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The Kansas City Chiefs place up 45 points around the Jacksonville Jaguars in this week's Madden 19 simulation. How was Patrick Mahomes? Let's just say it was show time. Mahomes threw for 325 yards and 5 touchdowns to the tune of a 75 percent completion rate. Most importantly, in spite of facing the ideal secondary in the NFL, Mahomes nevertheless kept a goose egg in the interception column.

Earlier inside the week, Jaguars corner Jalen Ramsey took a shot at Tyreek Hill. He called Hill a "return specialist" belittling Hill's play as a wide out. Within this simulation, he produced Ramsey spend. Hill hauled in 8-receptions for 97 yards and three touchdowns. Sammy Watkins caught nine passes and also the other two touchdowns to go with his 84 yards.

Kareem Hunt continued his excellent week against the Broncos, and turned it into a far better week against the Jaguars. Hunt ran for 101 yards, with eight broken tackles. Spencer Ware stole a will be Hunt touchdown when Ware ran it three yards in to the finish zone.

Travis Kelce, who had an off week to say the least against the Broncos, got madden 19 coins back on track. The star tight finish pluck four passes out from the air for 48 yards and no drops.

Defensively, the Chiefs major tackler was Reggie Ragland who earned nine solo tackles. Anthony Hitchens was not far behind with seven solo tackles, and two tackles for a loss.

The Chiefs didn't sack Blake Bortles as soon as in this game, but did pick off the Jaguars signal caller twice. Armani Watts, a rookie out of Texas A&M got the Mut coins first interception of the day, and Orlando Scandrick got the second.

The Chiefs beat the Jaguars 45-16, and improved to 5-0. They now travel to Foxborough to take around the Patriots who looked like they got back on track with a Thursday Night win over the Colts.

World of Warcraft has always portrayed the Orc player's characters, the male ones a minimum of, as enormous, bulky, and permanently hunched more than. On the other hand, using the coming of Battle of Azeroth expansion, players can promptly get wow bfa boe items a chance to have their male orc walk tall and upright, as discovered within the most up-to-date Player Test Realm version.

The majority of the important Orc NPCs and important characters in World of Warcraft have already been updated to stroll and fight tall and upright. The players may have been attempting to replicate Thrall's proper posture for their very own male Orc characters, but which has not been attainable - no less than until the expansion of "Battle of Azeroth" goes live.

Players who've been going via the latest version around the PTR found that they can visit a Barber Shop in all locations to pay an specialist to possess their male Orc character stroll straighter. This option could also appear on the future character creation screen, because the Icy-Veins forum points out.

Some information mining has been done on the existing PTR patch for the upcoming Battle of Azeroth, as well as provided a preview of the customization choices offered for upright Orcs, which are now readily available for viewing over at WoWhead.

This modify has added an excellent deal of height for the male Orc character, creating them even larger and perhaps additional intimidating than they currently are. In accordance with Polygon, exactly the same upright look may also be noticed inside the new Mag'har orcs.

Using the release of "World of Warcraft: Battle of Azeroth", it is anticipated that these features will come to official servers and now the expansion is usually pre-ordered beginning at $50. Blizzard also gives(low-priced wow gold) a digital deluxe version, costing $70 this time, which adds some digital bonus perks for players when the game launches more than the next couple of months.

It might not be a ticket to a professional career in esports, but it really is a start.

Cavs Legion GC in the NBA 2K League is hosting a NBA 2K19 gaming tournament this weekend having a total prize pool of $1,000. There may also be additional prizes from group sponsors SteelSeries and Hot Pockets.

The event is doubling as a launch celebration for the newest version on the NBA 2K franchise. Gamers will have a opportunity to impress Cavs Legion star Brandon Caicedo (Hood) and GM Anthony Muraco, who will probably be in attendance to interact with fans.

Registration for the tournament is $10, whilst fans can attend totally free. The occasion is this Saturday, September 22 from 11 a.m.-4 p.m. in the 1Life2Play Gaming and Esports Lounge, 31031 Center Ridge Rd., in Westlake.

Cavs Legion GC wrapped up its inaugural season in the NBA 2K League final month with an 8-6 record, coming up just short from the league finals.

What about NBA 2K19 Preloads?

In most situations, NBA 2K19 preloads must have begun around Sept. 5 and must be nicely underway at the time of posting. If you're just shopping for the game now, a preload will automatically commence as quickly as the acquire is comprehensive. Otherwise there are actually methods to trigger the download with an current pre-order

Go to the NBA 2K19 store web page around the PlayStation Retailer, eShop or Microsoft Shop and also you needs to be provided the option to download the game.
On PS4 scroll over to Library and select NBA 2K19. The option to download must be there too.
On Xbox One, NBA 2K19 really should show up inside the "ready to install" section of Games & apps.
On Switch NBA 2K19 really should also be listed in your games library too. Select it and the download will begin.
Preloads sometimes begin automatically, but the above steps work in circumstances where that doesn't happen.

NBA 2K19 20th Anniversary Edition

It should also be noted that you can play NBA 2K19 right now as long as you don't mind paying $99 for NBA 2K19 20th Anniversary Edition.

What are your thoughts on NBA 2K19 heading into the full release on Tuesday? Are you willing to pay for the 20th Anniversary Edition? Tell us inside the comments section! NBA 2K19 is available on Xbox One, PS4, Switch and PC now. Welcome to check out cheap NBA 2K19 Mt Coins on IGXE.Com.

Belgian Guild Wars 2 players are reporting difficulties using the game's currency technique. Players from the nation are no longer in a position to get gems, and Belgium no longer shows up as an alternative in the game's list of billing areas.

The problem was 1st addressed last Friday, using a forum post stating that one player wasn't capable to purchase any gems with actual revenue. Gems are needed to produce purchases from a distinct Gem Shop, and may either be bought, or traded for coins, the game's fundamental currency. They're able to also be given away by way of codes, however it appears that neither purchases nor codes are working effectively inside the nation.

The initial forum post was followed up on Reddit, in a post that says the issue began on September 19. Considering the fact that then, Belgian players attempting to purchase gems have been met with an error message, and making use of VPN solutions has not yet established to become an effective workaround. Additional reports suggest that it can be also no longer doable to buy the Guild Wars 2 Gold game in Belgium.

As but, there is no official statement in the game's developer ArenaNet. It really is possible that this is a bug, but far more most likely that it really is tied into Belgium's current crackdown on loot boxes and in-game gambling. Previously year, Valve, 2K, and EA have all been forced to alter their practices inside the country in order to comply with new laws.

Whilst Gems are ostensibly just premium currency, one particular player has pointed out that they will contribute to an in-game gambling system. That program makes use of coins, not Gems, but players are capable to buy GW2 Gold just convert their games back into the fundamental currency as soon as they've bought them.

As described above, there's no word from ArenaNet on this challenge in the moment, but we've reached out to the company, and can update when we hear a lot more.

Fortnite Battle Royale can be a pretty exceptional video game for the reason that of its building mode. In contrast to in other battle royale games, players must develop in Fortnite if they want to be thriving. This part of the game is usually what separates major players from the rest in the pack.

With over 20 different building pieces, Fortnite players can make special structures and gain an advantage over their opponents. Some players also use buildings to get cheap Fortnite Items speedily about the map and run away from the storm. Lately, Reddit user Azvixus discovered a simple constructing trick which provides players a speedy push forward.

The movement trick

The Reddit user shared the trick on FortniteCompetitive subreddit. The trick demands only 20 to 30 constructing supplies and Fortnite players get by far the most out of it in low-gravity zones. The idea is to position a character in the bottom of the ramp and possess the ramp push the character away from it.

To complete this, Fortnite Battle Royale players really need to construct a floor, location a ramp on it, and jump as soon as they step on the floor piece. Since a player character cannot stand under the modest space in the bottom on the ramp, the ramp will push the player away from it. Working with this trick, players can move forward considerably more rapidly and also outrun the storm.

As you'll be able to see within the video above, this Fortnite trick is very straightforward and it does not call for a lot of Fortnite Traps components. It can be really helpful for moving more than the in-game island and for chasing enemies.

Contemplating that the trick calls for 30 materials in most situations, spending resources may not be worth it inside the zones with a typical gravity. Fortunately, there are several low-gravity zones around the island, and this easy trick can sometimes make a massive difference.

As confirmed earlier this week, FIFA 19 Web App release date is coming, with EA Sports also revealing the launch of its initially feature - the Companion App for FUT Early Access.

The Web App is anticipated to launch about 6 pm in the UK, and will be followed by the Companion App on Android and IOS on September 20. But EA Sports has not confirmed the release time, the most recent prediction comes from how launches have already been scheduled previously time.

It is actually expected that the official FIFA 19 social media feed will announce when the new Web App going on the net and ready to utilize.

The player price tag continues to be unknown till the players flood into the Web App, but within some days of having the game, a great team with an typical rating of about 80 may be accomplished.

You may prepare for the early access to FIFA 19 Web App primarily based on the content material you necessary to access the early FIFA 18 Web App release date:

The following is what you necessary for early FIFA 18 Web App release date access:

You will need to have designed a FUT Club by August 1, 2017 to have early access to the FUT 18 Web and Companion apps. Your FUT 17 account must nevertheless exist. Your account must be in great standing. In the event you have been banned in FUT 17 or other actions had taken together with your account in FUT 17, you are going to not have the ability to get FIFA 19 Coins early access.

The second app, the FIFA 19 Companion App for Android and IOS, is anticipated to go live later this week.

That is for use in your mobile phone and was a thing that launched a bit later in the week during the FIFA launch of last year. The good news is that fans only have to wait every day to acquire access to this, so it might go live on September 20.

It's reasonable to separate these two launches, as both are probably to swamp EA servers.

You are able to buy FIFA Coins and count on the Web App to crash when it goes live on September 19, as well as the Mobile App will struggle on September 20. This can depend around the quantity of FIFA fans who desire to get early access to both, ahead of the release of FIFA 19.

Final month, the giant rift in Fortnite's sky closed and spat out a giant alien cube that's stomping around the map. Players are eagerly tracking each new move, wondering what will take place when it lastly stops. The cube's most recent route took it through Tilted Towers, exactly where it destroyed what could just be Fortnite's unluckiest building.

Fortnite's map has undergone drastic shifts ever since a comet appeared inside the sky and crashed into ground back in Might. Given that then, a huge rocket launch brought on the sky to crack and time rifts to alter enormous portions of your game world. That crack sealed, only for a huge alien cube to buy Fortnite Items and start roaming the map. It crushes whatever it comes in make contact with with and leaves behind glowing glyphs that distort gravity. Inside a strange comedy of errors, it is now destroyed a little shop in Tilted Towers. It is a shop that has currently spent most of this season recovering from a stray meteor strike.

The building in query is often a sporting goods shop that was just "opening" in-game right after slowly becoming rebuilt throughout season 5. It was completed on September 6th and still featured banners advertising an upcoming ribbon cutting ceremony. Previously, another constructing on that identical site was destroyed near the end of season three when a rogue meteor landed at that location. Whoever owns that house in Fortnite's vaguely implied lore superior have some very good insurance coverage.

The irony with the circumstance has not been lost around the game's neighborhood.

"Watch this become an ongoing joke. Each season this building is going to be rebuilt after which destroyed," one particular player mentioned on Reddit.

"I would love this as a series of cartoon-style jokes exactly where some genuinely unlikely and elaborate bullshit knocks [the building] down," a different said.

The cube is still on the move, at present resting close to the edge of Loot Lake. Most players assume that the cube will quit somewhere in the lake before activating and...carrying out a thing in time for season six next week. Meanwhile, it looks like anybody eager to get some cheap Fortnite Items fishing rods in Tilted Towers will have to appear elsewhere.

The cube has completed its journey and splashed into Loot Lake, as a lot of players suspected. Upon landing in the water, the cube dissolved. The lake now glows purple and has the exact same Flubber-like bouncy properties because the cube. It remains to become seen if the lake will additional mutate in time for the finish of season five.

Are EPIC Games about to produce significant shock alterations to the Fortnite Battle Royale map in Season 6? That is what fans believe they have discovered out. Fans believe they might have found out what's coming next to the Fortnite Weapons map, immediately after weeks of speculation.

As outlined by individuals who have been hunting by means of essentially the most recent create in the hit Battle Royale game, Epic Games could possibly be cooking up a hot new map tweak. And this could involve Fortnite Season 6 starting off with a volcanic explosion plus the destruction of a well-known location.

A mystery cube has been carrying out the rounds and is expected to finish off at Loot Lake. It is a single longest-running theory for the object, which continues to perform odd issues around the map. And this could culminate in triggering a volcano to sprout out from the Loot Lake place.That is being backed up a couple of bits of evidence that has been identified by those dedicated to locating out what exactly is happening.


Season 6 is anticipated to start about September 20, even though Epic Games are recognized to mess around with end dates.

An added week could be tacked on like what has occurred previously, but season 5 is anticipated to finish later this month. FNBR - Fortnite Battle Royale Leaks Twitter account - has located references to a volcano pit in the games files, too as a achievable volcano-looking object noticed in the week 10 loading screen.

It would make sense that Epic Games would desire to continue to adjust the Fortnite Battle Royale map into season 6.

As opposed to PUBG, Epic Games has decided to stick with one map, changing it slowly over the years with new additions. The procedure has proved well known and continues to buy Fortnite Items maintain the fanbase entertained. It is also expected that an additional reside occasion is becoming cooked up for the end of season 5, a lot just like the rocket launch in season 4.

The cube seems the probably candidate to pull this off, what with it getting fairly uncomplicated to spot over the map. And why not change up Loot Lake, the location could effortlessly be flipped to make it extra fascinating to get a short period. Could the week 10 loading screen also be teasing the season 6? Are Epic Games cooking up a dark reign theme for the coming weeks? All will likely be revealed by Epic Games, though it might not land to get a though.

Fortnite Battle Royale is often a free-to-play game offered to download on PS4, Xbox One, PC, Mac, Nintendo Switch and Mobile.


Patch 4.3 is going to be another large a single for Final Fantasy XIV. As revealed by a producer live letter last night, the next main update is going to be titled Below the Moonlight, and will be a customary catch-up patch involving main raid cycles (4.2 just gave us Sigmascape, culminating with Kefka, and 4.4 will continue that trend).

The update, mentioned to be coming in "late May" (that will either be May perhaps 22 or 29), will add new main story quests, Namazu beast tribe quests, one particular new dungeon, a Deep Dungeon 2 with 100 floors (it is not a sequel to buy Cheap FFXIV Gil palace of your dead, but rather a reinvention of it), a brand new 8-person trial with regular and EX difficulties that is not going to become a part of the Four Lords storyline, a brand new ultimate raid tier in the form of an Ultimate Weapon fight (4.31), the Pagos Expedition Eureka zone that's ice-themed, the follow-up Return to Ivalice 24-person raid The Ridorana Lighthouse, additional PVP advancements, adjustments for Dark Knight, Astrolgian and Samurai, cross-world linkshells (64-person), a raid roulette, along with a companion app (that will mange your inventory and access the marketboard, and also includes a premium selection for more retainer and saddlebag space).

Note that not all of this stuff is coming in 4.3 appropriate. A few of it could possibly be regarded four.3x, meaning, a number of components will arrive at a halfway point between 4.3 and 4.4 (4.35) -- the following Eureka zone is most likely an ideal example of a thing that's pushed back into that territory.

Once more, hardcore raiders only have the ultimate fight to look forward to, but there is a ton of other stuff to accomplish - and when the ultimate tier is even close to as tough as the Bahamut battle, it'll take weeks for most groups to obtain Final Fantasy XIV Gil via. I am mainly excited to dive into a brand new Eureka zone already (hopefully with some improvements) and see what the subsequent raid tier is in 4.4. Even though it's in all probability going to handle Omega (the main antagonist of your Sigmascape storyline), I'm pulling for a move into Final Fantasy VII and a showdown with Sephiroth -- it really is the organic progression provided that the very first Deltascape as well as the second Sigmascape gave us confrontations with Exdeath (FFV) and Kefka (FFVI) respectively.

While some skills in World of Warcraft have their own cooldowns, several abilities share a character-wide cooldown, recognized to players because the global cooldown. In vanilla WoW, most skills were around the international cooldown, but that's changed drastically considering that then. The majority of the abilities on the international cooldown are ones that Blizzard does not want players to spam with each other, although these off the international cooldown often be reactive skills, like offensive and defensive buffs.

The modify announced in March place numerous of the offensive buffs around the worldwide cooldown once more. This incorporated essential skills like the Shaman's Bloodlust, the Warrior's Recklessness, plus the Paladin's Avenging Wrath. World of Warcraft game director Ion Hazzikostas initially explained that Blizzard identified that most players planned the use of these cooldowns, so the team decided to buy wow items put them back around the GCD.

"With them off the GCD, talenting into such skills frequently just becomes a matter of adding yet another line to a burst macro devoid of any added gameplay as a result. In endgame raid and dungeon scenarios, stacking all achievable cooldowns has an outsized influence on someone's total performance, when in PvP, the fact that big damage amplifiers could be applied simultaneously with an outgoing harm potential heavily limits counterplay and tends to make worst-case burst harm much more severe," mentioned Hazzikostas at the time. "Thus, we're putting most activated offensive cooldowns, in addition to On Use offensive trinkets, back on the GCD. We will tune these effects around this change."

WoW players weren't satisfied in regards to the transform and there is been a little of a sustained backlash to it. Some have explained that the problem is that putting buffs around the worldwide cooldown means that you often need to wait for your subsequent move, which is not all that enjoyable taking into consideration many buffs are timed. Hazzikostas tackled a few of the backlash in statements through a live Q&A session today.

"It's with an eye towards the long-term health of your game. There are short term changes we can make that feel good, but cause imperceptible harm in other areas. Taking those things away is always going to feel objectively bad in the short-term," he began.

"We made this alter expecting negative feedback. We're already making a couple of adjustments to things that have gone out in the beta. In one with the upcoming builds, players will see abilities like Heroic Leap and Infernal Strike back off the GCD. Disengage for hunters as well. We've made some modifications to Fury Warrior BloodBath to give it some wow gold upfront damage components so it actually feels like it's doing something instead of just a button that's empowering your future actions."

Most offensive cooldowns will remain on the international cooldown though. Hazzikostas pointed to Fury Warriors as one class that relies too heavily on offensive cooldowns for burst damage. The team wanted the GCD to determine the game's overall pace and the extra skills that are off the global cooldown, the less potential decisions players are making. Hazzikostas did note that there probably won't be extra abilities added to the international cooldown outside of these that have already shifted over in the Battle for Azeroth alpha.

"From an overall class balance perspective across all facets with the game, we're trying to pull back the importance and power of multiple, stacked cooldowns. It was such a no-brainer choice that they manipulatively scaled with each other, as well as the harm you did in the course of your cooldown window was so dominant compared to what you had been doing the entire rest in the time," said Hazzikostas.

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