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Get news links FIFA Coins and Ziller's hottakes in your inbox every weekday morning svg width height viewboxxmlnsworgsvgg fill fillruleevenoddpathgsvgh crelatedlistheadline paltheadRajon Rondo says he was joking about his beef with George KarRajon Rondo has a history of butting heads with his coaches So while a brief


ment following a preseason game might not be the greatest indication of what's to e it's notable when the former AllStar point guard says his relationship with Sacramento Kings head coach George Karl has not been going too welling off a disastrous season where Rondo often found himself fighting his coaches or sitting on the bench this


probably isn't what you wanted to hear five games into the preseason The point guard is known for giving deadpan answers to the media somaybe this is just Rondo being RondoIt’s not been going too well Rondo said following the Kings' win over the Lakers on Tuesday night via Manny Vieites of Cowbell Kingdom We got into a


couple of arguments the last couple of Buy FIFA Mobile Coins days but hopefully we continue to talk and get betterThe point guard told reporters on Tuesday he was just joking when making the ment blockquote langen twittervideoKings PG Rajon Rondo tells reporters he was joking and that he and George Karl do not have issues pictwitterphFWE Deuce

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Offer sheet they FIFA Coins sign but the players are free to negotiate with whoever they wantThe earlyextension deadline is typically Octbut since that date fell out on a weekend this year the moved the deadline to Monday Nov Given the rising salary cap most negotiations are now finished weeks or months in advance Some players like Anthony


Davis Damian Lillard and John Henson have already signed extensions Others like Andre Drummond Harrison Barnes and Bradley Beal have failed to e to terms with their current teams and will bee restricted free agents on July Here's where each member of thedraft stands after the deadline Anthony Davis Pelicans Signed a fiveyear


maximum extension with the Pelicans in June that'll likely be for aroundmillion Easiest decision everMichael KiddGilchrist Hornets Signedfouryearmillion extension with the Hornets in August then promptly suffered a torn labrun in his shoulderBradley Beal Wizards The two sides reportedly didn't agree to an extension prior to


Monday's deadline but that's so the Wizards Cheap FIFA Mobile Coins can preserve maximum cap space for the Kevin Durant sweepstakes He's expected to resign on a max contract next summer but stranger things have happenedDion Waiters Thunder The two sides got close but reportedly couldn't agree on a new dealThomas Robinson Nets He's currently on

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Energy which FIFA Coins allows him to be effective at both ends while averagingminutes per game Even in the final seconds he can make plays as he showed when he blocked George's gamewinning attemptButler is a twoway player who can impact the game on either end and still weles the challenge of containing elite scorers despite being asked to


carry an offense himselfHe could be even better in a more stable environmentButler has been forced into a big role and he has embraced it He relishes the opportunity to have the ball in his hands and be a leader Yet the reality is that he's being asked to do too much because the Bulls need someone who can consistently produce from the


perimeterThe starting lineup has changed several times Starting small forward Mike Dunleavy Jr hasn't even made his season debut so Tony Snell and Doug McDermott have both received a shot at the wing Both have shot well but neither has e close to making the impact Dunleavy has on the team in other aspects Derrick Rose


meanwhileis dealing with double Cheap FIFA Coins vision and shootingpercent from the fieldThere's a reason the Bulls rank th in the league in offensive efficiency the only perimeter player performing well on that end consistently is Butler With better spacing more weapons to take pressure off of him and a more stable rotation Butler could pick his spots

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Coach Quin Snyder poe currency will need to find a way to redistribute aboutof Gobert'sminutes among the other Jazz big men The problem is no one seems ready for a huge bump in playing timeTrevor Booker has been the first big off the bench He's a solid if undersized defender and a tough rebounder but he's shootingpercent from the field Rookie


Trey Lyles has similarly struggled with his shot and the Jazz have hemorrhaged points with him on the court Backup centers Jeff Withey and Tibor Pleiss are fringe players who are better suited for a small role off the bench where their limitations don't get exposedThe Jazz could go play small more often with Gordon Hayward or Joe


Ingles at power forward but those units won't work against every team and will put a lot of pressure on Favors as the last line of defenseThe other big men will simply have to play better than they have so far or the Jazz will miss Gobert dearly regardless of how Favors performsHOWEVAthe Jazz are lucky the West is weakerIn most


recent seasons losing a starter as poe currency buy valuable as Gobert would have doomed the Jazz That's still a real possibility but petition for those last playoff spots is not as ruthless as in past years Utah is currently seventh in the West standings with anrecord The Timberwolves have the last playoff spot despite being belowLast season it

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Absorption Silver FIFA 18 Coins said in an annual onYahoo Sports' Adrian Wojnarowski's podcastwhich was acquaint Wednesday morning He afterwards added I don't anticipate we should be authoritative examples out of anyoneI anticipate that's why the Players Association exists as a analysis on ascendancy of the leagueSilver added that he


believed Rondo would be punished by the publicI anticipate that allotment of the conduct for Rondo in a draft like this es in the cloister of accessible assessment he said and that's something that he has to accord anon withRondo was aboriginal abeyant endure Friday for what the calledusing a aspersing and abhorrent appellation arise an


official On Monday that official Bill Kennedy arise in a annual toYahoo Sports that he was gay Yahoo Sports aswell arise that Kennedy and accession adventurous official had adumbrated in their adventure letters that Rondo had acclimated the chat f while babble at KennedyIt is cryptic if Rondo was advanced acquainted of Kennedy's


animal acclimatization He aswell Cheap FIFA 18 Coins reportedly denied the allegations to the and his abettor beneath ment to Yahoo Sports Rondo instead issued a annual on Twitter blockquote twittertweet langenMy accomplishments during the adventurous were out of annoyance and affect aeon Rajon Rondo RajonRondo December blockquote

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Him the ball FIFA Coins where he likes and pushing the ball up the floor for more open shots in transitionhave Love playing more aggressively than he was under Blatt Even his teammates have noticedI think right now Love's finally getting fortable in his role LeBron James said following the Cavaliers' impressivewin over the Spurs on Saturday


via theAkron Beacon Journal I think coach Lue has done a great job clearing the air what he expects out of all of us including Kev and he's a big focal point of our team When he's playing locked in like this it's great for usBeing the third wheel is a tough gig in the especially for a player like Love who rose to prominence by having


everything go through him The last time we saw a player immediately go from option Noto Nowas Chris Bosh and it took him more than a year to figure out his role in MiamiThat doesn't all fall on coaching but there are certain things that can be done to smooth over that transition An extra catch or two a game in a player's favorite


spots certainly helps So do quickhitters Buy FIFA Coins lik more frequently in the last five games and doing so more efficiently perWhether it's a symptom of small sample size or the type subtle change that often happens when a new coach gets everyone to join hands and sing Kumbaya is yet to be seen Will LeBron still have such nice things to say

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View class RuneScape gold palthead Flip Saunders may love pointers but his teams dont shoot enough of themMinnesota Timberwolves president and head coach Flip Saunders went on Twitter on Sunday to set the facts straight about his stance on threepointers Why'd he do thatLast


April Saunders reignited a debate about his team's threepoint shooting tendencies by telling the media thatthreepointers shouldn't bee a main part of Andrew Wiggins' game While the quote itself is open to interpretation Saunders' history as a coach is not Throughout hisyears as an head coach his teams have rarely been above the league


average in either threepointers made or threepointers attemptedThat's why we're hesitant to believe Saunders will follow through on statements like thisblockquote classtwittertweet langenLet's set this straight I lovepointers We have to shoot and will Whoever said u didn't likes is wrong We will improve Flip Saunders FlipSaunders


August Saunders may indeed love buy RuneScape gold the threepoint shot but his teams haven't used it as a weapon much Last season Minnesota was last in three point makesand attemptswhile finishing Noin threepoint percentagepercent Sincethe highest a Saunderscoached team has finished in threepoint attempts was inwhen his Pistons finished th in

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Whiteside entered FIFA Coins a Twitter feud over some basic basketball philosophySPEAKING OF WHICHOtto Porter is preparing to play some stretch four in the regular season Someone told Randy Wittman rightTHERE'S A DERRICK ROSE LAWSUIT HAPPENING Since it's a civil suit and not a criminal investigation it'll be treated


differently by us and the I presume But the accusations are shocking and you'll find no triangulating or jokes hereHappy Thursday Weekend's almost here See you next timeSTART NEWSLETTER SNIPPET FULL WIDTHSIGN UP FOR OUR NEWSLETTERGet news links and Ziller's hottakes in your inbox every weekday


morning svg width height viewboxxmlnsworgsvgg fill fillruleevenoddpathgsvgh classcrelatedlistheadline paltheadDont expect Julius Randle to light the world on fire right awaThis year's Lakers team will look nothing like the one that won justgames last season That's a good thing Kobe Bryant will return to the court where he'll


presumably help groom point guard D'Angelo Buy FIFA Coins Russell the Nooverall pick and franchise heir apparentBut don't forget that Julius Randle is also ing back The Nopick in last year's draft was forced to miss all of his rookie season afterfracturing his right tibia during the Lakers' seasonopener against the Rockets But he's healthy now and

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Could even hope FIFA Coins to guard LeBron James The Sefolosha thing is a little strange to me He would have helped during the playoffs no doubt but he's not on the same level as Carroll Losing him for the playoffs was awful and how it happened was despicable but Thabo barely shotpercent from three the last two years He's an important


player but not a gamechanger at this point in his careerSTART MUSTREADS SNIPPETlink hrefcdnassetsmustreadscss relstylesheet Read these other Hawks previews h classphotoheadHawks try to prove doubters wrong againh classmetaKris Willis Peachtree HoopsAtlanta is being forgotten after losing a key starter this summer


Sounds familiarh classphotoheadWithout Carroll Hawks load up insideh classmetaTim CatoThe Hawks lost their starting small forward but upgraded up front with the addition of Tiago Splitter Read these other Hawks previews Hawks try to prove doubters wrong again Without Carroll Hawks load up insideEND MUSTREADS


SNIPPETThe Carroll argument gets Buy FIFA Mobile Coins to the heart of my point It's a little disingenuous to dismiss his career year and at the same time assume that everyone else's careers will continue rolling right along in an upward trajectoryI hate being in this position by the way I LOVE the Hawks I admire what they stand for how they play for each

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Markieff Morris FIFA Coins showed up to Suns media dayand smiledSOMETHING ELSE I TOTALLY BELIEVE DeMarcus Cousins and George Karl claim their relationship is solidREMINDER Sasha The Machine Vujacic is on the Knicks roster This is not a drill And apparently he was the team mascot at media


dayFROM THE I'LL BELIEVE IT WHEN I SEE IT DEPARTMENT Kobe says he'll end his career with the LakersGOOD MEDIA DAY MONEY AIN'T A THING Why David West gave upmillion to join the SpursTHIS IS REALLY HAPPENING Mike Miller really appears to be interested in signing with Denver I can only think


of one reasonSNEAKER WAR II Adidas is back and trying to knock down Nike Matthew Shaer of GQ digs in Via REDEFSTEPH CURRY IS AWESOME Part The InfinityALSO AWESOME JOHN F'N WALL John Wall surprised a DCarea homeless children's charity with adonation to help build a new child development center


What a heroBULLYBALL Seth Partnow Buy FIFA Mobile Coins with some interesting data on how certain bigs feast on smaller opponents at the rim and how some feast on everyoneWEEKLY MUSTREAD David Aldridge's Morning Tip Lots of Ty Lawson and Caron Butler this weekNEAT The Do Something campaign is urging folks to collect used sports

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