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tushar pal

The service of packers and movers Pune is always the best aid that we can get in moving and shifting the things. Moving company possess adequate knowledge about each and every requirement of shifting. There are many things that one needs to take care of when shifting. Whether it’s the packing task or one is concerned for loading or unloading the goods having the aid of best professionals in everything is always required. Moving with few goods like one or two suitcase is not that difficult as planning for a shift with the complete items that you possess at your home. Household moving is a tough task there are different complex items in the same. Kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, store room, balcony, living area are the few very common rooms of home. Every room at the home has its own complexity level. There are fragile items in the kitchen, electronics at living area and soft goods at bedroom.


Packing all at a time and that too decently is really something tough. You need to be expert in everything, whether it’s the fragile of the house or big furniture. If you are at a DIY of shifting then you need the adequate knowledge about everything. Packing is the most complex process of relocation. In order to get the things right at packing, one is supposed to know the tricks and techniques too. If the things are packed decently then only it will reach to its destination safe. As in totality there are so many complications in shifting, hence it is always better to go with the aid of movers and packers Pune in the same.


The professionals are well equipped and also possess adequate knowledge of packing and moving. If movers are assisting you in shifting then the chances of damages and loss goes down drastically as compared to DIY. But for the efficient shifting you need to hire professionally competent packers and movers as well. There are many ways through which you can approach right packers and movers. Take the references from your friends, neighbors or colleague if they have ever taken the services of moving company. Going online for searching the favorable options nearby is also a great idea. Other than this the advertisements and classifieds column of your newspaper will also help you in this regard. So collecting relevant information from your nearby area and references from your acquaintances plus your research work would definitely aid you in meeting the best service provider for shifting your goods.



soni kumari

Relocation can be stressful, especially, when you have a lot of belongings. You will have the added headache when you try to pack all those fragile items, fine art and antique pieces. For a better experience with shifting your possession, taking aid from packers and movers is a great idea. Whether you have glass items, antique pieces, or a car, moving companies are equipped to do it all. For the best professional touch in moving and shifting of your possession, it’s always a great idea for you if you take assistance from the packers and movers in Pune. The move is not over at the old location, you have to face many challenges one you get inside the new place.


Many a times we declutter the load at the initial point. Doing so is actually a productive way to meet up with the challenges. The biggest challenge comes when you are there at the new home with unwanted old furniture. After moving if you are also feeling that the furniture that you possess is no more of use or you want to decorate your home with new home, then here we are with the fantastic ideas for you, implementing what you can get rid of the unwanted furniture.


Post Classified:It’s a great way to sell your old furniture which is of no use to you. If you have decided to sell it, post a classified ad in your local newspaper, you can also go online and sell them using different portals like OLX, Quiker, etc. There you can outline each and every detail of your furniture, the features and imperfections.


Donate Furniture:Charity is nice and gives mental peace. If you don’t want to make money out of your couch, donate it. Charity organizations or people who really need them will pick-up at no cost to you. Giving the furniture to your friends or relatives if they need it is also a good idea.


Remodel:If you love your furniture and want to keep them as an antique piece, call one of your local artisans to remodel it. Changing the color and finish of the furniture will also give you another reason to keep it with you at the next destination.


Place it in Garden or Yard:Keeping the old furniture at yard or garden area is also a great idea. If there is metallic furniture then it is really something great that you can try at the open areas of your home. It’s a great option to add beauty to the garden and enjoy tea with your family.


These are few of the finest ways for you, implementing what you can rid of the old furniture. If in case you don’t know what really to do with the furniture at the point of time you can hand over it to packers and movers Puneor place it at their storage unit till you decide about it.


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soni kumari


Finding and hiring the best movers and packers company is not an easy task. You have to be smart enough to identify the right Packers and movers in Pune. Choosing the one right company amongst several companies is a tough task. And many of them are fraudsters who exactly acts and behaves like professional movers which makes it more difficult for the relocator to choose the right company for his move. If you are also one of them who is worried for his move then, you should ask the right questions to them to choose the right moving company. It is very important to ask them the right questions so that you will come to know that which company is best suitable for your requirements and budget too. So, here are the top important questions you must ask to your Movers and packers Pune before hiring to know whether it is the right company or not:


Are you an authorized company?

You should always prefer an authorized company for hiring as they are legitimate and authentic company. You can handover your possessions to them without any doubts and worries. So, when you hire a moving company ask them about their legitimacy and ask to show their license. If they refuse to show their license then you should immediately move to other company.



Ask them about their experience. Since how long the company is working in this industry and also that what type of relocation they are expert in handling. They must have experience in handling the specific type of relocation you are in need of.


Transit Insurance

Ask the company about the loss that can be occurred during transiting the goods. Ask what will they do if any of the goods will get damage or break. Will they compensate the losses or not. Ask whether or not they to transit insurance for recovering the loss and damages cost through insurance coverage.



Ask the company about their fees or charges. Their charges generally depends on the distance of your move, quantities of the goods and any other special requirements.


These are the prominent question that you must ask your movers and packers in Pune before hiring them. If you will get all the answers correctly and their answer satisfies you then, you can go with that particular company to relocate your home without any hassles.


Shifting in Pune


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tushar pal

Moving is one amongst the tough decisions of your life. When you are relocating with the goods that you possess at home then definitely you are surrounded by the responsibility to take everything safe and secure to the next place. The biggest concern while relocating is taking vehicle to the new place. Whether, its car or bike transportation vehicle shifting is always a risk. In case your new place is not within driving range, keep in mind that your car should be moved with you, unless you want to sell it and buy another one after you settle into your new residence. The better option of taking the car along with you can be fulfilled only and only if there are packers and movers in pune to support the move. In case of a local move, a car can be considered as a moving vehicle as it can help you run moving related errands faster and more efficiently. Other than this on your own vehicle you can take your valuables such as cash, jewelry and other important documents that you don’t want to handover to the movers. Whether you are going to drive your car to your next destination or have it shipped, you should take certain steps in order to minimize the risk and ensure damage-free shipping. To ensure that everything with regards to moving your car will terminate at a positive note we are telling here the finest ways for safe car transportation.


·         The first thing that you need to do is give your car a good wash by cleaning it thoroughly inside and out. That way you will inspect your car and identify possible scratches and damage. This is the easier way for you to mark any kind of damages before transporting the vehicle. Make sure you make notes and take photos of each scratch, paint chip or dent and hand your records over to the shipping company.


·         It is necessary for you to take an inventory of the car accessories. Refrain from transporting any valuable inside the car. Car shipping companies usually have specific regulations on what can be transported in the vehicle car accessories, fire extinguisher, first aid kit, spare tire, etc. Therefore according to the regulation ship the things inside your car. There are certain items that cannot be shipped inside the car such as stereos, DVD player, GPS systems and detachable CD players.


·         Carriers are not licensed to transfer customer’s personal goods. As a result, their insurance won’t cover any personal object inside the car, even if you try to transport it secretly. In case you transport illegal belonging inside the car you would be held responsible for that.


·         In case your car is not in a working condition, let your carrier know that in advance as they will need to take some additional step in this. It’s always a good idea to run a maintenance check before having your car shipped to another city or state. Keep this in mind that certain mechanical problems may cause damage to other vehicles, therefore, you should share every piece of information you have regarding your car’s condition.


·         Custom alarms and anti-theft devices should be disabled so that car carrier can handle your car without any inconveniences. Remember that they will drive your car on and off the truck, so make sure they can access it. It’s in your best interest to follow some basic steps in order to minimize the risk of any damage to your car.


·         Always talk in advance about the safety precaution from the car transportation company. This will ensure you that your possession is in the safest hands.


·         Seal gaps in the car and remove every detachable object from the vehicle. If you are moving a convertible, make sure its top is properly secured so as to prevent moisture from damaging the interior of your car.


·         Checking the tire pressure and battery status is very much important in case you are transporting your car to a long distance.


·         Check clearly that there is no leaking fluids and your car should have a quarter tank of gas. A tank full is irrelevant because it will only add weight to the vehicle.


·         All the time during the transition of your vehicle you are supposed to keep the certificate and all relevant documents of car transportation by your side. The original certificate of title or a certified copy will be considered as a proper proof of ownership.


·         Keep a track of the car by staying in touch with the car driver.


Vehicle transportation is a toughest scenario of relocation. To safely transit the vehicle to another destination it is required that you seek the assistance from professional people. With the help of legitimate car Carrier Company your vehicle will definitely be transported safely to the new destination and you can enjoy its joy ride at your new location as well.


Packers and Movers Charges in Pune





hansraj kumar

The task of shifting is full of fun and enjoyment, but along with this hassle and worries are also surrounded in the process. Your excitement lasts until you walk in the door at your current home, that’s when you stop and take a look around at all of the junk that you’ve accumulated over the last several years living in the same place. Moving out is not a simple issue. When you are supposed to move out there are many things that you need to keep in your consideration. Whether your new place is smaller or larger, you don’t want to take all of the junk you’ve accumulated with you. It is our attachment with the things that we possess at home that we strongly desire to take everything with us. But making a move with everything that we have is not logical.

Carrying junk with you to the new location is not logical because you are going to pay for the unwanted things. The first thing to do is grab a clear plastic tub and gather up what you’ll need the first night or so that you live in your new place. The first night box will help you in many ways. It will contain the essentials that you would be using on the moving day. The first night of yours at the new home is really going to be tough because the things that would be useful will be away from reach. To solve this problem of reaching your favorite things fastest at the new place you need to have a first night box with you. Hire packers and movers in Pune for safe and reliable move.

Now you need to sort through things that you definitely won’t be bringing. Back a truck up to the door and simply toss these into the truck. If they are to go to the dump, then head straight there after you call them from your home comparing all the packers and movers charges. Before the arrival of moving truckat your place you should have a clears frame of idea as what are the things that you would be taking to the next destination. Every so often, take a walk through the area where you’re unsure of whether to take the stuff or not. If you’re still unsure after several passes, consider the item for donation and move it to a donation pile. So, these are the things doing what you can achieve higher level of satisfaction and also the chances of getting things well at the next destination will be there.

Packers and movers in Delhi


tushar pal

Moving is tough and it is all because of the expectations we have with our relocation. A person carries all the big and bulky items that he possess to the new place because he is emotionally attached to it. No matter, whether the move is local or long distance, complications in all types of move remain the same. When a person is supposed to move long distance with his goods then definitely things are going to be complicated for him. There are many things that he is supposed to manage in order to get things right on the pack and move. For the commuters all set to relocate to a long distance with their possession, we are here mentioning four most common long distance move mistakes that they should certainly avoid, in order to get positive result.

 Not Hiring Packers and Movers: Moving is not at all simple and you have to consider this very seriously. There are many expectation of a long distance move and until and unless you are professional in the same you cannot move further. Hence in order to get only positive outcome of your move hire packers and movers for the same.

Not researching on the New City: One of the biggest moving mistakes is, not researching well about the new city. If you are moving to a totally different culture and tradition then it would always be beneficial for you to research on the city well.

Too Much Moving Load: If you are moving long away then make sure you carry only the relevant items. The more you carry the more you need to pay. Hence, in order to avoid the moving burden both physically and financially it would be better if you carry only the necessary items along with you.

Moving Without Plan: Failing to plan, in a long distance move can be proved as the biggest blunders, of your life. You should not commit such a mistake, in case you are really looking forward for a positive result.

So, these are the four most common moving mistakes that people do commit when making a long distance move with their goods. In order to have the safest shifting experience with your goods in the long run you must avoid these mistakes. Be prepared and be well managed then only you can encounter positive outcomes of your shifting.


hansraj kumar

Relocation is a tough job. With lots and lots of goods by your side it becomes a hassle for you to take them all safe and secure to the next destination. The problem of shifting increases with the number of goods you are moving with. If there are small numbers of goods then you can manage it all but in case there are lots and lots of items then dealing with everything solely is slightly not possible. If you have friends, family member and relatives by your side then there are chances that you can undergo a safe relocation but in case you are all alone to do everything then nothing but the assistance of packers and movers is something that you require for the best. Packers and movers will handle the shifting requirement very well. But, approaching the right moving company is a tricky task. You really need to devote lot of time in researching on good company.

Reviews: The first and most important thing on your part is to research on the moving company as much as you can. With the reviews and ratings provided to the company you can know about the actual status. A great way to approach legitimate move is ask friends, neighbors and real estate agents for the same. You can also research online for the most fruitful result.

Established Company: It is always better to go with a big name. However they will charge slightly more than others but the trust factor will always be there. As they are established hence there is low risk. They have a reputable organization to support them and are not likely to burden you with any extra cost.

In-Home Estimate:Don’t ever go with the company that will provide you moving quotation over phone. Be sure to be specific about everything you want to be moved. The estimate should be in writing and it should include details of all of the packers and movers charges.If you are uncertain about anything in the moving contract then don’t sign it until all your doubts are clear.

Enquire: Don’t hesitate in clarifying your doubts with the mover. You are trusting on them for your goods hence you have the complete right to ask each and everything in consideration to your goods safety. Ask simple questions to know more about the company, like how long have they been in business or whether they are licensed and insured, and so on. While asking about everything, don’t forget to ask about the insurance coverage.

A little bit of research prior to your move will always help. These are the things that you need to do before shifting if you want to approachlikepackers and movers in puneor packers and movers in delhi to transfer your goods from a location to another.

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tushar pal

While moving home some people think of organizing the things by themselves whereas, there are intelligent people also who hire the professionals and let them handle the move requirements. If you are still in the same thought or the same dilemma that whether hiring packers and movers in pune for shifting the things will aid you to do the task well then we are mentioning here few of the points that will surely make the concept clear. The professionals make it easy for people to deal with each and every requirement of shifting. They can efficiently handle requirements well and assures that your move ends up at a positive note. Below-mentioned are the reasons why hiring packers and movers would always be beneficial for you. Just have a look around the reasons and you can get a positive result by the same for sure.

·         When you are aware that the professional moving company is handling the need, you can put your mind at ease. They can efficiently handle the requirements of shifting and this eradicates all worries related with shifting of the things. One thing you really have to be clear about and it is that, DIY can be cheap but sometimes it takes more than usual time.

·         As they have the professional experience in dealing with the things hence you can always be assured that your goods are at the safest hand. They are in the habit of dealing with move requirements therefore it would always be better to have them by the side.

·         Although, hiring the professional movers can seem costly but sometimes it can be cost-effective as well. As they are professional in dealing with the things therefore there are no unwanted losses and ultimately a money saving process.

·         Other than the normal items at the household, there are few complicated and oddly shaped items too. Handling all these kind of things is tough and needs the professional’s help. They have the proper equipment and packing supply to pack and move the specialized items.

·         If there are packers and movers by your side then you can surely not stuck at any issue. Even if you stick then the movers can handle the requirement very well.

·         Carrying heavy and cumbersome items is risky. If you are moving with such items you can never rest peacefully. But on the other hand, if there are movers it will all be done perfectly well.

·         As they know the order of doing the things hence everything will be done fastest. They take the lesser time in shifting the things and the safety is also guaranteed when items are under their possession.

·         In case, the new home is not ready for shifting you can place the goods at storage unit for time being. Storing the items at such place would always be beneficial because this will assist you to live peacefully during the tenure.

·         Having the full service movers will give a full insurance coverage. If anything happens to the goods then the movers will handle the loss and compensate for the same.

·         Underestimating the importance of packing supply is not a good thing because it can result in unwanted losses sometimes. To manage the shifting well, one need proper packing materials and this is only available with packers and movers.

·         Although you find yourself efficient to handle the entire moving process, still it is a time taking process. If the movers are handling the same, you can do the other important things.

Having packers and movers in pune by your side for shifting the things is always a necessary act. If you have the professionals then everything can happen as scheduled and you can actually enjoy the transition of the things.

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hansraj kumar

No matter, how prepared you are for the things there are some unwanted things and circumstances that can occur anytime and can delay the process. The same can happen on the moving day as well. The day of move is the most crucial time because all the plans are going to be executed on the same day. Everyone is so excited for the moving day that sometimes the things can happen in reverse order too. The moving day is the important moment and no one can afford any kind of issues or delay during the time. It is always required that one should do everything well during shifting and especially the day of move. In this article, we are going to tell you the points that will help you to handle the possible delays during the moving day. Managing the things well in this order can perfectly help you to cope-up with shifting requirements.

  • You should arrange all paperwork on time. Sometimes people get stuck on the day of move because of the paperwork. To make sure that this does not happen to you, you should file the important documents like no dues, property documents for meeting the last day requirements.

  • Sort out the finances of move and with this you should also be ready for the surprise expenses. A move can be costly affair and sometimes more than what you expected. To ensure that this should not happen with you, you can have a backup of finances to meet with the emergency needs.

  • You should book the moving company well in advance like moving solution. You are always required to have the professional assistance while shifting because overall it is a tough affair. To ensure that you should not meet with any surprise expenses while moving, it would be better to hire the moving company well in advance. If you are renting a truck then make sure you have words with them in advance.

  • Reserving parking space can also take time while shifting the things. It is a time taking and tough process too. Reserve the lot in advance and in this way you can avoid the possible delays on the day of move.

  • Packing should always be done in advance. If you thing that you can manage the packing of the things on the day of move then definitely you are wrong in this concern. It is a long and time taking process; therefore don’t leave it for the last moment. Pack a day before move.

  • If due to some unfortunate conditions you hired a wrong moving company or the fraud one then you should be ready for the possible delays during the day of move. To ensure that you should not get into the trap of any such moving company, it is better that you check and verify the moving company credentials in advance and go for better company like moving solution.

  • If the trained and skilled likepackers and movers in pune and packers and movers in delhi are handling the requirement of shifting then there are fewer chances of damage or loss. With them, you can have a safest move and moving day too.

  • In case you are making a move during the peak season or you live in an area where the traffic is very high then you can expect a delay during the process of shifting.

  • Before the moving day or before the arrival of the movers, you should try to remove the potential delays.

The moving day is tough and hence you should give the best from your side on the day. There are many things that you are supposed to manage on the day of move therefore handle everything accordingly. Follow the tips and the possible delays on the day of move can be avoided.

Packers and movers Charges.


hansraj kumar

It really does not matter if you are doing it for the first time or you have handled the things thousands of time before, you can still face with the complications of shifting. To be on the safest side always, it is necessary that you have a proper plan of action for the things. It is required that you should take care of each and everything well because the same mistakes that have happened earlier can happen again. As it is not a small thing and overall a complicated business hence there are chances of mistakes. A very important thing to be considered here is that, if you would be aware of the things and most importantly the mistakes then there are chances that you will not commit the same. So, keep an eye on the things that might go wrong and try to avoid the same. We are mentioning here the biggest issues and concerns that are associated with relocation.

Not Having Enough Time: Whenever there is a shortage of time it becomes a problem by the end. Shifting the things is definitely something much complicated and when there is a lack in time for doing anything, it can become even more complicated. If in a hurry items get broken or are lost or misplaced then it becomes a big stress. When it is the requirement of time you can of course do things in that order only but when the time is less and things have to be handled in hurry then it might become a big issue and concern.

Lack of Money: In any case, you cannot deny the importance of money in handling the process of relocation. The lack of money will always hinder in the safe process of relocation. To meet with the procedure and requirement well, it is required that you should make a proper budget of shifting and hence deal the things accordingly. Many times it happen that due to shortage of money people handle the things by their own and by the end they regret for losing possession over their loved goods. To ensure that this should not happen with you, you should always make a proper budget of shifting, note down every expense and deal with the things accordingly.

No Support System: We have been continuously telling that, shifting is a big issue and yes it is. The entire process is complicated as there are many different things that one has to handle during the time. Having a support system is necessary as it will encourage the person to be positive. If a person is single handedly dealing with the things then definitely mistakes will happen. Having a good support system will make things easier.

Be Patient: To meet with every expectation of shifting well, one is required to deal with the things patiently. Seeing the complications, people lose patience and this at the end becomes the reason for unwanted loss and hurdles. It is always required that you should have a peace of mind while you are managing the things because only this will help you to avoid the possible mistakes and delays during the process of relocation.

Relocation is a big problem and there is no doubt on this. There are different types of complexities that a person is supposed to handle while dealing with the things. To avoid the possible mistakes during the process, it is required that one should be well-prepared for the things.Like having packers and movers in pune and packers and movers in delhi by your side can however lower the chances of mistakes but again one can commit mistake in choosing the right one. The best option is to do everything with a good strategy and research.

Packers and Movers Charges

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