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The type of NEW Sand making machine is a new type of sand making machine that is economical, practical, highly efficient, and energy-saving. It is used to crush, crush and shape various types of limestone, quartz stone, cobblestone, granite, marble, and basalt. For the choice of new sand making machine manufacturers, which one is better? Will you choose? Comprehensive manufacturer's reputation, strength, service and other conditions introduce you to the recommended SBM machine. The specific highlights are as follows: First, the strength of SBM new sand making machine manufacturers, good reputation SBM Machine is an integrated mining equipment manufacturer, focusing on R&D, production, sales, and service. It has a modern green industrial plant of 300,000 square meters and more than 2,300 online employees. With rich experience and mature technology, the new type of sand making machine has been exported to more than 80 countries around the world. Its reputation in the industry is good, and the market's favorable rate is basically 100%. Second, SBM's new Sand making machine has outstanding features and high benefits. 1. Simple structure, complete function, small area, saving investment, good stone shaping effect; 2. The deep-rotating design of the high-speed rotation makes the crushing work more efficient and ensures the increase of production. 3, safe operation, and environmental protection production, dust, noise and other pollution can be reasonably controlled in the standard range; 4, the material quality, craftsmanship, equipment quality is more secure, life extension; 5. With fewer failures and low costs, the sand produced has good grain size, excellent quality, reasonable grading, and higher economic and industrial value. Third, SBM's new sand making service is excellent and guaranteed For the new sand making machine, SBM manufacturers have also established a perfect and caring after-sales system, do everything possible to provide customers with more effective protection, more worthy of the trust of users! 1. Before the sale, professional and technical personnel cooperate with the customer to do a good job in equipment selection, and lead customers to visit the production site for free; 2. During the sale, sign a formal purchase contract with the customer, and strictly inspect each factory equipment to prevent mistakes and missed deliveries; 3, after the sale, free of charge for equipment transportation, on-site installation, commissioning, commissioning, technical guidance, repairs, maintenance and other services.
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With the increase of the demand for artificial gravel, the market sales of Sand making machine are getting higher and higher. However, many users recently reported that the sand production capacity of their sand making machines is low and cannot meet the requirements of users. Shanghai SBM conducted research and summarization on the sand-making machines with relatively high sales volume on the market and believed that the sand production volume will be affected by many factors. Next, we will analyze the influencing factors of the sand production capacity of the sand making machine: 1. Crushing materials The application scope of the sand making machine is relatively wide. For different processing materials, the hardness, viscosity, and humidity are different, which will also lead to different sand production capacity of the sand making machine. (1) Material Hardness The harder the material, the more difficult it is to process, and the equipment wear is also more severe, resulting in slower sand production and lower sand production. Conversely, the lower the material hardness, the more sand production. many. (2) Material viscosity The material with relatively high viscosity is easily adhered to the inner wall of the sand making machine during processing. If it is not cleaned in time, the production and efficiency of the sand making machine will be seriously affected, and the amount of sand produced will be affected. (3) moisture content If the moisture content of the processed material is relatively large, stickiness will also easily occur, which will cause plugging problems for a long time, which will make the sand making ability of the sand making machine lower and the sand production less. 2, sand making machine model There are many models of sand making machines on the market. Different types of sand making equipment have different sand production, energy consumption, efficiency and dust amount. Different models have different application ranges. Therefore, the user is not allowed to purchase blindly when choosing a sand making machine, and it is necessary to select an appropriate model according to the characteristics of the processed material. 3, sand making machine itself quality The quality of the sand making machine itself is one of the most critical factors affecting the sand production. A high-quality sand making machine not only saves energy, has better environmental protection, but also easily achieves the user's expected sand production. In addition, the sand making machines produced by professional manufacturers are more reliable in quality, have better wear resistance, and have a longer life span. They can meet user requirements in terms of productivity, efficiency, energy saving, and environmental protection. 4, operation and maintenance The operation and maintenance of the sand making machine will also affect the sand production of the equipment to some extent. Even a good sand making machine equipment, if not handled properly and without regular maintenance, will cause damage to the equipment components, reduce the service life, and reduce the production volume. Therefore, regular maintenance can not only increase the sand production capacity of the sand making machine, but also extend the service life of the equipment.
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As the world's leading sand making equipment, VSI Sand making machine can be used not only for the production of high-quality sand aggregate, but also for the disposal of abrasives, fire-resistant materials and other various medium-hard or brittle materials. It is energy-efficient and efficient. Special is about 50% higher than the old sand making machine. It is an imaginary device for the production of high-quality sand aggregate. The working principle of VSI sand-making machine: the material falls vertically into the high-speed rotating impeller from the upper part of the machine. Under the action of high-speed centrifugal force, high-speed impact and smashing of the material diverted at the impeller from another part with the umbrella-like situation occurs. After the impact, it will be crushed between the impeller and the casing caused by the eddy currents hitting each other several times, rubbing against each other, and discharged from the lower part to form a closed loop. It will be controlled by the screening equipment to reach the required finished particle size. VSI sand making process flow: This production line has a combination of vibrating feeder, jaw crusher, TCL longitudinal centrifugal crusher (impact VSI sand making machine), vibrating screen and belt conveyor. According to different process requests, various models of equipment are combined to meet the different process requirements of the customer. SBM Machinery is a company that masters the production technology of sand making equipment. The company has established a solid foundation for the quality of VSI sand making machine equipment with excellent technical strength and manufacturing process. The company also draws on scientific management models of famous manufacturers at home and abroad, and advocates improvement. The concept of product quality saves production costs, and strives to create the best quality and lowest cost sand making equipment for users.
Basalt is a common type of volcanic rock with large hardness and mechanical strength. It is the best material for repairing roads, railroads, and airport runways. It is also an ideal material for producing modern machine-made sand. So how do you choose basalt sand making machine? Here we take a look at SBM to give you a detailed introduction to the choice of basalt sand making machines and related equipment. The basalt sand making machine produced by our SBM is ideal for basalt sand making. The sand making machine is made of high-iron high-iron wear-resistant material, and has a long life cycle. It can meet the material requirements of roads, railways, bridges, tunnels and other engineering projects. It is used for the construction of gravel aggregate concrete for highways, high-speed railways and other areas. The ideal equipment. Basalt sand making machines can provide equipment on-site production lines for users to visit in many provinces in China. Here we focus on the basic process flow of basalt sand production line and the choice of sand making equipment. Basalt sand production line is mainly composed of: vibrating feeder, jaw crusher, basalt sand making machine, vibrating screen, sand washing machine, conveyor and other equipment. According to different process requirements, various types of equipment can be combined to meet the different needs of customers. Basic flow of basalt sand production line: First, large pieces of basalt are broken by a coarse crusher (crushed jaw crusher), and the resulting coarse material is conveyed by a conveyor to a fine crusher (fine jaw crusher). Further crushing, finely divided stone into the vibrating screen to separate two kinds of stone, to meet the basalt sand machine feed granularity of the sand into the sand system sand, and the other part back into the finely divided. A part of the stone that has entered the basalt sand making machine is made into sand. After being washed by the sand washing machine (optional), it is made into finished sand. The other part is broken into the sand making machine again. The basalt sand making machine equipment and basalt sand production line equipment produced by SBM have high automation, low operating costs, high crushing rate, energy saving, large output, less pollution, and easy maintenance. The machined sand produced meets the national building sand standard. Uniform granularity, good granularity, and reasonable support.
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Low-iron calcite sand is an important raw material for the glass processing industry. Sand making equipment is the core equipment for producing this glass raw material. So what kind of sand making machine equipment produces low-grade calcite sand effect is good?——SBM provides you with a new type of sand making machine equipment, high efficiency and environmental protection, a wide range of crushing, especially suitable for glass raw materials quartzite, vein quartz, calcite and other raw materials The broken finely ground sand. Calcite is a calcium carbonate mineral, the most common of which is natural calcium carbonate. Therefore, calcite is a widely distributed mineral. The crystal shapes of calcite are various, and their aggregates can be clusters of crystals, and can also be granular, massive, fibrous, stalactite, earthy, and the like. A lot of square fragments can be obtained by hitting calcite, hence the name calcite. SBM's new sand making machine is the ideal choice for processing calcite sand. The sand making machine has features such as small particle size, uniform particle size, large production capacity, long hammer life, small supporting power, variable three-stage crushing, secondary crushing, simplified process, simple structure, convenient maintenance, and stable operation. The calcite sand produced by the sand making machine has an excellent grain shape, a cube shape, and a very low needle-like content. It is very suitable for the glass industry to produce sand. We also provide you with a complete set of low-iron calcite sand production line equipment and programs. The whole set of calcite sand production line includes a combination of vibration feeder, jaw crusher, new sand making machine (sand blasting machine), vibrating screen and belt conveyor. The sand production line has advanced technology. high degree of automation. Environmental protection, energy saving and high output are very suitable for the processing and production of raw materials for the glass industry. The new type of sand making machine equipment is the top beam column of the entire calcite sand production line and is the key equipment to promote the efficiency and increase the efficiency of the calcite sand production line.
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At present, one of the most advanced equipment for making sand is the V7 dry sand making equipment. What advanced technology is used for the V7 dry sand making machine? The V7 sand making machine and the traditional sand making equipment have What are the differences? Here we come to introduce you the most advanced dry sand making equipment V7 series. V7 series dry sand making machine equipment is environment-friendly and energy-saving, and can provide cement sand, asphalt mixture and dry-mix mortar manufacturers with advanced technology, reliable performance, energy-saving and environmental-friendly machine-made sand. The V7 series dry sand making equipment is a closed environmental sand making system. The core machine of sand making machine and air filter as the core, and the closed-loop control system composed of vibrating feeder, blower, control panel, recovery filter, dust collector, humidifier and induced draft fan, automatically adjust fineness modulus and automatically control stone powder The content is the core technology. This series of sand making equipment is very environmentally friendly, 0 dust 0 pollution. V7 series dry sand machine equipment technical analysis: 1. Gradation continuous: The particle size in the range of 0.6-0.15mm, which was difficult to produce in the past, has been greatly increased, and the gradation is perfect; 2. The fineness of the finished product is adjustable: According to the relationship between the fineness modulus and the energy consumption, the granularity of the product is adjusted so as to change the fineness modulus of the product. The variation range is ±0.06, and the stability is very good. ; 3, the shape of the particles is good: it has excellent round granularity, is a cube, can be comparable with the natural river sand; 4. The content of stone powder is controllable: the blower in the air screen is matched with the draft fan's induced draft fan to adjust the air volume, and the recovered stone powder content can be adjusted through the suction blow effect of the induced draft fan and the blower; 5, environment-friendly: zero dust emission, low noise, no vibration design.
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The hammerhead of the new type of control sand making machine produced by our factory is a hammer with a large plate hammer. The hammerhead is cast with a high-chromium alloy, and the hammer head is inlaid with an alloy head. The effect is very good. The traditional sand making equipment uses small hammer heads and ordinary material castings. It takes a lot of trouble to replace the hammer once every two or three days. The number of controlled sand machine hammers greatly improved the service life of the hammer head through the inlaid alloy cutter head and improved the production efficiency of the equipment. With the large plate hammer of the alloy cutter head, the number of controlled sand machines used for sand control is better, and the hammerhead does not need to be replaced in half a year. The hammer of the sand making machine is made of high-chromium material. Compared with ordinary high-manganese steel hammers, it has high hardness and high wear resistance. It controls the high-hardness martensitic matrix in the hammer of the sand machine and is strong. Strongly support the carbide particles, to avoid the carbides falling off from the worn surface during the working process, and to ensure the high wear resistance of the material, the hardness can reach 62HRC--65HRC. Number control sand hammer features: The sand making machine using high-chromium alloy plate hammer is applied to the building materials industry such as brick factory and stone material factory. It is widely used in the crushing of various minerals such as granite, basalt, limestone, river pebble, quartz stone, iron ore, and bauxite. At the same time, it is also applicable to the production of high-quality stone materials for such industries as artificial sand making, high-grade highways, railways, water conservancy, airports, construction, cement, refractory materials, and metallurgy.
We all know that machinery and equipment such as sand making machine generate a lot of noise when they are working. Noise pollution is also a kind of environmental pollution. Noise not only plagues workers in frontline production but also affects the daily life of the surrounding residents. So how to effectively reduce the production process of sand making noise problems, is to lift you from the following aspects: 1, sand production process in the high-pressure, high-speed airflow by reducing the pressure drop and reduce the flow rate, or change the shape of the airflow nozzle to indirectly reduce the noise. 2. Controlling the use of additional barriers to prevent the spread of noise in the production line of sand making use of barriers such as earth slopes, woods, bushes or tall buildings that are not afraid of noise, preventing the spread of sound. The sand production line uses the directivity of the sound source to control the noise, such as venting the exhaust towards the wilderness or sky to reduce the impact on the surrounding environment. 3, the entire production line to take sand muffler, sound absorption, sound insulation, vibration isolation, vibration and other measures to reduce the noise from the source and transmission of noise. 4, the noise of the recipient's protection: take workers rotation homework, shorten the workers into the high noise environment working hours. Personal protection of workers, such as wearing headphones, ear plugs and other anti-noise supplies. 5, sand making daily maintenance, regularly check whether the parts are loose, aging, etc., to reduce the failure rate of sand making machine, and effectively reduce the noise due to equipment failure aging. Such as: sand work on the belt tensioning belt size should be properly adjusted so that the triangular belt force balance, dual motor drive, the triangular tape on both sides should be grouped matching, try to make the length of both sides consistent.
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Sand making machine is widely used as a kind of mechanism sand equipment, which integrates sand making machine and plastic shaping, and has wide range of applications. It is especially suitable for aggregate sand production of various rocks in mine crushing. The rotor as a sand making machine "heart", the daily use of the need for regular maintenance and care. Heavy industry is summed up several factors affecting the sand making machine rotor and maintenance methods: 1, A direct factor of rotor damage is the loosening of the locating screw of the rotor core and the base of the sand making machine. To solve this problem, only the fastening bolts need to be fastened for routine inspection and maintenance. If it is found that the screw is missing, a tightening should be added. 2, sand making machine bearing on the rotor. Bearings and rotors are complementary, the bearing damage will directly affect the rotor's work, so if the bearings have problems immediately repair or replacement, so as to avoid greater losses. 3, the rotor rusty problem. We know iron is rusty, but we can do something to a lesser extent to reduce the frequency of rusting and increase rotor life. A good way to avoid rusting the rotor is to apply a layer of insulating varnish to the sand making machine. If it is found that the rusting area is sanded with sandpaper as soon as possible, the problem is small and needs to be polished in time. The rotor is a core part of the sand making machine and needs special attention. In order to make the sand making machine play its performance better, pay special attention to the daily maintenance and maintenance of the sand making machine equipment, so that the regular inspection, the damage of the damaged small parts should be promptly replaced, promptly handled, Production efficiency, prolong the service life of sand making machine.
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With the continuous development of infrastructure, the sales demand for sand made of cobblestones has been continuously raised in the sales market of machine-made sand. The sand making machine manufacturers --- SBM Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has continuously upgraded the R & D and manufacturing technologies and can not keep up with the demand for sand production Equipment was eliminated, the birth of a new generation of sand equipment, with higher performance and adapt to the higher strength of the working environment for the production of machinery and sand has brought vitality, a widely welcomed by the market equipment, which is always the product The law of replacement. As a leader in the domestic sand machine equipment machinery, SBM has a persistent pursuit of new technologies, since the very beginning of the establishment of passion for technology research and development, but also through the introduction of technology and independent innovation, and continuously improve the quality of sand making machinery , Improve its performance. In the sand production, my company's third-generation sand making machine, designed for low investment customers, for mining, chemical and other industries in the middle broken, if you want short-term efficient, the third generation sand making machine is the best s Choice.
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