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The Richest man in the world has just knowingly bought stolen source code from a Gang of Corrupt Cops who schemed an elaborate sinister criminal plan to infiltrate and rip-off revolutionary new software they where paid to work on, their depraved plan was to then frame the owner of the company, a creative genius named Alex Thorn who paid millions to develop the software that revolutionized the entire games business.

The cops evil plan was only disrupted because the victim of their massive conspiracy was wise enough to leave the country giving him enough time to file criminal complaints against all them.

Now the Corrupt FBI is covering up their massive crime and has him on a kill list being executed by law firms of the Richest man in the world who also represent the police departments that are now actively trying to snuff out the true creator of the software and get away with the billion his software has generated which every gamer and game developer on the planet is using to this very day, in a Conspiracy that involves Presidents, Supreme Court Judges, Heads of the FBI, heads of Homeland Security and their lawfirms all working together to cover-up this massive crime to defraud the real creator of his fame and money in this elaborate scheme of paid off government officials and Corrupt Lawfirms Twisting the facts against the true developer where the street cops only know what is “on the computer screen”.

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