New Madden 18 Patch Out Now, Here's What It Does


Date & time Jun 13 '18
Event ends Jun 14 '23
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The second major title update for Madden NFL 18 has arrived, making some big changes and adding additional features. Starting with the Cheap Madden Coins latest features, the single-player Longshot mode adds a function that lets you replay gameplay moments to find out them again. Additionally, now you can play full seasons with Madden Ultimate Team squads.

Another new feature is really a monthly leaderboard for Madden Ultimate Team, so you're able to see how you rival others with a monthly timeline.

As for gameplay changes, there are lots of. This update allows the quarterback to dive while scrambling, an issue that apparently wasn't possible before. The patch also addresses the much-talked about Gun Monster formation; specifically, this patch fixes the situation that could cause pancake blocks through the O line in this particular formation. Additionally, the update fixes "exploit blitzes" for QB Contain players. What's more, the patch clears out a difficulty where the ref would see the ball incorrectly from a flubbed punt.

The new Madden 18 patch also addresses "visual inaccuracies" that has a number of players, including David Harris in the Madden 19 Coins for sale New England Patriots and free agent Colin Kaepernick. You can see the entire patch notes below, as posted on EA's website.

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Jun 13 '18
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2018613 leilei3915
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