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Limestone, bluestone, marble and so on are all relatively soft materials, are the most common production of sand machine stone. The main component of limestone Calcium carbonate (CaCO3). Lime and limestone are widely used in building materials, industrial raw materials. Limestone resources are very wide, is the ideal material for the production of sand and gravel, but also one of the main raw materials on the market mechanism of sand. What kind of sand making machine limestone sand selection effect is good? For processing of such soft materials, we recommend you for the third generation sand making machine. The model sand processing limestone and other soft materials not only yield large, and the sand effect is good, less investment in equipment, very economical and applicable. Limestone sand production line is mainly equipped with: vibration feeder, jaw crusher, the third generation sand making machine, vibrating screen, conveyor and other equipment. The third generation of sand making sand, you can save the middle of the second break (counter cracked), three broken into two broken, greatly increased production efficiency, the third generation sand making larger feed size in the 120-190mm , But also greatly reduce the crusher losses, thereby reducing production costs, improve your return on investment! In addition, the third generation sand making machine for a variety of medium hardness solid materials crushing, in the cement industry, Finely divided limestone, gypsum, clinker, mixed materials and more. The third generation of sand and gravel dual-use machine (third-generation sand making machine), you can produce sand, can also produce stone, limestone sand and pebbles is ideal.
Sand making machine is widely used sand making machine, because pebbles in our country has a very wide distribution, low cost of raw material development, while the use of artificial pebbles production of high hardness, wide range of applications, is a very good quality concrete Materials and building materials. Because of its high hardness, pebbles need to choose some sand-making equipment with good abrasion resistance at the time of selection. Good abrasion resistance can reduce the replacement frequency of wearing parts during production and use, prolong the service life and reduce the production cost. Sand making process and other artificial sand production equipment similar to the process, including coarse broken, fine broken, sand, sand washing. How to operate in daily production can maximize the production of sand making machine? Only need to do these two points can be done, the first is for the need to choose a good model, the size and output for the output of choice, the appropriate sand making machine model to the lowest energy efficient crushing material; the second is Regular inspection of the sand making machine, replacement of worn parts, will only lead to the use of equipment will cause more serious damage, it is worth the candle. Although the market of sand making equipment manufacturers to numerous, but suggest that everyone in the choice of manufacturers, we must polish their eyes, select a large number of workshops, advanced processing equipment, workshop operators skilled sand making machine manufacturers, so production Out of the sand equipment quality, performance is guaranteed, of course, the best manufacturers have their own service team, R & D team, at the same time in the industry to high profile, good reputation. Because only such sand making machine manufacturers to be able to provide users with the best quality and efficient sand equipment, and high-quality equipment and services.
Understand sand making machine, grasp the correct operation of sand making machine, sand making machine (sand making machine) equipment operators required course below we will come to you to explain in detail your sand making machine general operation matters. How to determine whether the sand machine is functioning properly, there are usually two ways. The first method is to check the material out of the mill, if it meets the requirements, and beating little, it proves that the mill is operating properly, the description is more appropriate, the material size, moisture are good, steel grade is also suitable. The second approach is to listen to the sound of sand making machine, one steel bar, the sound should be loud, but there is no steel bar lining plate "steel" sound, should be issued normally "rushing" mixed with a slight impact Sound, such as the sound becomes dull, issued a "roaring" sound, the impact of sound can not hear, indicating the warehouse material too much, serious so-called full grinding phenomenon, then immediately stop feeding until the sound to normal When feeding again. If the sand making machine loud and clear, strong impact of steel bars, indicating less material mill, should increase the feeding. In changing the amount of feeding, should not become too aggressive, should be gradually adjusted.
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With the development of economy and science and technology, the development of sand making machinery industry in our country is very rapid. sand making machine sales market is extremely hot.And then we how to produce a good sand making machine that, which requires us to make further efforts, after so many years of development, China's machinery sand equipment industry ushered in a new opportunity for development . The SBM mine has a good understanding of the market before it is manufactured. After an inspection, the data analysis shows that the needs of the customer are present and the functional improvement of the product is achieved. And strict requirements for technical staff, to fully understand the new energy-saving sand making machine knowledge, the only way to choose the investment in equipment when it can be the most high-quality production. In recent years, all major construction projects in our country have been carried out vigorously, and infrastructure construction in all regions has been carried out continuously. The utilization of sand-gravel material production system and artificial-made sand for sand-making equipment and sand production line are relatively perfect, mature and developing trend Very good. Mechanism sand river pebble sand production line put into production so that all major cities have accelerated the pace of development, artificial gravel standards have been more and more people's recognition. Sand making machine (sand making machine) Our key product of SBM mine, SBM mine is one of the earliest producers of sand making machine in China. After several decades of development, the company already has a mature R & And by the domestic mining, construction, water conservancy, highways, hydropower stations and other industries agree, but also walk in the forefront of the international sand making technology. According to the analysis, the main direction for the future growth of VSI's new sand making machinery is that the market share brought by product upgrading and the new growth point of new product innovation and research and development have been initially reflected in the development of the complete set of equipment for the current SBM mining equipment and machinery sand .
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The biggest waste of sand in the production process is the large amount of stone powder, which greatly reduces the production and makes the manufacturers miserable. Through in-depth investigation, it is found that the production of powder is largely related to the performance of the sand making equipment. How many skilled workshop manufacturers to see artificial sand production is fire, driven by profit, blind access to the LAN project, in principle not applicable, immature technology leading to the production of sand equipment from design to manufacture there is a congenital problems , These inferior equipment to fill the sand and gravel sand market manufacturers in the phenomenon of chalking, therefore, not only to the customer benefits, and the production site of the dust pollution, long-term accumulation of environmental dust, but also caused great pollution. With the increasing national environmental protection, energy saving sand making equipment has become the market supply of products, SBM sand equipment manufacturing plant in accordance with changes in the market to meet customer requirements, based on the concept of innovation, environmental protection equipment for the study Developed and successfully introduced a new type of inverter sand making machine, it is understood that the sand making machine based on the third generation of sand making machine, through special devices to minimize noise and dust pollution, which greatly completed the national production Policy calls green. Modern enterprise survival and development and environmental harmony, who mastered the concept of green manufacturing, who grasp the market source of customers, therefore, the national energy-saving emission reduction calls for more manufacturers to use such heavy Social responsibility and corporate equipment, green production, green sand, and thus the sustainable development of sand and gravel industry in China green, new health elements.
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Sand production line by the feeder, jaw crusher, crusher jaw crusher, "stone" impact sand making machine, shaker, sand washing machine, belt conveyor, centralized control and other equipment, in order to meet different customers Demand, can be equipped with cone crusher, dust removal equipment. Can be used for hard limestone, granite, basalt, river pebbles, pebbles, slag and other materials aggregate and artificial sand work. For hydropower, construction, building materials, highways, urban construction and other industries. 1, sand production line introduced the basic process: The materials (limestone, granite, basalt, gneiss, river pebbles, pebbles, etc.) are evenly fed into the jaw crusher through a feeder to be initially crushed. The crushed finished product is conveyed to a crushing jaw crusher by a belt conveyor After further crushing, the second crushed stone is transported to the "stone stone" impact sand making machine through the belt conveyer to be crushed again, and the crushed stone is conveyed to the vibrating screen through the belt conveyor to separate the stones with different specifications to meet customer grain size The required stones are transported to the finished material pile by the belt conveyor, and the unqualified stones are returned to the "stone stone" impact sand making machine again by the belt conveyor to be crushed again to form a closed cycle and complete the cycle.
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Limestone, bluestone, marble and so on are relatively soft brittle materials, are the most common production of sand stone. Limestone Main Ingredients Calcium carbonate (CaCO3). Lime and limestone are used extensively for building materials, industrial raw materials. Limestone resources are very extensive, is the production of sand and the ideal stone material, but also the market one of the main raw material of sand. Limestone sanding choose which sand making effect is good? For this soft material processing, we recommend you the third generation SBM sand making machine. The model of sand making machine processing of limestone and other soft materials not only large output, and sanding effect is good, equipment investment is also very small, very economical and applicable. Limestone sand production line is mainly equipped with: vibration feeder, jaw crusher, the third generation of sand making machine, vibrating screen, conveyor and other equipment. Using the third generation of sand making machine sand, you can save the middle of the two broken (anti-break), change the three broken for the two broken, greatly enhance the production efficiency, the third generation of sand making machine feed size is relatively large in 120-190mm In addition, the third generation of sand making machine for a variety of moderate hardness of solid materials in the cement industry, in the cement industry, but also to reduce the cost of production, Crushed limestone, gypsum, clinker, mixed material and so on. The third generation of sand and gravel machine (the third generation of sand making machine), you can produce sand materials, can also produce stone, limestone sand and the ideal choice for stone. In addition, the third generation of sand making machine (limestone sand making machine), reasonable structure, advanced new energy efficient heavy structure unique high chrome plate hammer, unique counter-attack lining hard rock broken, unique inertia impact balance device, unique simple demolition Install the maintenance window. Playing sand out of the limestone mechanism of sand granularity, finished fineness modulus adjustable, the device also uses a new wear hammer, wear effect, long service life.
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With the development of society and scientific progress, economic construction of industrial automation requirements are getting higher and higher, the operation of technology and sand making machine have put forward new requirements, sand making machine in the national economy has played a huge role in the field The Sander competition is becoming increasingly fierce, and highly automated, intelligent, multi-functional, high efficiency, low consumption of mining equipment is also increasingly favored by the industry. In the case of In recent years, Shanghai SBM Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. compared to the traditional sand making machine to produce a new type of sand in the performance of a simple, high productivity, better supporting, more automation and so on. The future of the sand machine will be with the industry automation trends, to promote the overall level of mine equipment to improve. Such as high intelligent CNC system, encoder and digital control components, power load control and other new intelligent equipment has been widely used in sand making equipment, equipment users in the operation process more independent, flexible, correct operation, High efficiency and compatibility. In the case of It is understood that the current foreign mines and sand scouring machine high level of the United States, Germany, Japan, Italy and the United Kingdom. While the German sand making machine in the design, manufacture and technical performance, etc. are living in a leading position. In recent years, the development of mines and sand making equipment in these countries has shown a new trend. In the case of New type of sanding machine can be further because of the crushing of materials, but also known as the impact crusher, a new type of sand is not a professional commitment to crushing, jaw crusher is a professional rough material, broken material after the new Sand or high-performance sand making machine for further crushing, and finally made of finished products.
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Sand processing equipment from the finished product sand we are generally known as sand or artificial sand. The sand is the main source of sand for the project, such as the mixing station, the construction, the water conservancy project, the repairing high speed, the repairing high iron and so on. The quality of the project sand is very high. The quality of the finished machine sand and the fineness of the sand modulus to achieve the final requirements, most of the artificial experience or sampling by drying, screening, weighing and other methods to determine the old method, on the one hand by artificial Judging the quality of sand making by experience, because of people and easy, great error, unreliable; how to improve the sand making machine, to promote the finished product sand quality and granularity is the key to perfection. VSI sand making machine and 5X sand making machine equipment are advanced stone stone principle, playing out the finished sand quality is good, the product was cube, grain shape is good, gradation reasonable, fineness modulus adjustable; particularly suitable for artificial system Sand and stone shaping, proved to be more than other traditional equipment (third-generation sand making machine, sand machine, rod mill) sand, plastic surgery increased by 30%. Finished sand in the range of 0-5mm arbitrary regulation, to meet the ultra-fine sand, fine sand, sand, coarse sand and other different fineness and different uses of sand production and processing.
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Shanghai SBM as a professional sand making machine manufacturers, in the sale of the sand making machine equipment will be followed by the installation of workers to carry out on-site installation and commissioning, waiting for debugging after no problem will be assured to allow customers to use, SBM sand making machine is widely Used in mining, building materials, road laying and other industries, a wide range of applications, customers by the majority of industry customers of all ages, then the sand making machine equipment which is the best? Shanghai SBM sanding machinery and equipment with excellent technology, advanced technology, coupled with good after-sales service, can be described as the leader in sand making machinery, SBM new sand making machine still need your good maintenance can be long-term and efficient Work, in the mechanical equipment before the first start to check to see if the various parts of the mechanical equipment is intact, after the start of the operation in accordance with the normal operating rules to operate, so as to avoid improper operation caused by machine failure, often to the machine Lubricants are also very necessary, it can help the machine work better. Shanghai SBM professional quality enough to promote their production of first-class sand making machine, of course, no matter how good equipment also need careful care to be able to work health, Shanghai SBM has been constantly improve their own requirements for the community to provide better equipment, but also hope The majority of customers can carefully to maintain, to maintain our sand making machinery.
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