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In order to ensure people's health and environmental protection, energy conservation, the world attaches great importance to the development and use of environmentally friendly building materials, promote the use of pollution-free or low-pollution products, the implementation of environmental labeling system, Construction waste crusher become one of the important projects, At present, China's construction waste to the final disposal of the main backfill. Most of the construction waste is transported directly to the countryside or to the countryside without any treatment, and is handled by open pit or landfill. Domestic construction waste harmless, reduction and resource management level is far lower than the developed countries. But with the fog haze days in the country rampant, as one of the pollution sources of construction waste gradually get people's attention, at present, more and more people concerned about the construction waste recycling, for the construction of garbage crusher equipment technology upgrade is also more Concerned about the technical level of construction waste equipment is directly related to the availability of recycling, in the second for the benefit of mankind rather than become a source of pollution. For investment in construction waste disposal industry, investors are concerned about more or construction waste equipment itself, the cost of investment and the latter part of the benefits. Under normal circumstances Construction waste crusher can be based on different crusher equipment with its role and name is also slightly different. Jaw crusher, we often used for coarse crushing, composed of jaw crusher crusher, called jaw mobile crusher, also used for coarse crushing. Of course, and counterattack crusher with, called the fight-type mobile crusher, for the material of the coarse and broken in the main. And cone crusher with the cone is a mobile crusher, and its main used in the broken and crushed. Under normal circumstances, we are common is the three kinds of construction waste crusher equipment.
Mechanical automation began in the last century, and China also began to enter the eighties and nineties of the last century, automation, but in the domestic mining machinery industry, automation technology naturally smaller than foreign companies, but also with the development of science and technology occurred Great change. ultrafine milling machine as a new type of ore milling equipment, in recent years the development also has a huge change and progress, especially ultrafine mill automation, not only to improve the production efficiency, but also for the majority The user has brought a lot of convenience. Ultrafine milling machine automation is mainly reflected in the following aspects: ultrafine milling machine for ore production, the machine bearings and other accessories need to be timely lubrication, in some of the previous products, most of the manual lubrication is used, and Most of the current equipment is the use of automatic thin oil lubrication, through the installation of lubrication stations to complete; In addition, the current production line of the introduction of advanced milling control system, through this system, customers can control the production at any time in the control room And whether the control room can be connected to some of the indicators installed on the machine, the customer can determine whether the machine is operating normally or not by observing the changes in the indicators on the indicator to make a decision to continue production or stop maintenance checks. Automation in the domestic mining machinery industry is considered more advanced technology, but in the twenty-first century this information society, only automation is not enough, but the need to intelligent development, as smart phones, intelligent robots. ultrafine mill and its production line of intelligent should be the liberation of the labor force as the main goal, and through intelligent technology to check the production line of the damage to the machine and the reasons for damage, good for machine maintenance to facilitate, but also timely prediction of the machine Of the fault, so that customers do a good job protection work to extend the life of the machine. Automation is a major improvement in ore milling equipment, but automation is not our ultimate goal, in the future development of the road will encounter more opportunities and challenges. Shanghai SBM will strive to flourish equipment research and development and production for the majority of users bring more advanced equipment and a better user experience.
Gypsum, always has vital application value in industrial production. The emerging of Raymond mill can tremendously promote the resource utilization rate for gypsum and realize new industrial value. Shanghai SBM gypsum raymond mill has advantages and features that traditional grinding mill can not compare with. Its output has increased 40% than traditional Raymond mill, electricity consumption can save over 30%, it is the optimized equipment to process gypsum. With the economy development, the gypsum application can be greatly popularized, as the leader in powder making processing industry, Shanghai SBM has acutely captured market counsel and launched qualified gypsum Raymond mill and has made great contribution for industry. The R&D for gypsum Raymond mill is on the basis of multiple experience accumulation. The raymond mill has combined multiple patents and advanced technique and configuration. It has increased gypsum application value with good quality and powder making configuration. In the new manufacturing times, Shanghai SBM has high-end standard and promote a broader market future in non-mental ores such as gypsum with moh’s hardness under seven. The gypsum Raymond mill from SBM is high efficient and energy saving, with environmental dust collecting rate over 99%, it has break the processing bottleneck in output and energy-consumption, it is the necessary grinding mill equipment in this modern industrial times. Welcome to inquiry us.
How to minimize the cost, the lowest cost, the smallest energy consumption, access to the best technical indicators and economic benefits, has been the core of the process of ore dressing. A gold ore crusher concentrator by changing the ore mining program and the transformation of the broken process, the improved effect is very significant, the scale of production from 100t / d to 550t / d. The following is a brief description of the plant's crushing process. Mining object Gold ore is a large rock and gold deposit, gold reserves of 27t, the average grade of 3.34g / t, from the open slum (17t) and the pit rich ore (10t) composition. Before the transformation of the situation 1, mining program: the deposit of a certain section of the pit mining rich ore, the average ore grade 14.24g / t. 2, broken process: the use of two semi-closed-circuit crushing process, the maximum particle size of 350mm, the final product size of 15 ~ 18mm, that is, after the coarse ore into the coarse, the pre-screening screening, the first layer of sieve products into the broken; Intermediate products and in the broken row of ore into the crushing, and the formation of closed circuit; the second layer of the product under the broken product. 3, equipment and facilities: PEF400 × 600 jaw crusher 1 (rough), PEX150 × 750 jaw crusher 1 (broken), PYZ? 900 cone crusher 1 (crushing), SZZ ₂1250 × 2500 custom center Vibration sieve 1; the main auxiliary equipment 980 × 1240 trough to a mine, B = 500 belt conveyor 3 and so on. 4, the structure is: coarse broken plant (9m × 12m × 9m), in the broken and screening room (6m × 6m × 10m). 5, gold recovery process: the use of heavy - floating - tailings zinc cyanide powder replacement gold together process. After several years of production, a large number of pit mine to reduce the mine, gold ore crusher fell significantly, the economic benefits of landslides, but a large number of open-air lean ore remains intact, the advantages of large resources has not yet played. According to the above situation, it is necessary to carry out the overall technological transformation of the existing enterprises, the scale of operation, open-air and pits simultaneously, rich and poor, make full use of mineral resources to achieve more gold and improve the economic efficiency of enterprises.
Ultrafine mill can be processed a lot of materials, with ultrafine mill to process the finished fineness of ore, customers and manufacturers are most concerned about the problem, most of the customers have a certain degree of fineness of the product has a demand, For the emergence of some of the ore market materials on the processing of the fineness of the material requirements are very strict, ultra-fine milling machine processing ore fineness of the factors that are the most important factor? The fineness of the ultrafine mill is affected by many factors in the processing. To improve the fineness of the mill, it is necessary to first understand the main factors that affect the ultrafine mill, and then from the source The size of the ore itself, the size of the size of the broken grain size, the size of the ore, the size of the grid sieve mesh adjustment, ultrafine mill liner, ultrafine mill model selection, grading blade wear and other aspects The degree of wear, ultrafine grinding speed of the size of the ultra-fine milling machine spindle height, ultrafine mill the size of the water supply, the level of the mouth of the amount of flushing water will have a certain impact on the ultrafine mill. In order to improve the production of SCM ultrafine mill, the most important thing is based on ultrafine mill in the processing of the problems encountered in the further analysis to understand the main factors affecting the fineness of processing, so as to in the future production and processing more Layer to grasp, so as to improve the production process of production efficiency, to ensure the smooth production of milling. ultrafine mill to ensure that the fineness and production of grinding at the same time, but also to ensure the quality of the product, so in the milling process of production, it is more important to pay attention to the maintenance and maintenance of ultrafine mill, Fine grinding in the production of a better performance, so users in the use of ultrafine mill at the same time, pay attention to maintenance and maintenance, in order to make fine powder grinding better development.
Shanghai SBM as a professional sand making machine manufacturers, in the sale of the sand making machine equipment will be followed by the installation of workers to carry out on-site installation and commissioning, waiting for debugging after no problem will be assured to allow customers to use, SBM sand making machine is widely Used in mining, building materials, road laying and other industries, a wide range of applications, customers by the majority of industry customers of all ages, then the sand making machine equipment which is the best? Shanghai SBM sanding machinery and equipment with excellent technology, advanced technology, coupled with good after-sales service, can be described as the leader in sand making machinery, SBM new sand making machine still need your good maintenance can be long-term and efficient Work, in the mechanical equipment before the first start to check to see if the various parts of the mechanical equipment is intact, after the start of the operation in accordance with the normal operating rules to operate, so as to avoid improper operation caused by machine failure, often to the machine Lubricants are also very necessary, it can help the machine work better. Shanghai SBM professional quality enough to promote their production of first-class sand making machine, of course, no matter how good equipment also need careful care to be able to work health, Shanghai SBM has been constantly improve their own requirements for the community to provide better equipment, but also hope The majority of customers can carefully to maintain, to maintain our sand making machinery.
Urban construction waste is relative to domestic waste, is a bulk waste, accounting for about 30% to 40% of the total amount of garbage. It is generated in the building when the new and disintegration of a large number of concrete waste blocks, waste brick, building parts residue and sludge debris, etc., is the need to clean up from the garbage. The so-called construction waste: 1, all the waste generated when the building, including: reinforced concrete, waste sintered brick, new material brick, the waste inside / outside the decorative materials (stone, tiles / broken), mortar 2, the new building when the scattered mortar, concrete, slotted when the dregs, the construction process of damage to building materials, the inner and outer materials, Outside the trim trim and so on. Domestic construction waste crusher is generally faced with the problem of dust pollution is serious, the operation of workers in the process of breaking the construction waste had a full set of closed armed to close to the construction waste crusher site, dust problems, whether fixed, mobile or crawler construction waste Processing and production lines are present, even from the introduction of foreign construction waste crushing equipment, dust pollution still exists, dust pollution has become a serious bottleneck in the development of China's construction waste crusher. To this end, our company to study a number of foreign environmental projects, and in the major exhibitions to obtain a new breakthrough, the introduction of dust-free construction waste crusher system. No dust construction waste crusher system in the construction waste is broken or screening process will not appear dust pollution, the operator can simply take a mask can not even wear a mask operation equipment, there may be a lot of customer questions Why other manufacturers of equipment dust and you say no, the real reason is that we will be the world's leading dust suppression system solutions into the development of the DPF mobile crushing station, fixed construction waste crusher, crawler mobile crushing station In the system, the construction waste in the feed and outlet are equipped with advanced dust suppression device. Seemingly a small step in the progress of construction waste crushing equipment, but it is China's construction waste crusher field of a revolutionary change in the treatment, we in the construction waste treatment equipment, dust and dust really settled, the world's first dust-free building Waste disposal system.
Introduction of jaw crusher Jaw crusher can be broken on many kinds of materials, and crushing effect can reach the user most satisfied with the degree, it is the field of mine the highest application rate of a crushing equipment, its outstanding advantage is the largest crushing ratio, the operation is more simple, work No noise, energy saving and environmental protection, which is the user to buy the equipment to carry out the main performance of the task of breaking the user in the purchase of its process, in addition to concerned about its advantages, its production production is particularly high degree of attention, the general gold ore crusher It is easier to wait until the user's unanimous favor, and for the user to create the benefits will be more, then how high jaw crusher production? This article elaborates the problem in detail. The influencing factors of jaw crusher production Different equipment is its output is not the same, which factors will affect the jaw crusher production? Here we elaborate on: 1, hardware configuration The higher the production capacity of the equipment is higher, then its efficiency will be higher, so the equipment production and production capacity will be higher, so the hardware configuration and production has a close, direct contact, SBM machine in the development of equipment Process, this was carefully designed, so our jaw crusher integrated configuration is quite high, so the output can meet the user's expectations of the application standards. 2, the motor model Motor (motor) is the core of the jaw crusher, so it also has a considerable impact on the production of the equipment, especially the difference between the models, different models, then its production capacity will be different, so the work efficiency It will be uneven, and ultimately make it a high and low yield, so a reasonable choice of motor production is to improve production capacity of the most effective and most direct way, so users in the purchase of the equipment, we must also attach great importance to this. 3, energy consumption situation High energy jaw crusher production will be higher, which is beyond doubt, in general, the greater the power of the device, then its energy consumption will be higher, but this equipment is not conducive to the implementation of energy saving and environmental protection, And the noise will be too large, SBM machines are also deeply aware of the relationship between the factors and the output, so the equipment manufacturing process, the energy consumption and production of an effective measure, and ultimately to its production and power consumption are To meet the user's most satisfied with the standard. 4, other factors In addition to the above factors will have a serious impact on the production of equipment production, the equipment inlet, outlet, running status, performance will also affect the production, so the user in the purchase of gold ore crusher process should be According to their actual situation to a reasonable choice of equipment, the only way to make the equipment for the full use of the user, but also can play a greater production potential. SBM jaw crusher the highest yield SBM machine is the domestic first-class jaw crusher manufacturers, through continuous comparison found: SBM machine equipment, the highest output, because we are responsible for the user, the equipment is responsible for the equipment to play a huge production efficiency is our constant pursuit, Our equipment marketing world more than 30 countries and regions at home and abroad, foreign users have also given the SBM machine quite high evaluation and praise, and we have established a long-term cooperation and development agreement, from the equipment sales can be sufficient Reflects the popularity of SBM equipment, which is the main internal performance of SBM equipment sales, popular.
The role of Raymond's dust bag is to filter dust or to control the air flow. It is not a wearable part in the raymond mill system. However, the dust bag is worn during use, so it also has a service life. Raymond Mill dust bag used as follows: 1. When the material is crushed by Raymond Mill, the resulting dust flow and friction are strong, will directly wear dust bag, reduce service life. In the common dust, aluminum powder, silicon powder, coke powder, charcoal powder, sintered ore powder and other high-loss dust, Raymond machine users should choose a good wear resistance of the filter fabric. According to the experience, the wear parts of the dust bag are concentrated in the lower part of the dust bag, because the upper air flow rate of the dust bag is low and the dust concentration in the gas is low, so the wear probability is relatively low. 2. Sometimes the dust on the dust bag will also be burned and burned out of the dust bag. Dust burning is usually caused by friction spark or explosion sparks, static sparks, hot particles, etc., which charge the greatest harm. This is because the chemical fiber filter is usually easy to charge, if the dust at the same time charge is easy to produce sparks, so for flammable and easy charge of dust, etc., should choose flame retardant filter and conductive filter. 3. When the weather is humid and the moisture content in the air is high, the powder on the dust bag is easily reunited with small water molecules, and it takes a long time to accumulate. The dust bag can not be ventilated. It will be under the action of air pressure was broken. So, every day after the repair of the mechanical parts of raymond mill, but also need to beat the dust bag with a stick, so that the powder accumulated in the dust bag off to extend the life of dust bag.
Customers with fine E broken + river pebble sanding machine + vibrating screen process, the river pebbles for sand, when the production of an hour between 10-15 tons, the material size requirements in the 3mm below the current equipment has been installed successfully, 3mm below the finished product rate of more than 85%, equipment, stable operation! The material after the broken broken broken, 4cm from the conveyor, transported by the conveyor to the sand making machine, according to the customer's material requirements, river pebble sand machine to adjust the speed of 960r / min, 3mm below the finished product accounted for 85%, the finished product was cube, in line with the customer for the mixing station with the sand standard, is currently and customers to discuss the production of 100 tons of sand making machine project.
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