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skeily Dec 6 '18

What is true, what is the myth of laser hair removal? Today we will discuss two topics that often appear:

“A long laser hair removal meeting is enough.”

Fact: Many people think that a treatment for laser hair removal is enough. On average, you may need 5 to 7 sessions when you first start the LHR to see the results you want. Although some people will see long-term hair loss, this may last for many years, but most people will need long-term maintenance to maintain hair loss.

"Laser hair removal does not apply to certain hair colors." Yes (cautious)

Fact: diode laser hair removal machine utilizes a high concentration beam design that selectively penetrates into the hair follicle. Light is absorbed by the pigment in the hair follicle and destroys the hair inside the hair follicle. Hair that lacks pigmentation, such as red hair, is more difficult to aim, but not impossible. Because these hair colors lack pigmentation, they do not remove white hair and white hair. Having said that, today's high-quality laser hair removal systems have evolved to more effectively target hair colors that were previously difficult to remove.



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