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linly Nov 17 '17

today, during which the "Mother Monster" will discuss her Super Bowl 51 Halftime Show appearance, and probably a few random Gaga esque matters as well.

I did Sully a solid by compiling a list of questions he should ask the diminutive superstar while he has the chance.

The NFL has denied an "Entertainment Tonight" report that you were told not to vikings gear store mention President Trump during your performance, so you are free to do so, should you desire to. If you do, aren't you afraid that Bill Belichick will partially deflate your The Latest New Orleans Saints Jerseys for Discount Price stage, or something?

You were recently spotted rocking a football shaped handbag. Was that handbag inflated to NFL regulation standards? Is it a Wilson, and does it have the official Roger Goodell autograph on it? Because otherwise, we might be talking suspension

You were a guest on Fox Sports with Michael Strahan, and you revealed some knowledge regarding a defensive tackle's job in a 3 4 scheme. Bearing this in mind why is Tom Brady such a cheater? Seriously. Why?

You told Fox Sports you've been planning this since you were 4. Why didn't you just play the Halftime Show when you were 4? That would've been 1991, when the Bills played the Giants. Maybe we would've won if you hadbeen there, instead of cheap patriots appearances New Kids on the Block, who were pretty lousy that day, if I recall. Things might've been different. I mean, what did Scott Norwood ever do to you?


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