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HP is the world famous brand for the printer, laptop, computer and other similar products. More than millions of people purchase HP printer for their personal or professional use. If you have newly purchased HP printer and want to install it on your computer. It may be a tough task for you because of its advanced technology. But you don’t need to take tension, just read this blog carefully and follow the instructions. But if it seems you have doubt. Then to install HP printer you can ring HP Printer Customer Service. On this toll-free number, you can ask the customer care team for help. With the help of trained customer care executives, you will find a complete solution for your HP printer issues.


Steps to install HP printer:-


When you have to Install the HP Printer then you can follow these steps one by one.


Click to the start menu and select the settings.

Now click on “Change PC settings from the options.

Click on option “PC and devices” and after that click on “Devices.”

If your HP printer is installed then, it will show under “Printers.”

Now if you found that your HP printer is not listed, click on “Add a device.”

Select your HP printer model.

Click to install it.

After installation of the printer on your computer you should send a test command. If you are able to print documents by using your HP printer then you can continue your work. But if not try again to install it. You can also get experts to help with printer installation.


After all, if you get confused and want assistance from the technical team then you can contact on HP Printer Technical Support. This is a number where you will find a complete solution for all printer’s hitches. The service of the customer care team is always available for every single user of HP products. When experienced and skilled technicians are ready to resolve your printer hiccups then you should stop worrying.


Source URL: - https://www.technicalsupporttollfree.com/how-to-install-hp-printer-on-computer/

HP Printer Support Number



HP Printer is a renowned brand known for printing high-quality images and documents. These printers are so efficient that people are using it for their personal and professional work. But there are some errors also which can occur while using this high-tech printer. One such frustrating issue is HP Printer is printing a blank page.  After giving the print command the output is a blank page that looks like a fresh page which is taken out of the realm just now. To rectify this issue timely you need to dial HP Printer Customer Care Number that stays accessible 24×7. The tech support professional are embellished with a year of experience in resolving all technical and non-technical problem of HP Printers.


Troubleshooting Tips To Fix HP Printer Printing Blank Pages


The reasons which might cause a blank page issue are print head or cartridge problem or incorrect size of paper. So as to fix this issue users need to follow the steps given below:


Check the ink level of the cartridge: With the help of the Estimated Ink Level, option uses can check the level of ink in their cartridge. Replace the cartridge if the ink level is too low or empty.


Clean the print head: If the print head of your HP Printer is clogged then try to run automated tool present in the settings option of your printer for cleaning the print head.


Verify the paper size: Choose the paper size accordingly in the page setup option of your HP Printer settings.


Replace faulty cartridge: Make sure the cartridge of your printer is in good condition if it does not then replace it and install the new cartridge carefully.


Other issues: Check that your printer is receiving the correct power supply. Verify if the printer is updated with the latest version of driver or not


The main cause of blank page is the problem with your printer cartridge or toner. So you should be careful while finding the actual problem and then according to implementing the fixture. If you are having trouble executing the steps on your own then try to take help from tech support executives via HP Printer Customer Support Number. The best and reliable service of tech engineers can be availed anytime during the day and night.



Source URL: - https://www.technicalsupporttollfree.com/hp-printer-is-printing-blank-pages/

HP Printer Tech Support



It is quite normal with the users of HP Printer to encounter glitches and setup and configuration of Airprint is one of them. Airprint is an application which is used in Mac devices so that the users can connect their IOS devices to the HP devices wirelessly. In order to print anything, it is very necessary to setup & configures the Airprint with your copier. But there are times when it does not comply with the HP Gadgets, in such case you need to get in touch with HP Printer Customer Service, where the technical assistance will help you find a perfect solution for the issue.


You must make sure to install the AirPrint in an appropriate manner otherwise it might cause some troubles later at the time of printing and connect with the devices. With the help of given troubleshooting steps, you can get the issue rectified without any hassle.


Setting up & configuring Airprint on HP Printer


At first, you need to ensure that you have the updated HP printer because the old versions are not compatible with the AirPrint

Connect your printer with a stable as well as high-speed Wi-Fi network and then connect your Apple device on the same network

Go to the official website of HP and download the latest Printer firmware for your Mac

Select the firmware option and start the update. Once the firmware gets downloaded, turn the printing machine off and then turn it on again.

Go to the networking section in your Apple device and select ‘wireless direct setup’ and then change the name of the Airprint

Enter the name in the ‘Name (SSID) Section and then type a name for your printer which is to be used with the printing application and then tap on apply


Then, configure the printing application with your printing machine


In case you need any kind of assistance at the time of set up and configuring Airprint then you can reach out to HP printer Technical Support for further guidance from the professional technicians who will guide you in resolving the issue in best possible manner, taking your least minimum time.




Source URL : - https://www.technicalsupporttollfree.com/how-to-setup-configure-airprint-on-hp-printer/

HP Printer Customer Support Phone Number


HP Printer is the outstanding printer available among all the others brands of printer. The reasons which are responsible for the immense popularity is its enhanced and latest properties, services and features. This printer has found its location in the home, offices, hospitals, colleges and many more sectors for personal as well as professional use. While using this high-tech printer user sometimes confront faults which can affect the quality of this printer. To get flaws completely removed you must interact with professionals via HP Printer Tech Support accessible throughout the day around the year.


HP Printer error 0xc19a0035 is one very common issue that can arise in an independent head cartridge. The printer with the head cartridge is new in the market. It includes a head which unites 4 ink cartridge. But users are facing issue while


How to solve Printer error 0xc19a0035


In order to execute the troubleshooting steps to rectify the HP printer error 0xc19a0035 users need to turn off their printer and unplug all the connected cables and then begin the quick fix:


Open the front of your printer

And then open the part that will give access of the printer’s cartridge

Try removing the ink cartridges head

Clean the connector on the lower part of the ink cartridge with a napkin or decent cloth using isopropyl alcohol

Double check to clean the cartridge carefully and then place it properly in its respective position

After the completion of this cleaning process you need to reset the printer by following the correct sequence given in this blog:


Make sure power cord is unplugged

After 30 second press the button of # and 3 given in the front of your printer

While pressing these button to try to connect the power cables again

At the time of turning on the printer release these buttons

Now your printer is ready to use again



Even if after applying this fixture your printer is still not able to print properly then you must call HP Printer Customer Service where you will get an answer to your every question. The technical team will eradicate all the hindrances and issues confronted by you in minimum possible time. The support team is available all time for their valued customers as and when an error occurs.


Source URL: - https://www.technicalsupporttollfree.com/how-to-fix-hp-printer-error-code-0xc19a0035/




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