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We all know that machinery and equipment such as sand making machine generate a lot of noise when they are working. Noise pollution is also a kind of environmental pollution. Noise not only plagues workers in frontline production but also affects the daily life of the surrounding residents. So how to effectively reduce the production process of sand making noise problems, is to lift you from the following aspects: 1, sand production process in the high-pressure, high-speed airflow by reducing the pressure drop and reduce the flow rate, or change the shape of the airflow nozzle to indirectly reduce the noise. 2. Controlling the use of additional barriers to prevent the spread of noise in the production line of sand making use of barriers such as earth slopes, woods, bushes or tall buildings that are not afraid of noise, preventing the spread of sound. The sand production line uses the directivity of the sound source to control the noise, such as venting the exhaust towards the wilderness or sky to reduce the impact on the surrounding environment. 3, the entire production line to take sand muffler, sound absorption, sound insulation, vibration isolation, vibration and other measures to reduce the noise from the source and transmission of noise. 4, the noise of the recipient's protection: take workers rotation homework, shorten the workers into the high noise environment working hours. Personal protection of workers, such as wearing headphones, ear plugs and other anti-noise supplies. 5, sand making daily maintenance, regularly check whether the parts are loose, aging, etc., to reduce the failure rate of sand making machine, and effectively reduce the noise due to equipment failure aging. Such as: sand work on the belt tensioning belt size should be properly adjusted so that the triangular belt force balance, dual motor drive, the triangular tape on both sides should be grouped matching, try to make the length of both sides consistent.
Sand making machine is widely used as a kind of mechanism sand equipment, which integrates sand making machine and plastic shaping, and has wide range of applications. It is especially suitable for aggregate sand production of various rocks in mine crushing. The rotor as a sand making machine "heart", the daily use of the need for regular maintenance and care. Heavy industry is summed up several factors affecting the sand making machine rotor and maintenance methods: 1, A direct factor of rotor damage is the loosening of the locating screw of the rotor core and the base of the sand making machine. To solve this problem, only the fastening bolts need to be fastened for routine inspection and maintenance. If it is found that the screw is missing, a tightening should be added. 2, sand making machine bearing on the rotor. Bearings and rotors are complementary, the bearing damage will directly affect the rotor's work, so if the bearings have problems immediately repair or replacement, so as to avoid greater losses. 3, the rotor rusty problem. We know iron is rusty, but we can do something to a lesser extent to reduce the frequency of rusting and increase rotor life. A good way to avoid rusting the rotor is to apply a layer of insulating varnish to the sand making machine. If it is found that the rusting area is sanded with sandpaper as soon as possible, the problem is small and needs to be polished in time. The rotor is a core part of the sand making machine and needs special attention. In order to make the sand making machine play its performance better, pay special attention to the daily maintenance and maintenance of the sand making machine equipment, so that the regular inspection, the damage of the damaged small parts should be promptly replaced, promptly handled, Production efficiency, prolong the service life of sand making machine.
Crusher market is not very booming now, the main reason is because our products are not new enough, not innovative. China's economy has always relied on exports, investment and consumption, especially investment, counterattacking the disintegration of construction waste crusher. Therefore, China's economy has been slowly facing a downturn. Foreign markets are getting bigger and bigger. First of all, we should actively respond to the development needs of our products and have a follow-up service to society and the market. This is also the future development of the crusher in the future. And then, our fine crusher manufacturers should unite as one, eliminate the outsourcing of products, give full play to their own advantages and conditions, and properly manufacture and manufacture all the crusher. Let our economy grow stronger. Now our crusher market is big but not strong. Find the cause should be completely radical. In the future development. Fine work with the hardness of the material, let our country grow stronger economy, such as artificial sand, raw materials of quartz glass raw materials processing, stone stone cement clinker production and other various mines, gravel plants, construction waste crusher, Metallurgical powder is not, the new building materials, refractory materials used in various sectors of the stone hardness. Material or powder material, can be adjusted according to the fineness of the material's use, especially in a variety of not! And recommended for many years of research and development of new machines for domestic and foreign customers with a series of new and highly efficient performance. And in the relevant production and delivery staff arrangements, Energy-saving sand making equipment, using efficient advanced counterattack-style principle, the material processing processed into particles below 5mm!
Winter Raymond mill maintenance precautions: Yesterday, the beginning of winter, in this cold winter we should pay attention to warm clothes! The maintenance of a large raymond mill in the cold winter is also important and takes longer than in summer because the cement is completely solidified after the foundation has been treated. 1, the first winter roll assembly and some other parts of the refueling should be replaced by butter for winter, so that in the cold winter butter is not easy to freeze. 2, Second, when the boot can be preheated for 5 minutes, and then start feeding production. When the first open analysis machine boot, and then open the last fan to open the host. 3, in the winter monsoon is relatively large, outdoor dusting bag Raymond mill must be tight, do not loose, bag once a day beating, keep breathable. Bag is not breathable, Raymond mill is no production. Raymond mill plus use roller grinding, the principle of wind selection crushed material, so the use of wind is very crucial. The law of nature is to heat up cold shrinkage, this time Raymond mill screws can be tight again, the flange of the link must check the open seal is qualified to ensure that there is no place for gas leaks. In addition, some users will ask Raymond mill output will be higher than usual production, is not the principle of thermal expansion and contraction, the winter material is more brittle and easier to process it? My company's Raymond mill engineer said the winter Raymond mill boot maintenance should pay more attention than in summer, especially Raymond mill in the outdoor processing of materials users should pay attention to Raymond mill maintenance, butter is best to use Winter-specific, general butter winter is not easy to get into, the roller assembly will wear more powerful.
Vertical roller mill (referred to as vertical mill) and raymond mill grinding mechanism similar to all belong to the rolling crush, which is destined to produce less than the amount of fine powder per unit time. As the roller pressure is used hydraulic method, the roller pressure roller material greater, so the grinding efficiency is much better than the Raymond mill. Initially, vertical mill are two roller structure, mainly used for the production of 400 meals the following meal. In order to improve the content of fine powder per unit time, three-roll vertical mill was developed later, and the content of fine powder has been greatly improved, but generally, the products below 1000 heads are still mainly produced. Later, some people on the upper classifier has been transformed, can be directly produced 1250 mesh powder. The use of the raymond mill out of the 600 head -1000 head products, the other with ultra-fine grading machine for second grading, can produce more than 1250 heads of products. At the same time, the equipment system investment cost is too high. Vertical mill R & D and production of high technical requirements, China's relevant research institutes in the 1980s proposed to vigorously promote the legislation in the cement industry legislation, and when there are some manufacturers have introduced their own vertical mill products. However, at the time of the limited research and development level, vertical mill products at this time had unavoidable technical defects. Therefore, many cement manufacturers finally switched to ball mill again. In recent years, with the R & D and development of milling machinery increased dramatically, vertical mill technology of foreign mill manufacturers has matured, vertical mill product technology advantages have become increasingly prominent. In this situation, the domestic manufacturers of milling machines to learn from the successful experience of foreign countries for major technological reforms, but also have re-launched with their own patented technology vertical mill products, and gradually accepted by the domestic cement, electric power, chemical industry , Become the preferred equipment grinding industry.
With the continuous development of infrastructure, the sales demand for sand made of cobblestones has been continuously raised in the sales market of machine-made sand. The sand making machine manufacturers --- SBM Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has continuously upgraded the R & D and manufacturing technologies and can not keep up with the demand for sand production Equipment was eliminated, the birth of a new generation of sand equipment, with higher performance and adapt to the higher strength of the working environment for the production of machinery and sand has brought vitality, a widely welcomed by the market equipment, which is always the product The law of replacement. As a leader in the domestic sand machine equipment machinery, SBM has a persistent pursuit of new technologies, since the very beginning of the establishment of passion for technology research and development, but also through the introduction of technology and independent innovation, and continuously improve the quality of sand making machinery , Improve its performance. In the sand production, my company's third-generation sand making machine, designed for low investment customers, for mining, chemical and other industries in the middle broken, if you want short-term efficient, the third generation sand making machine is the best s Choice.
At present, the most favored unit to deal with construction waste crusher & mdash; jaw crusher. High-end production of materials and advanced technology so that the European version of the broken jaw crushed ore in the road and bridge in the mine has a more obvious comparative advantage. This series of crushers is also one of the best-selling products of SBM Heavy Mining Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd., which has been at the absolute leading level at home and abroad. Suitable for crushing ore, rock and slag with compressive strength not higher than 280Mpa. It is mainly used for crushing and crushing all kinds of hard ore and rock in metallurgical, mining, chemical, cement, building, refractory and ceramic industries Wait. Especially for hard, corrosive materials broken, choose the most suitable European version of jaw crusher. SBM Heavy jaw crusher manufacturing process and other manufacturers of ordinary jaw crusher are very different, the crusher crusher for the song squeeze type, PE Series European version of jaw crusher has the following characteristics : 1, SBM use the most high-end production materials combined with the world's most advanced manufacturing technology to ensure high quality equipment and efficient. 2, on the basis of ordinary jaw crusher, give full consideration to the crushing principle of moving jaws, adopt more advanced moving jaw assembly to make it more durable. Moving jaw assembly using high-quality steel castings, and through two large cast steel flywheel drive. In addition, the heavy eccentric shaft is also used for processing forging billet, all of which make PE series jaw crusher with extraordinary reliability. 3, the bearing block with a cast steel structure. The integral steel housing ensures complete mating with the crushing frame and also greatly increases the radial strength of the housing, which is not the case with split housing. 4, using finite element analysis technology, crusher has a higher strength. 5, crushing chamber symmetrical "V" shaped structure, the actual feed port width and nominal feed width consistent. 6, the discharge port to adjust more efficient and convenient. European version of JC series jaw crusher equipped with wedge discharge port adjustment device, the device than the old gasket adjustment easier, safer and faster. 7, greater choice of bearing size, carrying capacity higher. All JC Series jaw crusher equipped with more than the same specifications crusher more durable and more eccentric shaft bearings, its higher carrying capacity and effective labyrinth seal so that the bearing life is greatly extended. 8, the latest adoption of the tooth-shaped shield, increasing the effective length of the jaw, the output is higher.
As we all know, handling gravel aggregate is a complicated project. Basically, this is done using machinery. Now that we are using Portable crusher plant has become our choice. 1, the current mobile crushing station from the practical point of view, as much as possible to eliminate the crushing site, the environment to bring the obstacles of crushing operations, to provide efficient and low cost operation. 2, fully integrated crushing equipment, screening equipment and transportation equipment and other equipment arranged in one or more vehicles, to achieve highly integrated and integrated production lines and improve efficiency. 3, mobile crushing station can solve the long-distance construction of concrete works in the remote parts of the construction, raw materials transported from the origin to the construction site to increase the cost of transportation. Mobile crushing station system is mobile, the design of each device not only to meet the production capacity, but also as compact as possible to meet the layout requirements, can be effective screening of stone warehousing, remove the mud and organic matter in the stone, increasing the system Productivity increases aggregate quality.
Nowadays, the process of urbanization in our country has entered a stage of rapid development. The massive renovation of urban villages has also prompted more and more high-rise buildings in the city to rise up. China's construction industry can be described as thriving, but the same day is the city facing the huge amount of construction waste generated every day. According to reliable statistics, the construction rubbish completely conforms to the product of recycling green economy, which can be effectively reflected by the professional crushing equipment, its recovery and economic and social double values. This specialized crushing plant, the mobile crushing plant for SBM machinery, can effectively crush construction waste. So what's wrong with these building rubbish crushing station after the treatment of construction waste, what is the recovery value? The brunt of the construction waste recycled aggregate, which is reflected in the value of construction waste recycling one. As in the new round of construction, aggregate, concrete are all the necessary building materials. However, there is a shortage of these infrastructure materials in the market. The aggregates produced by the construction waste crusher can solve the raw materials needed in the new construction. In addition, construction waste recycled brick, concrete, and some building high value-added products (such as thermal insulation materials, wall insulation around the wall, dry mortar), is also the main embodiment of the value of the construction waste recycling. The construction rubbish crusher station disposes the construction rubbish not only to the rubbish pollutes the environment, takes up the vacant land to carry on the effective eradication, but also contributes to the new round of project construction on the market to supply the insufficient basic raw material, therefore the mobile crushing plant produces the economic value, the social benefit , Have had a great positive effect on the development of local cities.
VSI new sand making machine, also called VSI impact sand making machine, is the most advanced artificial sand stone shaping equipment. Maintenance and maintenance is to sand making equipment to better work, delay the service life. So for the new VSI sand making machine, routine maintenance and repair need to pay attention to what the problem? Here we have to sail for your details. (1) Check the various parts of the impeller wearing parts and weeks shield is solid and reliable and wear and tear. (2) Check whether the screws connecting the motor frame and the main body are tight, whether the contact surface is firm and flat, whether the motor wheel and the main wheel are on the same line, and whether the degree of tightness of the transmission belt needs to be adjusted. (3) Each class to clean up the accumulation of material inside the crushing chamber in order to grasp all the circumstances inside the machine cavity. (4) Before starting the machine, check the lubrication station's operation status and fuel supply situation (Lubricating station refueling 35 # bearing oil, 46 # mechanical lubricating oil and 46 # wear-resistant hydraulic oil), and check whether the bearing cylinder oil seal is lack of lubricating grease. (5) Check the main components of the control cabinet is working (voltage. Insurance. AC contactor. Relays. PLC. Main switch. Indicators). (6) once a month to clean the filter, replace the lubricant six months. (7) Is the host running smoothly? Is the motor current overload abnormal?
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