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kuangshanposui Mar 21 '18

For example, heavy medium swirler is a washing and selection Construction Waste Crusher machine with high separating efficiency and strong adaptability, and the production process is very easy to realize automation, so that it has wide application. However, if the granularity of the washed and selected products is too big, it will be very easy to block the material feeding and discharging mouth, for this reason, the machine will not be able to work in a highly efficient way. So in order to solve the problem, the raw coal must be crushed to satisfy the feeding granularity.

Reduce the over-crushing in the Construction Waste Crusher crushing process. In the crushing process, if the materials are over-crushed, it will not only waste the resources, influence the economic benefits of the coal companies, but increase the water content in the coal and increase the pressure of the slurry water system and the actual production rate of the reselection clean coal will be also reduced. With the improvement of the requirement of the environmental protection and the increase of the powder coal processing cost, reducing the powder coal output to the minimum is the key to the crushing process.

Construction Waste Crusher: Jaw sledgers used to crush the big size stones into smaller size. This process is called the primary crushing. Then the belt conveyor transfers the materials to the impact crusher or cone crusher, generally, we call it the secondary crushing. After crushing, the materials will be transfer to the circular vibrating screen for different size of material screening. The layers of vibrating screen will depend on the kinds of final materials. And if part of materials doesn't match the size you want to getaway should transfer the materials back to the impact crusher for once again broken. We are a professional stone crusher supplier in china, we can do favor for you about the jaw sledger plants. And if you have any questions about the vibrating screen, you can also get help.


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