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liny Nov 9 '18
 fans everywhere were praying to get the bitter taste out of their mouth that was 2017. After finishing 3-13 Youth Patrick Omameh Jersey , New York cleared house by bringing in Dave Gettleman and Pat Shurmur. Now, following a plethora of roster moves the Big Blue faced off against the formidable Jacksonville Jaguars in East Rutherford. Even though victory was not achieved, many great things came from it (especially these pictures). Here we goPhoto by Mike Lawrie/Getty ImagesAfter all the Giants went through in the off season and preseason, Big Blue fans were anxiously anticipating the start of the 2018 season. So much excitement swirled around this team with Odell Beckham Jr. returning and newly added running back Saquon Barkley.MineVincent Carchietta-USA TODAY SportsThe Big Blue secondary came to play, particularly Janoris Jenkins. Swiping a pick from Blake Bortles, Jenkins was one of the few bright spots from Sunday. Keep moving forwardBrad Penner-USA TODAY SportsOdell Beckham Jr. stretched the field all day against Jacksonville with 11 catches for 111 receiving yards. Despite missing most of last season, OBJ looks like he’s back. Welcome to the leagueBrad Penner-USA TODAY SportsWhile he started off slow, Saquon Barkley scored his first career touchdown with a 68-yard game changing scamper in the second half. He would even set a Giants record for most rushing yards in a debut. Sure-handedVincent Carchietta-USA TODAY SportsStatistically, the Giants had a decent outing as a whole on defense. They only allowed 305 total yards, and held the Jaguars passing attack under 200 yards.Reach for itBrad Penner-USA TODAY SportsEvan Engram selling out for a first down, which is what you want to see from your athletic young tight end. Clash of the TitansBrad Penner-USA TODAY SportsWe may have witnessed the biggest receiver-corner matchup of the year. Beckham and Jalen Ramsey squared off at MetLife, with Beckham coming out on top with an unofficial 6 catches for 87 yards against Ramsey. Ouch!Photo by Jeff Zelevansky/Getty ImagesTackling Saquon Barkley is pretty tough. However Aldrick Rosas Jersey , Myles Jack was just a tad out of position when he yanked down Barkley by the face mask. Only up from herePhoto by Mike Lawrie/Getty ImagesWhile the G-Men fell in their first match up of the season, there are still 15 more games left to define this team. There is no where else to go but up.Giants vs. Saints: First look at Sunday’s matchup A shootout. That is what we have come to expect when the New York Giants and the New Orleans Saints play each other. The last time the teams met, in 2016, was an aberration as the Giants eked out a 16-13 victory. In four matchups prior to that dating back to 2009, one of the two teams always surpassed the 40-point mark, with the score twice getting into the 50s. The wildest was, of course, the Saints’ last-second 52-49 victory in 2015.Will this one be another high-scoring affair? Well, the Saints are second in the league in scoring at 34.7 points per game. Quarterback Drew Brees is completing an unbelievable 80.6 percent of his passes and is in the process of re-writing the NFL’s career passing record book.The Giants haven’t scored 30 or more points in a game since the final game of Tom Coughlin’s career as the team’s coach — 37 games ago, including the playoff loss to the Green Bay Packers. The Giants, though, played their best offensive football in a long Authentic Rhett Ellison Jersey , long time in Sunday’s 27-22 victory the Houston Texans, sparking optimism that the 30-point streak will soon fall.Besides, neither of these defenses is exactly “shut-down” caliber. The Saints are giving up a league-worst 34.3 points per game, are last in the league in yards allowed per completion (14.6)and just lost starting cornerback Patrick Robinson to a broken ankle. The Giants are giving up just 20.7, but got gashed in the air by Houston’s Deshaun Watson for 385 passing yards and are 27th in yards allowed per completion at 12.0. That leaky pass defense is a concern with Brees on tap.Stick with Big Blue View all week as we prep you for Sunday’s key game.By the numbersOdell BeckhamOdell Beckham Jr. has had a pretty good start to his career, just in case you hadn’t noticed.Odell Receptions (50 Games)Beckham, Odell 337Beckham, Odell 337Odell Receiving Yards (50 Games)Alworth, Lance 4,785Alworth, Lance 4,785Odell Touchdowns (50 Games)Alworth Youth Kerry Wynn Jersey , Lance 45Alworth, Lance 45Odell 100-Yards Receiving (50 Games)Alworth, Lance 21Alworth, Lance 21Here is where he stands in Giants franchise record books.Team statsMore numbers that matter343 — Eli Manning (342) needs 1 touchdown pass to surpass Pro Football Hall of Famer Fran Tarkenton (342) for 7th-most touchdown passes all-time. 6,326 — The number of passes completed by Drew Brees in his career, the most all-time for an NFL quarterback. Manning is No. 6 on that list with 4,505 completions.80.6 — Brees’ utterly ridiculous completion percentage thru three games.418 — Passing yards needed by Brees (71,523) to surpass Peyton Manning (71,940) for most all-time. Brees is currently third behind Manning and Brett Favre (71,838).[E-mail Ed at or via the Big Blue View Contact Page | Follow Big Blue View on Twitter | ‘Like’ Big Blue View on Facebook | Follow Big Blue View on Instagram]

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