certainly true that City were threatening a remarkable feat of escapology in that part of the match. They had scored inside two minutes, courtesy of Gabriel Jesus. They still had Sergio Niles Paul Womens Jersey Agüero to bring off the bench and the Etihad was overdosing on optimism. For the game to finish with an aggregate 5-1 score distorts the fact the occasion was full of drama and suspense until Salah’s goal conclusively changed the complexion of the evening. Ultimately, though, Liverpool had inflicted a grievous result in the first leg when they scored three times in a 19-minute blitz and, importantly, did not concede an away goal. Guardiola’s team gave everything. They chased every ball, attacked from every angle and, for a long time, the early goal encouraged the sense there were more to follow. It would be exaggerating to say Liverpool were on their knees but they did need to catch their breath and City were merciless in that respect. If the ball was Bronson Kaufusi Womens Jersey out of play, someone in blue would dash to get it back. This was not a side licking its wounds from the humbling of Anfield or Saturday’s ordeal against Manchester United. It was the best team in England with adrenaline running through their veins, playing as if they believed anything was achievable. That was how it was in the first half anyway. Liverpool were much more composed after the break and Guardiola was always taking a calculated gamble fielding an experimental three-man central defence including two players, Kyle Walker and Aymeric Laporte, who doubled up as attacking full-backs. Otamendi’s selection ahead of Vincent Kompany was difficult to fathom and, apart from Fernandinho, City’s line-up was otherwise filled with attacking players. Nobody can ever question Guardiola’s sense of adventure but the potential for danger was obvious when Liverpool have such a brilliantly effective counter-attacking side.
Max Nov 30
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