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Updates buy wow gold and information on Final Fantasy XIV are a welcome addition to any regular day. Today is a good day for that kind of media since the Final Fantasy XIV website has new screenshots and new information on its jobs.

Jobs in the Disciples of War section include the Archer, Lancer, Gladiator, Marauder, and Pugilist. Each of these classes have been updated with a short list of abilities, weapon skills, and an in action diagram.

For example, the Archer's section describes Chameleon as "blend in with your surroundings, consuming TP to reduce enmity." Then, in the Weapon Skills section, Shadowbind is described as "fetter an enemy's shadow, rendering the target immobile.

Additionally, the Conjurer and the Thaumaturge from the Disciple of Magic are also updated. For these jobs, we're given a list of abilities, spells, and an in action diagram. For instance, the Conjurer ability Roaming Soul lets the player "hum your next spell, allowing movement while casting. A spell example would be Cure which "restores HP of allies within area of effect."

Finally, the Disciple of the Land job of Miner and the Disciple of the Hand job of Blacksmith are detailed. Gatherable items and Craftable items are listed, respectively. An in action diagram is also included for these jobs, too.

I highly suggest you read the information in full at the official website. The in action images can be found below alongside a battle image. To keep up with FFXIV, stay here.

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