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As many have pointed out, the flashes in the pandora disney charms are reminiscent of golden beaches - rich in gemstones, which immediately made me want to revisit the shape of an Arabian night. For this, I combine some lovely pastel purple mint and added a camel Arabian coffee pot, a glittering starry night clip and a wish charity as my theme beads. The pink sapphires in "Double Hearts" also reminded me of treasures, and their golden color added a touch of warmth. 

My next style comes from some of my questions about what looks good to the pandora charms españa of the Pandora rose series. My answer is to emphasize "yes" in the case of pink and mint flash beads! Pink and mint color complement each other with rose gold color, while the golden lines and pink metal with copper appears. 

Like Murano glass beads, flash muranos vary widely. For example, stock images mainly show brighter flashes. My two pandora joyas online tend to have darker, deeper gold patches than glittering full-body glitters like Kulano. The muranos in the store also have different sizes: I chose two cochineal worms because I think they always flaunt the design and offer a bigger color! 

Finally, this is what I actually wear on my pandora españa disney. Then you will know that I have a fair amount of handcuffs because I do not know if these muranos will be more green or blue. I hope they can match my green Tinker Bell beads. They turned out to be quite blue - I'm not sure if they will work with my green beads, but they are so cute, so I bought them! I know I have to bookmark my work in one way or another. 

This pandora anillos corona and promised image are as good as the combination of turquoise and golden flash is perfect for the summer but also subtle and can be worn all year long. If I had to pick a bead from this collection, it was mint glitter. Having said that, I actually really want to go back to the same pink design, which is also very cute.

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