Gorgeous IEM Oakland 2017 CS: GO Fragmovie Released


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Gorgeous IEM Oakland 2017 CS: GO Fragmovie Released

Popular YouTuber, Virre CS: GO, has released CSGO AWP Skins a stunning frag movie that illustrates some of the best plays on the recent IEM Oakland 2017 event.

Well-liked YouTuber, Virre CS: GO, has released a sensational frag movie that will highlights some of the best has at the recent IEM Oakland 2017 party.

For anyone that overlooked the $300, 000 tournament, this a few minute video could be exactly what you’re trying to find as it captures the extraordinary moments and impressive frags to flawlessness.

Known for his situation highlight videos, Virre will have had a lot of content to selected from for IEM Katowice as we observed some ridiculous pictures from start to finish.

Renowned Swedish team Puppy nip eventually came out over the tournament following defeating FaZe Tribe in a marathon best-of-five series. The Awesome Final alone could have produced enough fasteners to create a mini-fragmovie just about all on its own.

But there was ridiculous plays by start to finish at the event, including clips out of teams like EnVyUs or even The Mongolz who have been eliminated during the party stage.

Virre in the beginning teased the Oakland fragmovie on his Tweets account:

But the total spectacle was released on YouTube on November 21st, just 2 days and nights after the event agreed.

Virre shows Patrik ‘f0rest’ Lindberg’s silly double Desert Bald eagle kill against Cloud9 on Overpass from your Swede’s perspective and also it’s just as stunning as the casters dreamed of.

He also exhibits the Tyler ‘Skadoodle’ Latham clutch in opposition to Astralis on Coach, and Lukas ‘gla1ve’ Rossander jumping AWP no-scope buy csgoskins against SK Gaming.

Almost every remarkable clutch or destroy from the tournament have been included, but Virere states that he wasn't able to get all of them since “some demos have been missing at the HLTV site, for example the 3k deagle from Rain”.  http://www.csgo4skin.com


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