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MrDaniel  Nov 9 '18


Let’s imagine an entire economy based on a decentralized blockchain where all data is stored and protected; integrated supply chain allows fast and improved transactions. It is the dream of every capitalist in the new age.

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With blockchain characteristics, it is declared that Blockchain technology will open up a potential application trend in many areas such as banking, finance, retail, transportation, manufacturing and telecommunications. The application of Blochchain to life will bring real benefits to the community and the whole society.
In June, 2017, the Economist reported a survey by IBM which found that nine out of 10 governmental agencies involved in the survey admitted that they were planning to invest in blockchain to manage their financial transactions, property, contract and law compliance in the next few years. The typical areas can be described as follows:
  Blockchain  application in  healthcare   Blockchain can provide a new foundation and structure for the field of medical information management by electronizing medical records, empowering patients to own their records without the need of intermediary.

Blockchain  application in education

  Blockchain application in education Blockchain application is a novel technology, but it brings about unlimited applications to education, building a smart, transparent and secure studying and learning system; a civilized education in the context of digital age.
Blockchain  application in finance

  Blockchain application in finance   This is viewed as a way to reduce costs and duration of  inter-bank transactions, as well as to build a more secure trading system. 

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Blockchain  application in  law
The application of Blockchain to law has given each country a great deal of benefit, setting a "legal standard" in the digital era. 
There are more and more areas that Blockchain has been applied to. The thing is our world is indeed complex with large-scaled economic industry; therefore, the global system can hardly be managed by a single technological foundation, no matter how modern and advanced it is. However, with the rapid development of Blockchain version three, four, five, etc. BloPeople keep wondering whether the world is ready for Blockchain or not.  But the most important thing is whether Blockchain is ready for our world? Let's take a look at Blockchain's applications in every aspect of life: healthcare, education, finance, e-commerce, and more.
ckchain will soon be ready for the world.  

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