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One of the things that many of you guys have been excited about when you have come hereto buy Old Runescape Gold is Dragon Slayer 2! Jagex has revealed that they are hoping to have this fully released on the 4th of January and we wanted to let you know how to make sure you are ready for it.

Dragon Slayer 2 is a grandmaster quest that Jagex is saying is going to be one of the hardest yet. We will find out a whole load of new lore about the dragons as well as visiting classic and new locations. Puzzles will be a huge part of it as will combat with some of the fiercest enemies we have ever seen. The entry requirements for this are pretty steep and to take part in Dragon Slayer II you will need to have done the following.

We suggest not putting these off until the last minute if Dragon Slater II is something you want to get in on as soon as it is released.Old School RuneScape Gold. Check this list and make sure you have completed all these quests.

Legends' Quest

Family Crest

Heroes' Quest

Shield of Arrav

Lost City

Merlin's Crystal

Dragon Slayer

Druidic Ritual

Dream Mentor

A Tail of Two Cats

Animal Magnetism

Ghosts Ahoy

Bone Voyage

Client associated with Kourend

You Are Not Allowed To Use Boosts For Levels

As you need to complete the missions above anyway (if you have not already) try and get these up while you go.RS Gold for Sale. If not look for a quick and easy guide for each one to make sure you are ready

75 Magic

70 Smithing

68 Mining

62 Crafting-

60 Agility

60 Thieving-

50 Construction

50 Hitpoints

We are sure there may be a couple of more requirements added in the coming weeks such as what equipment is best, any enemies you have to kill and so on. But for now, this is what we know for a fact has to be done before you can play Dragon Slayer II. Be sure to let us know your thoughts on Dragon Slayer II and buy runescape os gold while we have it on special offer!

RuneScape‘s latest patch has been released, fixing a long, long list of bugs.

For the list of graphical, interface and skills, Sell RS Gold to us,D&Ds and minigame changes, see below:


– Fixed an animation issue with crystal chimes.


– The Bank will now reliably remember the custom withdraw-x setting.

– The Bank will now reliably show the Beast of Burden withdraw option.

– Fixed an issue with bank tab separators appearing when searching for items.

: Fixed an issue when withdrawing a searched item temporarily displaying the item that was in the next bank slot.

– The scroll position in the bank is now reliably saved upon closing the bank screen.

~ Fixed an issue that was causing the bank total space to display incorrectly.

– Fixed a problem related to the interface transparency setting resetting itself.

, Fixed issues with the ribbon and ribbon setup interfaces when using the legacy UI skin.

– Fixed an issue with loading screens when entering certain areas such as clan citadels.

– The minigames tab no longer vanishes in legacy interface mode.

– The Metrics graph now shows data again.

: Survival outfit feet are now correctly displayed in the wardrobe interface.

Skills, Cheap RS 2007 Gold,D&Ds & Minigames

– The spikes in the middle of Kuradal’s dungeon has been removed.

– Kuradal has caught 2 more abyssal demons for your slaying pleasure.

– Off-hand weapons are actually dropped in Dungeoneering.

~ Black wool and balls of black wool have become tradeable.

– Black wool is no longer prioritised when selecting a recipe at a spinning wheel.

– A loom and spinning wheel have been added to New Varrock, in the slum buildings east of the Blue Moon Inn.

– Flax and sinew have replaced bow and crossbow strings on zombie drop tables in New Varrock, since they can now be made through skilling.

– Reggie in Fist of Guthix no longer talks about the metal gauntlets in his shop, since he no longer sells them.

– The actual increased chance of catching a Slayer monster’s soul using an ushabti has been changed from requiring 200m XP to requiring level 120 Slayer.

We recently watched a video about Falador Park which was once a very busy and active market in OSRS. It got us thinking about how much time we spent there and how many people came to us looking to buy Old School Runescape Gold so they could trade and work with people at Falador Market.

Falador Park was one of the bigger markets that have been in Old School Runescape. Cheap RS 2007 Gold.At its peak it was said that a few thousand people would be here at a time trading, buying and selling with other players. It was a very occupied place and Falador Park really exploded and for many gamers, it was the only place people would bother to go when it came to making deals with other participants.

It was the huge amount of space that Falador Park offered along with the fact it was right next to a bank. What is amazing is that this market pretty much took over the whole town. Things started off pretty good, but the scammers showed up and it really started to ruin it for everyone. Jagex added the Grand Exchange and this pretty much killed the need for everyone to have to meet up in the one place to trade.

These days,RS 2007 Gold, Falador Park is pretty much abandoned and to be honest what Jagex did with the game (The grand exchange) had been much, better, but many of us older Runescape players do have a bit of a soft spot for seeing Falador Park super crowded.

While all of us love Old School Runescape and of course Runescape three and love providing you with guys a very inexpensive place to buy inexpensive OSRS Gold. All of us also love to perform the game a ton ourself. Well, we lately saw a great movie online where a YouTuber was talking about a few of the biggest game busting glitches in Runescape that have caused the marketplace to fall to be able to its knees!OSRS Gold for Sale. This got us considering when things like this particular happen and how Jagex deal with it.

Among the market glitches that often pops into the mind is the Archer Ring issue in Runescape 3 where this pretty much just plummeted in value overnight! Things like this are usually going to happen within a game that has a marketplace like Runescape really does. It is pretty much inevitable, but it is pretty fascinating, funny and on numerous occasions, very annoying when it happens. We now have also heard lots of people cashing in or becoming effective by the cash pouch glitch wherever people were able to get maximum cash stacks within seconds thanks to having the ability to duplicate them.

Whenever things like this occur in either from the Runescape games, Sell RS Gold,you are able to bet your butt that this folks at Jagex will get to it as fast as possible. We can appreciate which they do this as they understand how important the market put in place Runescape is and also to be fair for you to us players whenever a glitch happens that people can take an unjust advantage of, many people in the neighborhood will give Jagex the heads up about it.

We might love to know in case you guys have have you been on the bad or good finish of Runescape market place glitch in the remarks section down below. Also generally be sure to check out each of our low priced Runescape Precious metal that is on offer at this time.

We know that not everyone is willing to pay the extra to be part of the Runescape Premier Club. However as well as letting you know about the fact you can buy Runescape Gold really cheaply at the moment, we also wanted to talk about the latest monthly that is part of Premier Club, The Vault.

It is our understanding that as of right now, Sell RS Gold to us,you do not actually have to be a Premier Club member to visit The Vault this month (November) but starting next month you will. So why the big fuss over this? Well because it is very easy to do. You just head to Varrock Grand Exchange, go through the portal and you have a minute to open as many chests as you can. There are three sizes of boxes. The smaller ones open quickly, medium ones take a little longer and the largest types take most of your time up. As you would expect the rewards get better as the chests get bigger.

So do you for all the little ones you can? Or should you just try and get one really good one? To be honest, there is no real right answer for this, but what we would advise is that you look for a cluster of chests. The actual less time you spend running from chest to chest the better as it gives you more time to open them.

We know which paying for a Premier Club membership is not something everyone wants to perform, Cheap RS 2007 Gold,but The Vault is something we think is pretty cool and a good way to get some great loot once a month for only a moment of your time. Thanks for reading and be sure to come to us if you want to for cheap!

Today we are having a little fun by looking at some of the hardest grinds in OSRS. You know, the ones that are not just hard, but feel like they take an age to do! So before you use our special offers to buy rs07 gold see what we think the hardest grinds in Old School Runescape are. Known to be one of, if not the best, Wilderness related money making methods. The Revenant Caves are filled with higher-levelled Wilderness monsters and an entirely new NPC, Revenants.RS 07 Gold for Sale. Alongside offering a great way to utilise Backwoods Slayer, you can expect to make an attractive amount of profit whilst training here!

An arena is located under the Champions Guild, you can only get in here if you have a Champions Scroll. To get a Champions Scroll though is brutal! Ten monsters drop these scrolls, monsters like imps, goblins, as well as skeletons. Pretty easy monsters, but the Champion Scroll will only drop 1 in 5000! So unless you get lucky, you can spend over a day… a whole day trying to get one. Your reward for this is just a cape, one of the rarest capes in the game, but is the effort really worth it? Of course , you could get lucky and the very first goblin you kill drops a scroll, but as the chances of that happening are 1 within 5000 it is not likely.

We have talked a lot about The Inferno here on the site. Many of us will never be able to do The Inferno. It is not based on luck, it is based on pure skill and you could argue that Jagex only created this for the best of the best. It is a great idea, but it is also the hardest thing to do in the whole of OSRS. Many players never even make it to the last round and as of right now not even 500 people have The Dolore Cape! Unlike The Champions Challenge, at least The Inferno is not boring, but man is it tough!

What are the hardest grinds inside OSRS in your opinion? Sell RS Gold.Let us know in the comments below and be sure to buy OS RS Gold and take advantage of any special deals we have to get more gold for your buck! The actual caves are multi-way combat throughout, apart the entrances and a small area within. You'll find many high-level shortcuts and escapes routes though, providing helpful ways with regard to players to slip out of reach should they find themselves in a difficult situation. The lowest required Agility level for the shortcuts is 65, with the highest Agility level required 89.

An option to adjust your stats, similar to the Tournament Worlds. This option would mean that the odds stakers lose their advantage, and we keep the Duel Arena open. A trade weighting limit on stakes which would prevent one side being heavily weighted over the other. This again is with the intention of stopping odds stakers. It would work akin to the actual trade limit associated with old. You can stake as much as you'd like, but your opponent has to risk an amount which is within a certain range of your own stake.

Zhongji Holding has bought the UK company's original acquirers, with more acquisitions promised

Update: Jagex is now at the core of a new publicly-listed Chinese company, Zhongji Holding, which has pledged to make further acquisitions as it expands its presence in the games industry.

Zhongji Holding was listed on the Chinese Stock Market this week,RS Gold for Sale, and subsequently bought 51% of Hongtou, the unnamed investor that acquired Jagex back in July. A statement released today described Hongtou's acquisition of Jagex as the “first step” in a grander plan, of which the creation as well as listing of Zhongji Keeping is another. Zhongji will buy the remaining 49% of Hongtou within the next 12 months.

“The process of building up Jagex to bring about an initial acquisition and then taking it forward on a path that sees this taking centre stage in a new public gaming-focused company listed in China, can only be viewed as remarkable, ” said Jagex CEO Rod Cousens within a statement. “It is only now that the plans are starting to take shape for all to see. ”

Zhongji Having is part of a more established organisation, Shanghai Zhongji Enterprise Group, which also owns Shandong Hongda Mining. Jagex, which earned $36. 1 million in post-tax profit last year, marks the entry into the video games business, and “significant resources” will be invested in expansion and purchases going forward.

“Zhongji Possessing has great ambition in the gaming space and Jagex is at the forefront associated with its charge, ” Cousens continued. “While an integral part of Zhongji Holding's plans, Jagex's operations remain unchanged and its business as usual for our games, players and also our employees. ”

Jagex is planning open a new office in London, the second after its Cambridge headquarters.

Original Story: Cambridge, UK-based Jagex, known for the MMO RuneScape, is now controlled by a group of Chinese investors, the developer confirmed today. The purchase is with "immediate effect" and a new Board of Directors has been formed, ultimatley creating "a dedicated, highly focused Chinese-owned online games company within a newly created structure of a highly respected along with well established local organisation, which is committing significant resources to the new entity. "

Jagex, which employs over 320 people in Cambridge and has seen its RuneScape monthly players "number in the multi-millions, " said that this deal offers "propelled [it] into a brand new investment cycle to charge forward with growth projects for RuneScape and its franchise extensions, while seeking out additional Mergers in addition to Acquisitions opportunities to ramp up its presence in the gaming area. "

Jagex TOP DOG Rod Cousens commented, RS 07 Gold for Sale,"Having visibility within China, which is now the biggest gaming market in the world, the new entity is a compelling plus attractive proposition with regard to western businesses seeking to broaden their reach in a fast-rising, rapid growth region. It will enable them to tap into a creative and development talent pool to design and develop content for the Chinese consumer and engage with, and even expand, a global community.

"Jagex will continue to be operated by the existing management team, which has overseen an impressive trading performance in recent times and driven its iconic business, RuneScape to continued growth. It will be business as usual for the Company, its players as well as its employees post-acquisition. "

Jagex noted that the deal was orchestrated by Lisa Pan and Thomas Song on behalf of the incoming shareholders and they will become appointed to the board of Jagex.

A new Cambridge-based studio formed with a team of ex-RuneScape developers is getting its debut toys-to-life game Lightseekers to be able to Kickstarter.

Play Blend aims to raise 200 bucks, 000 for the cellular action-RPG to finalise its production. RS 07 Gold for Sale.It revolves around the use of real life figures with swappable weapons to play such as the game It's a concept similar to Activision's greatly successful Skylanders collection.

The mobile online game will also launch together with a physical investing card game, that will also work with the particular mobile version via augmented reality for you to scan cards inside.

The figures is going to be manufactured by toy large TOMY. They will speak, vibrate, light up and also store player improvement as they level upward their characters throughout game.

The numbers can also have weaponry and accessories changed, which will affect their own abilities in sport. An additional "flight pack" will allow players to manage their in-game personality by moving typically the figure in the real world.

Some thing entirely new

Perform Fusion is brought by former Jagex CEO Mark Gerhard, Sell RS Gold to us,who is a co-founder and CEO from the new studio.

"After 18 grueling a few months of working in total stealth mode, we are going to ready to take the globe by storm, inches said Gerhard.

"Our platform is an completely new concept : a revolutionary suite involving proprietary next era interactive entertainment technology - sentient activity figures, smart add-ons, innovative augmented fact, and ground-breaking picture and audio reputation technology all introduced together to provide brand-new entertainment experiences. very well

The independent studio room is employee-owned and it has studios in the UK along with US.

RuneScape developer Jagex has hired ex-NetEase International Biz Dev Manager Cassia Curran as Head connected with Business Development in addition to former NCSoft executive John Burns since SVP of Submitting.

Curran will prospect Jagex’s outreach to help external studios because the company seeks purchase and partnership options.RS Gold for Sale. Curran had been utilizing Chinese publisher NetEase for five yrs before joining Jagex.

Burns meanwhile provides joined as SVP of Publishing just where he will support the very company’s plans that will expand its selection.

Senior promotion

Jagex has also promoted Older Product Director Neil McClarty to the function of VP with Product Management.

He’ll be responsible for leading the main strategic growth of Jagex’s portfolio of stay games through the two expansion of the company’s existing IP plus new product development.

“Jagex is moving forward with bold growth strategies, ” said Jagex CEO Phil Mansell.

“Our ability to appeal to experienced industry ability such as John and even Cassia, while furthermore recognising the value that will Neil has provided for Jagex, will be indicative of our velocity as we strengthen the leadership of our submitting, product, and collaboration teams.

“We are usually bolstering our account with franchise exts,RS 07 Gold for Sale, including RuneScape together with Old School on cell phone, we have new operation titles in generation for both the Western and Eastern markets, as well as continue to explore outside studio and product or service investment opportunities to match Jagex’s long-held knowledge in running existing game worlds. ”

PocketGamer. biz chatted to Neil McClarty earlier this year to go over Jagex's plans to deliver RuneScape to cell, as well as its R&D into new assignments.

This summer, UK-based developer Jagex will release RuneScape 3, the largest update the MMORPG has seen since 2004.

While the update introduces a new audio engine that allows for dynamic music, a new fully customizable interface that can be snapped into place around the screen at the player's choosing, and other upgrades on top of this, the most notable change is the switch from a Java client to HTML5.

The HTML5 lanaguage hasn't had the kindest of receptions to date.Runescape Gold. Wooga and Unity are just two big companies who haven't exactly been in favor of the platform in the past, although more recently there has been a fair amount of positivity on show too.

Most developers believe that HTML5 will be truly ready to go by next year -- and yet here Jagex is jumping in in the deep end early. Jagex CEO Mark Gerhard saw that the market share for Java was dropping, and was very conscious of being left behind.

"There needed to be a move, " he says, "but there were no clear answers as to where. Flash doesn't have the power. Microsoft's got something interesting with Silverlight, but it's only on Internet Explorer and there are no standards there. We could deploy our own custom plug-in, but then we'd see a cut on the install base. "

"So there are no easy answers. And the more we looked at HTML5, all of us saw it as the future language. "

Of course , Jagex is fully aware of the fact that HTML5 isn't quite generally there yet -- "It's premature, obviously, as well as early adopters are usually the guinea pigs who are experimented on and suffer, " admits Gerhard.

But as the company continued to work with HTML5, making sure that the new technology could work in parallel with RuneScape's existing tech stack, the more excited the team became about the platform.

Notes Gerhard, "We had our own board say to us, 'We spent some time with the Google team - they had King. com in for six months and they said it couldn't be done. So you guys are wasting time. ' And we said, 'No no, we've done it. ' And they said, 'Oh! We should probably talk to Google then! '"

Talking to Google is exactly what Jagex has done, Buy Runescape Gold,leading to a couple of HTML5 releases from Google that address some of the instruction optimizations that Jagex put forward. Jagex is also working closely with Mozilla to help the company proof Firefox such that it can be more purpose-made for games.

As for Internet Explorer, Gerhard says that it "is still very much out there, but I think they'll close ranks at some point. "

"So yeah, we have it, " he reiterates from the company's steps forwards into HTML5. "Oh high-end machines it works absolutely fine, but the interpretation of JavaScript is quite slow in general, and that's where all the optimizations are. I know that will improve over time. "

And the Jagex CEO had some interest stats to share too: "Interestingly, we all profiled the systems of our players, and we found that 70 percent of our players have systems capable of this. I thought it would be the other way around - I thought maybe 10, 20 percent would be able to run it.

During my playtest of RuneScape 3, I noticed a reasonable amount of slowdown within framerate, especially when inside built-up areas of the game. Executive producer Phil Mansell assured me that Jagex only recently began the actual optimization phase in the project, and that by the time the game is released, Jagex is aiming for a smooth 30 frames per second throughout.

"We're going to plow the first furrow here, " adds Gerhard. "The closed beta has been running live with players for any week now, and also we're working super hard - there's still lots to do over the next two months. "

RuneScape on the move

There's another plus side to implementing RuneScape in HTML5 -- the cross-platform possibilities, Sell RS Gold,including upon mobile devices.

Of course , it's not a simple case of dropping the browser game onto touch devices and that's which. A new control scheme needs to be implemented that will best suits mobile devices, and even then it often doesn't work out, as Clash of Clans studio Supercell found recently. Jagex R&D is actually working on making the game conducive to the mobile experience, a transition the company knows will be difficult.

"We're working insanely hard to make sure it's ready for Q4 this year on tablets, " says Gerhard. "I think that's a risk in that there's a lot of unknowns, there's a lot of R&D going on, and there is still some tech questions, but right now the team is laser-focused on RuneScape three. I think once we have gone beyond in which, and that's been a success, this will be the very next nut we'll crack. "

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