Other tricks to avoid being cheated


Date & time Dec 4 '17
Creator Victor Mark

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Victor Mark


1 . If you encounter some promo ads flagged Rsgoldfast. com or promos involve to your account information and RS gold, please visit the main site of Rsgoldfast to check out if the activity is available on Rsgoldfast.

2 . Rsgoldfast will never ask your account password to deliver OSRS Gold for Sale to you. So do not trust anyone who asking for your account name and security password, they are 100% scammers!

3. Rsgoldfast Facebook is not in charge of rare metal delivery. Do not believe anyone who told you to deliver gold via Facebook.

4. In case you don’t contact our customer service with in 10 mins after you placed an order, Rsgoldfast customer service will contact your via email to ensure you can get your platinum as soon as possible. However , RS 2007 Gold we will never contact your by phone on our initiative. If someone call to ask you return fewer RS gold, please ignore it!


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