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Construction waste consists of unwanted material produced directly or incidentally by the construction or industries. This includes building materials such as insulation, nails, electrical wiring, and rebar, as well as waste originating from site preparation such as dredging materials, tree stumps, and rubble. Much building waste is made up of materials such as bricks, concrete and wood damaged or unused for various reasons during construction. Construction waste recycling is to create different kinds of construction waste recycled products, and the regeneration brick is the most popular product in current construction waste treatment market. The regeneration brick of construction waste is formed through sorting, crushing, sieving into coarse and fine aggregates, and then based on a certain percentage, mixing the coarse aggregate, fine aggregate and cement, making by the brick molding machine. After a period of maintenance, the regeneration brick of construction waste, which complies with the target level of product quality, is produced. The regeneration brick making from construction waste has obvious features, such as material saving, water saving, coal saving and so on. It is known that, the biggest regeneration brick manufacturer in China brought in the production line of construction waste disposal equipment, which produced by the famous ore milling equipment producing enterprise Shanghai SBM Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. And now this regeneration brick manufacturer has six regeneration brick production lines, owing the production capacity of 250 million bricks per year, and multipurpose using the construction waste 400 thousand tons per year. It proved that multipurpose using construction waste has a bright future. In order to complete the construction waste disposal in China as soon as possible, all parts of the country publish the relevant management regulations and preferential policy to promote the development of construction waste disposal. Strengthening the multipurpose use of the construction waste can make full use of the resource, turn the waste into the wealth, achieving many things at one stroke, which has obvious economic benefit and social benefit, making great contribution to building the resource-conserving society.
Richard Jun 14 '18 · Tags: ore milling equipment
The ventilation system plays an essential role for a ore milling equipment, especially an energy saving ore milling equipment. It has direct influence on the ore milling equipments quality and economic benefit. So how important is the ventilation system? Our experts conclude that there are at least seven advantages: 1. To weaken the stickiness and corrosion of the equipment caused by the wet materials 2. be able to produce qualified fine powder in time and reduce the over grinding phenomenon, thus increasing the ore grinding equipment working efficiency. 3. To eject the heat and water vapor produced when the ore milling equipment works so that the temperature and moisture inside the mill will be decreased, which will further avoid problems like sticking to the mill, sticking to materials and blocking the cabin separating board and holes of the grid plate. 4. To prevent the gypsum dehydration and ore milling equipment fake solidification phenomena 5. To reduce the dust of the grinding head of the ore milling equipment and improve the environment 6. To improve the hot working environment for the package 7. To prolong the service life of the ore milling equipment Some people may think that the ventilation system of the ore milling equipment has only something to do with the blower performance. That is a one-sided opinion. In fact, the ore milling equipments entire ventilation and air collecting system plays a direct and important role. If possible, enlarge the air intake of the ore milling equipment so as to weaken the ventilation bottle-neck trouble. ore milling equipments can only make the most profit for customers when the ventilation system works normally.
Richard Jun 12 '18 · Tags: ore milling equipment
After year’s industrial improvement, our company has developed the latest desulfurization gypsum briquetting machine featuring higher briquetting rate, lower power consumption, more compact structure and simpler maintenance than other similar products. The gypsum ore milling equipment is made up of main engine, belt conveyor, reducer, squeeze roller and electric control gear and it is able to compress desulfurization gypsum powder into one-time ball products with strong hardness without any help of adhesives. These products won’t be broken easily during the transportation process and they will be used as the ore milling equipment retarder to replace the natural gypsum. The workflow of the gypsum ore milling equipment is as follows: the main engine drives the reducer via the belt conveyor to rotate with the squeeze rollers through the gears. The squeeze rollers move toward each other at the same speed. The gypsum falls from the top onto the space between the rollers. Then the squeeze rollers revolve inwards with an increasing pressure which reaches the maximum in the center of the rollers. The gypsum is compressed to be balls which are discharged from the bottom of the machine. The gypsum ore milling equipment owns a lot of unique features including the advanced technology, high quality, multiple functions and strong bearing pressure, which make it suitable for production lines of large, medium and small sized enterprises. Our company’s desulfurization gypsum ore milling equipment can be applied to process all kinds of materials in the fields of gas making, boiler type, cold pressing focus, ignition coal, coal briquette, metallurgy, and refractory matter for civilian use.
Richard Jun 11 '18 · Tags: ore milling equipment
There are many ore materials processed by Ore Milling Equipment. In order to respond to the call for energy-saving and emission reduction, many industries have adopted vertical mills for processing so as to achieve the maximum effect of energy conservation and emission reduction. There are many types of micro-grinding processing materials, and vertical mills are mainly selected. Powder machine, roller device, disc device, pressurizing device, reducer, motor, shell and other parts. The rotary part of the ultra-fine classifier is the core component of the classifier, and its dynamic balance will directly affect the classifier's performance, output, and service life. When vertical mills are used to process limestone materials, the use of centrifugal classifiers in combination with sand production lines traditional sand washers wastes natural resources. Although economic benefits can be guaranteed, environmental benefits are poor. Once the screening machine is used, the structure is complicated and the screens need to be replaced frequently. The steps are complicated and the labor costs are heavy. The influence of the ultra-fine classifier on the working conditions of the mill is mainly reflected by the power level of the classifier, the cyclic load rate, and the grinding power of the mill. The effect of excessive stone powder content on the cement and asphalt concrete volume parameters is of great significance to the performance of the asphalt mixture. During the working process of the vertical mill separator, the material enters the separator from the feed inlet, passes through the internal cavity into the thrower tray, and finally passes through centrifugal action and is thrown into the separator bin. The large blade provides updraft, coarse The material is stopped by the auxiliary blades and discharged from the coarse material outlet. The fine material rides updraft to the outside warehouse. When it reaches the return vane, it enters the inner bin along the gap of the return air vane. It forms a recirculating air flow and can perform 3 sorting operations. A small part of the fine powder is discharged from the fine powder port. A full set of equipment can not only increase production, but also improve the quality of pulverized coal and stabilize the thermal system.
xuan May 29 '18 · Tags: ore milling equipment
The main component of limestone is calcium carbonate (CaCO3). Lime and limestone are used extensively as building materials and are also important raw materials for many industries. Limestone can be directly processed into stone and burned into quicklime. Lime has quicklime and hydrated lime. The main component of quicklime is CaO, which is generally blocky, pure white, and pale gray or pale yellow when containing impurities. Lime absorbs moisture or adds water to become slaked lime. Slaked lime is also called ripe lime. Its main component is Ca(OH)2. The hydrated lime is formulated with lime slurry, lime paste, lime mortar, etc., and used as a coating material and a tile adhesive. Limestone is an extremely valuable resource. Limestone is a trade name for limestone as a mineral raw material. Limestone is widely used in the history of human civilization because of its wide distribution and easy accessibility in the natural world. The wide-spread use of limestone focuses on the efficiency and quality of Ore Milling Equipment. As the largest milling machine production base in China, Shanghai Keli Rike Machinery Co., Ltd. has been dedicated to the upgrading of the milling machine, because Shanghai Kelilik company has a strong R & D department and elite personnel, through continuous development And enterprising, has successfully developed a variety of models, fashionable and affordable new generation of Ore Milling Equipment products, and mine crusher series of equipment and other equipment to meet different customer requirements, quality product quality and efficient after-sales service, The customers all praised.
xuan May 28 '18 · Tags: ore milling equipment
The reserves of calcium carbonate in China are relatively abundant. The development of the Ore Milling Equipment industry in recent years has been relatively rapid. It has been widely used in the calcium carbonate industry and has become one of many investment projects. It has gained a lot of profits and has been favored by customers. Calcium mills are mainly divided into milling and milling. Mainly equipped with milling production line; jaw crusher, milling machine and other main equipment, industrial milling equipment mainly includes vertical mill, Raymond mill, high pressure mill and other equipment, we can provide customers with a full set of The production line plan and configuration plan can be based on the actual production needs, combined with the investment plan, configure the appropriate Shelby, SBM continue to introduce advanced production technology, continuous research and development and production of superior performance equipment, enabling enterprises to achieve environmentally friendly and efficient production It provides efficient production efficiency and saves production costs. The fineness of the Ore Milling Equipment can be adjusted during the process. When processing different ores and crystal materials, in order to increase the hourly output of the grinding materials, the production can be carried out by reducing the consumption, and the particle size below 1 mm is selected. The pulverized powder is directly fed into the grinding mill, and the remaining ones larger than 1 mm are re-introduced into the main machine and then re-extruded, which greatly reduces the slag grinding grain size, shortens the grinding time of the pulverizer, and improves the production yield. The process and equipment also need to be adjusted accordingly.
xuan Apr 9 '18 · Tags: ore milling equipment
Ore Milling Equipment complete set of equipment from the host, reducer, analysis machine, pipe installation, blower, dust collector, jaw crusher, bucket elevator, electromagnetic vibrating feeder, electric control system. Ore Milling Equipment host, roller hanger fastened with 1000-1500 kilograms of pressure on the high-pressure spring. After starting work, the grinding roller revolves around the main shaft, and under the action of the high-pressure spring and centrifugal force, it rolls closely against the grinding ring, and its rolling pressure is 1.2 times higher than that of the Raymond flour mill under the same dynamic conditions, . When the material is grinded into the grinding chamber, the shovel shovels into the grinding roller and grinding ring between the rolling, rolling the powder with the blower circulating air into the analyzer, qualified powder with the air into the cyclone set Duster is the finished product, large particles fall back heavy mill. Circulation air back to the blower and then repeat the above process, I wind into the bag filter purify. When the grinding roller and the grinding ring reach a certain degree of wear, adjust the length of the high-pressure spring to keep the grinding roller and the grinding ring constant grinding pressure, so as to ensure stable output and fineness.
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In the design of ball mill, we must choose the appropriate wear-resistant materials, and to determine the appropriate starting Ore Milling Equipment ball load and run the amount of additional grinding ball, which reduce metal consumption, improve economic efficiency has great practical significance. So how to choose the best ball mill ball load? The test shows that the power consumption of the ball mill in the case of the material and no material difference of only 5 to 8%, that is, most of the power required to mill the ball mill and the barrel itself rotating, for a ball mill and Say, cylinder rotation energy consumed is certain. Therefore, a reasonable choice of the optimal ball load, to reduce coal consumption, it becomes a key issue. Ball mill ball load is filled by the ball filled with coefficients to reflect. Ball loading increases, the ball mill output also increases, when the ball load exceeds a certain amount, the ball mill output slowed down, while the milling system power consumption has increased significantly. At this time due to increase the output of the ball mill benefit and milling power consumption caused by increased consumption compared to the high, obviously not worth the candle. Therefore, the ball load must be appropriate, the load is too large, the milling power consumption increases; load is too small, the ball mill output is insufficient. The amount of ball mill grinding ball selection, should be based on the test to find out the greater output of coal mill, milling power consumption when the minimum load. Grinding ball load at this time, that is, the ball mill best ball loading capacity. The ball mill ball filled with a coefficient of 0.2 to 0.35, the more appropriate ball filled coefficient should be selected between 0.18 ~ 0.25.
xuan Feb 21 '18 · Tags: ore milling equipment
Limestone production vertical mill uses: Ore Milling Equipment is mainly used for limestone processing, the vertical mill to process limestone The main processing is the low fineness of the powder, the general vertical mill processing fineness of about 400 mesh, You can also choose to use ultrafine mill to process ultrafine powder, superfine mill processing fineness range can be increased to 3000 mesh, limestone is currently the processing of choice. How to determine vertical mill type? Customers to determine the vertical mill when the model according to the specific requirements to be processed, such as the processing of fineness and output of mineral powder to choose a different vertical mill model, when determining the vertical mill equipment, the customer has the right to know about the production line contains All equipment, there are some bad vertical mill manufacturers in order to attract customers to deliberately do a very low price, in fact, this quote is not a full set of production line pricing but only the main part of the vertical mill, for other necessary auxiliary Equipment is not quoted. Different manufacturers vertical mill model name and those factors? Different manufacturers named vertical mill models there are several related factors, first, vertical mill models containing the manufacturer's logo or manufacturers initials. Second, the vertical mill model contains the main part of the vertical mill model or the short title. Third, the vertical mill model name and production have a great relationship, and some manufacturers will be clear a product model corresponding to the yield. At present, domestic manufacturers specializing in the production of ore powder vertical mill is not much, customers in the choice of vertical mill products must be carefully screened on the inspection of several vertical mill manufacturers, so that the model, price, process have a detailed understanding. Our company has a pivotal position in the vertical mill industry and has played a very big role in promoting the desulphurization of the power industry so that our customers can perfectly meet the national environmental protection standards.
xuan Feb 5 '18 · Tags: ore milling equipment
Microfine grinding calcite in the industrial development faster and faster, the demand for calcite powder is also constantly increasing, so that led to the rapid development of the powder industry, and now many companies have invested in the calcite processing industry, along with the powder industry The rapid development of mining machinery industry is also constantly rapid development. The continuous development of calcite powder, the demand for Ore Milling Equipment is also increasing, and now more and more mine milling equipment manufacturers, so in the choice of powder mining equipment will not be so easy at the same time, should be how Choose the right quality and good milling equipment is the customer's headache problem. SBM adheres to the spirit of "Quality and Excellence, Pursuit of Excellence". Over the years, SBM has been focusing on the grinding and manufacturing of micronized powder mills, has many years of production experience in the production of mills, and has been producing pulverizers Multiple tests to ensure the quality of the product. SBM is the newest calcite ultra-fine mill, which is the main product of milling ore. It is also the milling equipment with the best quality and output, which are exported to many countries and regions. The evaluation of this Ore Milling Equipment is very high.
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