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VSI sand making machine is the most advanced and most advanced mechanism sand equipment. It is widely used in hard pebbles, river pebbles, granite, basalt, diabase, andesite, dolomite, iron ore, ore tailings, and stone chips. Sand making is a high-quality gravel aggregate for highways, high-speed railways, high-rise buildings, municipal, hydropower dam construction, concrete mixing stations, and is the preferred equipment for artificial sand and stone shaping. There are some repairs during the use of the VSI sand making machine: 1. The direction of rotation of the rotor must be counterclockwise when viewed from above the device. If the direction of rotation is incorrect, it will cause serious damage to the rotor. The two motors must be in the same direction of rotation. When the judgment is unclear, the V-belt can be removed to observe the steering of the two motors. 2, VSI sand making machine lubrication method is thin oil lubrication, generally do not need to change the oil frequently. The equipment is equipped with the German original thin oil lubrication station. The double oil pump complements the oil supply, and automatically stops when there is no oil flow or oil pressure. The oil cooling and heating device ensures that the bearing lubrication is always in the best condition. 3. Excessive particle size (greater than 60mm) mixed with iron or feedstock in the iron feedstock has a significant impact on the life of the throwing head. Therefore, always remove the iron on the iron remover and check if the screen is damaged. The use record of the throwing head indicates that the damage caused by abnormal causes can be eliminated, and the use time can reach more than 2700 h. For this purpose, a separator is mounted on the feed tape. 4, the tension of the drive tape The appropriate tension is extremely important for the long-term, normal operating state of the drive tape, especially for dual-motor drive equipment. If the current of one motor is lower than the current of the other motor, it may be caused by the difference in the tape tension of the two motors. After the new tape is idle for 30 minutes, the tension should be re-adjusted, and then the feeding operation is run for 8 hours. Adjust again to eliminate the natural extension of the tape, otherwise it will easily burn the tape. 5, dust control usually in the normal operation process, the air turbulence in the crushing chamber creates an ideal dust collecting environment, and does not need to use dust collecting equipment to reduce dust, but start or stop or insufficient feeding during operation A large amount of dust is discharged, and a water spray device can be installed at the discharge port, and a lock associated with the motor can be turned on/off, so that the sand machine automatically starts the spray device to control the dust discharge when driving or stopping.
How to solve the problem of the body swing of the sand making machine price? As we all know, sand making equipment is the core equipment of the modern sandstone production line industry. When the equipment is used for a long time, there will be such a problem of living. We will talk about how to deal with the problem of the body swing of the sand making machine. What is the main reason for the swing of the sand making machine body? We and Na SBM have investigated and analyzed the main reasons for the machine body swinging of the sand making machine. First, the feed size is too large. Second, the impeller channel is blocked. Third, the wear block is over-grinded. These three reasons can cause the body of the sand making machine to swing. Below we give a reasonable solution for each reason. First of all, we can adjust the feeding force to solve the swing of the sand machine body caused by the excessive feeding force. Secondly, it was found that the impeller channel of the sand making machine was blocked, and we need to take out the channel blocking material in time. We can replace the full set of wear-resistant body to deal with the vibration caused by the over-grinding of the wear block. In summary, we have summarized the most effective way to solve the swing of the machine body of the sand making machine. For more information on the maintenance and troubleshooting of sand making equipment, please visit our official website or contact us directly!
sand making machine equipment will always appear a lot of noise during operation, where is the main source of noise? How to effectively eliminate these noises? There are four main sources of noise during operation of sand making equipment: 1, lack of lubricant, or excessive lubrication, resulting in bearing wear and noise. Too much or too little grease: Check if the grease is excessive and adjust to the proper amount of oil; Grease is not clean: Replace pure grease after bearing cleaning; Bearing damage: Replace bearing in time. 2. If the particle size of the VSI sand-making machine is too large, if the size of the material you are going to process is not more than 50mm, the effect of making sand can be significantly improved after using the energy-saving sand-making machine. Iron ore is contained in the sand-making machine during operation. Or the intrusion of scrap iron can also cause malfunction of the sand making equipment. VSI's new type of sand making machine has the advantages of simple and reasonable structure, stone playing stone + stone making iron principle, lower usage cost, unique bearing installation and advanced spindle design, making energy saving sand making machine has the characteristics of heavy load and high speed rotation. VSI's new sand making equipment has functions such as fine crushing, coarse grinding and gravel shaping, high reliability and strict safety protection devices to ensure equipment and personal safety. As a result of high bulk density and small iron pollution, it can be used as a stone shaping machine. People produce good equipment. The new sand making equipment works with low noise and no pollution. The unique air self-circulation system greatly reduces the amount of exhaust air, reduces dust, and is environmentally friendly. In addition VSI sand machine is reserved and suitable for installation of a variety of specifications of dust removal equipment. After meticulous testing by various experts, the VSI series of new sand making machines produced by Henan Shisheng has a 25% higher output, a 30% reduction in energy consumption, and a 34% reduction in noise during machine operation compared with similar domestic products. Industry products. In addition, by improving the machining and assembly accuracy of the sand making equipment, noise generated by mechanical vibration and friction is reduced. More to reduce the sand machine noise problems please contact us.
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Road and bridge railway sand aggregates are divided into massive stone and aggregate stone. Block stones are called stone materials and granular stone is called aggregate. They are classified as coarse aggregate, gravel, pebbles, fine aggregates such as sandstone, and stone. Crumbs. The stones used in the construction of roads and bridges are bounded by the size of the grain size, and the aggregates are usually divided into coarse aggregates and fine aggregates; in asphalt mixtures, the boundaries are 2.36mm and bounded by 5mm in cement concrete. VSI sand machine can process all kinds of sandstone aggregate for construction, and the fineness of the finished product can be adjusted evenly. VSI's new type of sand making machine is also called vertical axis impact type sand making machine, and it has many advanced functions such as gravel, sand making and stone shaping. VSI Sand Making Machine plays a very important role in the processing technology of road sand and aggregate in railway sand aggregates. The gravel aggregate processed by the VSI sand making machine is in line with the requirements for road and bridge construction. The materials commonly used in the construction of roads and bridges, whether cement or concrete, are inseparable from gravel materials, and are required for the construction of roads and bridges. The sand and gravel materials are loose aggregates obtained by crushing machinery or natural weathering of the crust surface rocks, but generally the bridge construction is not applicable to natural rock aggregates, on the one hand, the limitation on the amount of natural rock aggregates, and the other On the one hand, the natural granules do not have the gravel granules processed by an artificial crusher more in line with the needs of construction. VSI's new sand making machine is specially designed for highways, high-speed railways, high-rise buildings, municipal construction, hydropower dam construction and concrete mixing stations to provide high-quality sand aggregates. It is the preferred sand making machine for artificial sand and stone shaping. Asphalt mixture must use fine powders such as limestone and other alkaline rocks, and the quality of ore powder should meet the requirements of ordinary hot mix asphalt mixture for ore powder. Such as basalt, sandstone, granite and other stones, the general fine aggregate is the use of special sand making machine - VSI new sand making machine to make it into the use of machine-made sand. The construction of roads and bridges is generally divided into a surface layer structure, a base layer structure, and a cushion structure, and each layer is inseparable from the sand aggregate material. The strength, hardness, stability, and durability of the road surface are all determined by the sandstone mixture. In particular, the cushion needs gravel-mechanical sand or gravel mixes and binders to reduce the deformation of the roadbed.
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It is a common phenomenon that the sand making machine vibrates during a long period of work. Today SBM Heavy Industry sums up the method for reducing the vibration of the sand making machine for everyone. 1, spiral steel rope isolation. As a damping element, the steel wire rope has the characteristics of variable parameters with high frequency and low damping and high frequency and low stiffness, so it can effectively reduce the vibration of the body. Compared with the traditional rubber vibration source, it has the advantages of oil resistance, corrosion resistance, temperature difference resistance, high temperature resistance, aging resistance, and small size. The vibration isolation effect mainly depends on its nonlinear hysteresis characteristics. 2, hydraulic isolation. The hydraulic support system is an integral structure of traditional rubber support and hydraulic damping. It provides large damping in the low frequency range and quickly attenuates large-scale vibration of the engine. It has low dynamic stiffness and energy at high frequencies. Effectively reduce vibration and noise in the cab. 3, rubber vibration isolation. The traditional engine adopts elastic support to reduce vibration, and the vibration isolation device has a simple structure, low cost, and reliable performance. The rubber bearing is generally mounted on the frame and is classified into a compression type, a shear type and a compression shear type according to the force conditions.
The process of the sand production line is that the material is coarsely crushed by a jaw crusher, impact crusher, or cone crusher. The resulting coarse material is conveyed by the belt conveyor to the sand making machine for further crushing, and the sand making machine comes out of the material. The vibrating screen is used for screening. The material greater than 5 mm returns to the impact and breaks again to form a closed circuit. Less than 5mm of material enters the sand washer for cleaning, and the cleaned material is conveyed to the finished material pile by the belt conveyor. In the sand washer washing process, problems occur, and the sand is easily lost with water, especially extra fine sand. The fine sand recovery device produced by SBM Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. solves this problem very well. The advantages of SBM Heavy Industry Fine Sand Recovery Unit are as follows: 1. It can effectively reduce the loss of fine sand, making it within 5 to 10%. It solves the problem of high sand making machine and low stone powder content in the artificial aggregate processing system. 2. The cyclone is lined with polyurethane to increase the service life of the entire device, and slurry slurry concentration and liquid clarification can be successfully completed. 3. Fine-grained material recovery system The 85% fine-grained material in the maximum recyclable discharge volume has the unparalleled technical and economic advantages of other equipment. 4. The fines are fully recovered, reducing the amount of sedimentation tank work and reducing the clean-up cost of the sedimentation tank. 5. The fine sand recovery system reduces the natural time for the fine material, and can be directly transported and supplied to the market.
Efficient centrifugal impact sand making machine has a wide range of applications. The working principle is that the material falls vertically into the high-speed rotating impeller from the upper part of the machine. Under the action of high-speed centrifugal force, it collides with the material around the impeller and then enters into the impeller and the casing. In the powerful vortex, they bumped and rubbed against each other until they were crushed. The material is discharged from the discharge port at the bottom of the sand making machine, and then the material is controlled by the screening equipment to achieve the finished product particle size that meets the requirements. During the operation of the sand making machine, one of the biggest problems faced is the problem of low operating efficiency. How to improve the efficiency of the sand making machine has become the primary concern of Zhengsheng Heavy Industry. The operation efficiency of the sand making equipment is affected by many aspects. Lithium workers remind you to pay attention to the following aspects: First of all, to understand the sand making machine in the entire sand production line process, the first is feeding, the second is the coarse broken jaw crusher, and the third is a high efficiency centrifugal impact sand making machine. The sand making machine is used as a rough breaking device for crushing hard materials such as ore, and has the characteristics of large crushing ratio, high output, uniform particle size, simple structure, convenient maintenance, and low production cost. Secondly, the more mud or fine-grained grade in the feed of sand and gravel production lines, the greater the viscosity of the ore slurry, the smaller the settling velocity of the ore particles in the pulp, and the coarser the particle size of the overflow product; in this case, In order to ensure that the desired overflow fineness is achieved, additional water may be appropriately increased to reduce the slurry concentration. The high-efficiency centrifugal impact sand making machine has fine granular requirements for sand-making materials, and the requirements for its grain type and grain-size are very strict. The reason is that cuboidal sand has an interlocking effect because of its angular shape, and the continuous gradation of sand can greatly reduce the gap. At the same time, cubical sand occupies a larger surface area than round sand. Sticking asphalt and materials or cement and materials together reduces the possibility of displacement. When the sand making machine breaks into the non-crushable stone in the crushing chamber, the rear thrust plate is used as a safety component of the sand making machine for maintaining the important parts of the equipment from being damaged. Zhengsheng Heavy Industry's high-efficiency centrifugal impact sand making machine is a very simple and efficient sand making equipment. In daily production, as long as many observations and studies, understand the working principle of high-efficiency centrifugal impact sand making machine, can give You bring unexpected benefits.
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The stability of the Sand making machine is a concern for users. Only when the stability is improved can the production cost be reduced during the entire production line because the failure will not affect the production efficiency. To achieve the high stability of the sand production line requires it to meet various requirements, then from which aspects to improve the stability of the sand production line? First, parts and materials The sand production lines produced by different manufacturers will have a great difference in the use of materials and components. The most obvious difference is the wear resistance of wearing parts. Many small manufacturers do not achieve higher wear resistance in the use of wearing parts of sand making equipment. During the use of such equipment, parts and components are easily damaged. In the use of the products, some instability will occur. . For example, rotor blades, protection blocks, and hammerheads that are in direct contact with stone materials, such as those that are subject to wear, are required to improve the stability of the sand production line. First, the wear resistance of the materials and components is increased, and the wear resistance is improved. In order to reduce the frequency of replacement of parts and improve the stability of the sand production line. Second, production and processing technology The equipment for the entire Sand making machine must have some welding and installation nodes in the middle, and each welding node must have high-quality processing technology. Because the sand making equipment inevitably has vibration in the work, if it is not satisfied with the processing technology, in the normal production operation, the equipment will have abnormal vibration and even the failure of welding points, which will affect the production schedule. Therefore, when the user selects the sand production line, it also needs to pay attention to the processing technology of the various sand production equipment. Third, the design concept All production equipments are required by the times, and naturally, under the different needs of the times, there should be corresponding improvements in design. However, some small sand making equipment manufacturers, due to limited technology, there is no more market experience, or the equipment designed is put into the market without actually testing, such equipment in use, there is no stability at all. When choosing a sand production line, users must choose a strong brand manufacturer, such as Zhengsheng Heavy Industry, and only a reliable company can have a more powerful design team and higher design capability. In order to have a higher stability. Fourth, systematic Since it is a sand production line, it is necessary to achieve the convergence between multiple devices in the environment in production. Good system connection performance ensures smooth operation of the entire production line. But there are also some manufacturers, because there is no systematic connection between equipment and equipment, and even some manufacturers themselves do not own the main product, which is to assemble between different manufacturers, such a sand production line in use, it is difficult to guarantee The stability of the equipment. The high stability of the sand production line, between the various devices, there is a more systematic advantage of convergence, so that we can better optimize the work of the various sand equipment, improve equipment stability, but also improve the entire sand production line The efficiency of work.
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The type of NEW Sand making machine is a new type of sand making machine that is economical, practical, highly efficient, and energy-saving. It is used to crush, crush and shape various types of limestone, quartz stone, cobblestone, granite, marble, and basalt. For the choice of new sand making machine manufacturers, which one is better? Will you choose? Comprehensive manufacturer's reputation, strength, service and other conditions introduce you to the recommended SBM machine. The specific highlights are as follows: First, the strength of SBM new sand making machine manufacturers, good reputation SBM Machine is an integrated mining equipment manufacturer, focusing on R&D, production, sales, and service. It has a modern green industrial plant of 300,000 square meters and more than 2,300 online employees. With rich experience and mature technology, the new type of sand making machine has been exported to more than 80 countries around the world. Its reputation in the industry is good, and the market's favorable rate is basically 100%. Second, SBM's new Sand making machine has outstanding features and high benefits. 1. Simple structure, complete function, small area, saving investment, good stone shaping effect; 2. The deep-rotating design of the high-speed rotation makes the crushing work more efficient and ensures the increase of production. 3, safe operation, and environmental protection production, dust, noise and other pollution can be reasonably controlled in the standard range; 4, the material quality, craftsmanship, equipment quality is more secure, life extension; 5. With fewer failures and low costs, the sand produced has good grain size, excellent quality, reasonable grading, and higher economic and industrial value. Third, SBM's new sand making service is excellent and guaranteed For the new sand making machine, SBM manufacturers have also established a perfect and caring after-sales system, do everything possible to provide customers with more effective protection, more worthy of the trust of users! 1. Before the sale, professional and technical personnel cooperate with the customer to do a good job in equipment selection, and lead customers to visit the production site for free; 2. During the sale, sign a formal purchase contract with the customer, and strictly inspect each factory equipment to prevent mistakes and missed deliveries; 3, after the sale, free of charge for equipment transportation, on-site installation, commissioning, commissioning, technical guidance, repairs, maintenance and other services.
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With the increase of the demand for artificial gravel, the market sales of Sand making machine are getting higher and higher. However, many users recently reported that the sand production capacity of their sand making machines is low and cannot meet the requirements of users. Shanghai SBM conducted research and summarization on the sand-making machines with relatively high sales volume on the market and believed that the sand production volume will be affected by many factors. Next, we will analyze the influencing factors of the sand production capacity of the sand making machine: 1. Crushing materials The application scope of the sand making machine is relatively wide. For different processing materials, the hardness, viscosity, and humidity are different, which will also lead to different sand production capacity of the sand making machine. (1) Material Hardness The harder the material, the more difficult it is to process, and the equipment wear is also more severe, resulting in slower sand production and lower sand production. Conversely, the lower the material hardness, the more sand production. many. (2) Material viscosity The material with relatively high viscosity is easily adhered to the inner wall of the sand making machine during processing. If it is not cleaned in time, the production and efficiency of the sand making machine will be seriously affected, and the amount of sand produced will be affected. (3) moisture content If the moisture content of the processed material is relatively large, stickiness will also easily occur, which will cause plugging problems for a long time, which will make the sand making ability of the sand making machine lower and the sand production less. 2, sand making machine model There are many models of sand making machines on the market. Different types of sand making equipment have different sand production, energy consumption, efficiency and dust amount. Different models have different application ranges. Therefore, the user is not allowed to purchase blindly when choosing a sand making machine, and it is necessary to select an appropriate model according to the characteristics of the processed material. 3, sand making machine itself quality The quality of the sand making machine itself is one of the most critical factors affecting the sand production. A high-quality sand making machine not only saves energy, has better environmental protection, but also easily achieves the user's expected sand production. In addition, the sand making machines produced by professional manufacturers are more reliable in quality, have better wear resistance, and have a longer life span. They can meet user requirements in terms of productivity, efficiency, energy saving, and environmental protection. 4, operation and maintenance The operation and maintenance of the sand making machine will also affect the sand production of the equipment to some extent. Even a good sand making machine equipment, if not handled properly and without regular maintenance, will cause damage to the equipment components, reduce the service life, and reduce the production volume. Therefore, regular maintenance can not only increase the sand production capacity of the sand making machine, but also extend the service life of the equipment.
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