Runescape's Lost City of the Elves has been found - it's always in the last place that you look


Date & time Nov 30
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Back in January, Runescape players got to vote on Cheap Runescape Gold what Jagex should work on for its next large update. The vote was between the invention skill and the Lost City of the actual Elves, Prifddinas. The actual latter won by a mere ten percent, making it about as close as the recent Scottish independence referendum. Maybe a bit less important, though.

Now the city has made its way into the game, all shiny and completely filled with elves.

Access to the city requires Runescape membership, and the quest Plague’s End has to be completed first.

If you’ve finished the particular quest, then the city is yours to explore.

Along with the hub area where you can visit the bank, typically the Grand Exchange and train in firemaking, there are four additional areas belonging to the ruling families, where you can train in each clan’s skills.

If you’re a shifty type with sticky fingers, you might want to go around robbing all of the elves. From level 91, the pointy-eared folk can continuously be robbed, but if you’re caught three times, you’ll have to get your act together Buy RS Gold  as well as think about what you’ve done for 20 minutes.

Four more areas are planned for a future update, and they’ll introduce the other four elven families.


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