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Stone crusher is a commonly used stone crushing equipment. Common stone crushing equipment has jaw crusher, impact crusher, hammer crusher and other stone crushing and processing machinery and equipment. Today we talk about the feeding problem of stone crusher.

If the stone crusher feed particle through the general assembly of the stone crusher damage very serious problem, so the size of stone crusher feed must meet the requirements, and we talk about the stone crusher feed particle influence of too large stone crusher what.

When the particle size of the stone crusher is too large, it will cause serious damage to the equipment. No matter it is soft or medium hardness, it will cause different damage to the equipment. Therefore, the feed pellet will spend more time to speed up the equipment wear.

The size of the inlet of each type of sand rock crusher is specified, so the grain size of the feed should be specified clearly. When the feeding grain is passed through the assembly, the phenomenon of the charging is caused. It causes damage to the parts of stone crusher. During the period of material sticking, the broken hammer of the equipment does not stop rotating, and the contact material between the broken hammer and the crushing roller is less, and the wear and tear of the same material wearing parts will be accelerated directly.

Sand washing machine for washing cleaning materials, wash away the material powder in, dirt, impurities such as sand, high quality. Sand washing equipment is  widely used for the washing of the material in gravel pits, mine, building materials, transportation, chemical industry, water conservancy and hydropower, concrete mixing stations and other industries.

Now is the period of transition of artificial sand instead of natural sand, we cannot guarantee that we are now used in artificial sand gravel aggregate, but in large project configuration is in the important position of the key, the sand washing machine and new sand making machine, with plastic in one, is finely various hardness of various minerals and the rock high hardness materials finely homework, can be said to be able to meet the various needs of users of daily production, the first half dry sand process in wet and dry sand foundation, in addition equipped with environmental protection type of aggregate processing system, and better recovery and disposal of construction waste water system, control of fineness modulus of sand and the moisture content of sand, can obtain high stone powder content, and to simplify the process of the system, reduce the operation cost. Aggregate grain shape and production of new sand making machine is excellent, used for high speed railway construction are highly recognized by the.

Sand washing machine with advanced technology, combined with the actual situation of domestic sand industry developed efficient sand washing equipment, sand washing machine has washed height, reasonable structure, high output, less wastage sand sand washing machine washing sand process, especially the transmission parts with water, sand isolation, so the the failure rate is lower than the currently used sand washing machine, sand washing machine is the best choice for domestic washing sand industry upgrading. Sand washing machine in the whole sand process, make the sand making skills improve, can obviously is the aggregate quality progress once the new level. In the future, artificial sand quality will be increasingly improved, will sand washing machine has a more broad space for development.

Is each enterprise users should do for the mechanical equipment maintenance work, and must be, because the service life of machinery and its running efficiency and the maintenance is in place for the daily maintenance of the Raymond mill, such as Raymond mill equipment in. Mainly to the maintenance work in a kind of explanation, namely the Raymond Mill powder lubrication maintenance.

As we all know, whether the Raymond mill is able to run smoothly or not, the running bearings on the fuselage play a key role. If the lubricity of bearings is not good enough, it will cause great friction between bearings and other components, and then will damage parts. Therefore, in order to avoid this phenomenon and ensure the smooth operation of Raymond mill, it is necessary for enterprise users to do well in the lubrication and maintenance work of the equipment. What are the specific lubrication ways? Small editor to do one by one for everyone to introduce, please see the following article:

Manual lubrication, the staff that need regular operation for each bearing Raymond Mill add lubricating oil, lubricating oil and regular replacement, the purpose is to let the lubricating oil deterioration reaction, need the attention of the staff is to add lubricating oil must be the amount of a good grasp, can not add too how, in order to avoid wasting, also can not add too little, so as not to affect the lubrication of bearings.

The use of the oil pool splash lubrication. First, the small gear of the rayon mill is immersed into the oil pool, and then the lubricating oil is lubricated to the large gear by the rotation of the pinion. This way of lubrication is widely used by many business users nowadays, because this lubrication maintenance not only saves time and effort, but also controls the amount of lubricants added.

Application of sand making machine

This product is widely used in various fields such as ore, cement, refractories, bauxite clinker, diamond and glass raw materials. Sand maker can be widely used in hydropower, highway, construction, cement, metal mines and other industries crushing operations, product grain shape of a cube, low content of needle like particles, the mechanism of building sand, stone and various metallurgical slag crushing is more widely used, compared with other types of crusher production with high efficiency. It has the advantages of stable and reliable work, convenient maintenance and high sand making rate.

The working characteristics of  sand making machine

(1) the structure is simple and reasonable, and the operation cost is low.
(2) rock stone, hot stone, the use of a machine.
(3) high crushing rate and energy saving.
(4) it has the function of fine grinding and coarse grinding.
(5) not affected by the moisture of the material, both dry and wet.
(6) the work noise is less than 75 decibels (DB grade), and the dust pollution is less, reaching the national environmental protection requirements.
(7) it is suitable for hard and hard material in crushing.
(8) the product is a cube, the bulk density is large, and the iron pollution is very small.
(9) the impeller has small self lining wear and convenient maintenance.

High efficiency sand machine working characteristics

Sand making machine is the foundation of the company Engineering Department developed powder machine equipment experience in many years, the principle of fusion Barmac vertical shaft impact crusher, crushing equipment successfully developed. It is widely used in fine breaking of all kinds of ore, which has become the main equipment in sand making industry.

A class of construction waste crushing machine used for high-end sand sand or stone production equipment in the construction of high standard construction, more and more stringent requirements for the use of sand urging, traditional architectural construction waste crusher machine both in production technology, or in production efficiency are greatly promoted, so that the high standard of construction the reform and development to promote the construction of garbage crusher sand. Based on this, the following will be a simple introduction to the knowledge of building stone building garbage crusher.

A brief introduction to construction waste crusher

The mechanism of sand production line, the development of high-end building construction waste crusher mainly from the modern architecture of sand hardness is very high, if there is no efficient building garbage crusher production operation, so impossible to meet for the needs of sand stringent production building, so strict high standard of sand for building demand to promote the use of construction waste stone crusher to high-end development before construction, because the only way to improve the production efficiency to another level, to meet the market requirements for high efficiency.

Two. The advantages of construction waste crusher

1. in the aspect of sand making efficiency: under the same power, the output efficiency of building stone construction waste crusher is higher than that of the traditional sand making equipment of the same scale by 35% to 50%.

2. in the aspect of sand making effect: the sand and stone materials processed by building stone construction waste crushing mechanism sand are mostly cubic, with reasonable gradation and adjustable fineness modulus, which can meet the demanding production demand of building sand at present.

3. in terms of maintenance and maintenance, besides building observation doors outside the side door, the hydraulic stone opener is also used for building stone crushing crusher, which makes the repair and disassembly of the crushing chamber of construction waste crusher fast and convenient, shortening the downtime and saving time and labor.

4. the green environmental protection: the blast design changed the old version of construction waste crushing machine, using a unique air circulation system, in reducing exhaust volume at the same time, also can reduce construction waste crusher operation dust pollution leakage; in addition, can also take some auxiliary dust removal equipment, such as pulse dust collector so, in order to realize the green sand production operation.

construction waste crusher:  http://www.sandcrusher.net/solutions/

Ultrafine mill is the main equipment in the process of ultrafine grinding production line, which can be used to produce ultrafine grinding of various materials. The lime powder that we need to build house can be processed by ultrafine mill, even the flour that we usually can not do, and also can be processed with ultra fine grinding. But different types of Ultra Fine Mill have different uses: large ultra-fine grinding production line equipment, can be applied to mine ore, chemical milling production, small ultrafine mill equipment can be used for family life, such as grinding machine, etc..

There are many ultrafine grinding mills, and there are many kinds of super fine grinding mills. For example, T130X strengthens ultrafine grinding and SCM ultrafine mill, etc. each model has different properties and range of trial, but it is used for ultrafine grinding.

Under the premise of ensuring the granularity, the ultra fine grinding mill has been striving for the stability of the equipment, which has greatly improved from the size, structure and production efficiency, and the control of the particle size range is more handy.

The mill also takes full account of the relationship between investment and revenue, and gives full play to the role of ultra-fine grinding production line, ensuring the smoothness and stability of the ultra fine grinding process.

Ultrafine grinding equipment within the host set of crushing, grading, wind room as a whole, the materials in the crushing and grinding by the indoor grading room strictly, fineness is not up to the standard will not pass the grading room and in the crushing chamber to grinding fineness know meet the requirements, through the grading room after entering the indoor air chamber, since the wind power generated by the introduction of materials cyclone powder collector storage. The air pressure is removed from the dust bag through the exhaust machine, and the whole pipe sealing operation has no dust pollution.

According to the current digital revolution of the sand maker machine , the whole mining industry will concentrate on the improvements of developing new technology and new machines. To improve the product quality as well as to reduce the production cost will be the concern for most manufacturers and our responsibility to make full use of the resources and save as much energy as possible. Only by making much efforts form many aspects can the mining industry increase the competitiveness.

As the global mining industry gets rid of the economic crisis, the Chinese mining machinery enterprises start to increase the investment capital for the technology creation and technological upgrading and they also pay attention to the digital revolution of the sand making equipment.

Our company has spent many years in doing research and development on the technological innovation and management. To find out the future development trend of the domestic mining industry and guide the whole industry to move forward have become the main problem and focus of the mining machinery enterprises. Through years’ trial and error, our company invents the new type of sand making equipment or sand maker adopted the advanced hydraulic pressure system. The machine has features of simple operation steps and high working efficiency.

The new sand maker’s appearance has made the domestic customers have more access to realize the perfect processing of the sand materials. It is popularly used for the aggregate formation of highway and railway construction and also plays a core role in the industries of mining shaping, sand making and crushing.



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